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Subdecks: Genki 1 & 2 Complete

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This deck is a copy of the popular Complete Genki Deck found here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1132238466 The only difference is that I've created subdecks for each chapter. Each subdeck contains the tags 'n' and 'nADD'. For example, 'Chapter 1' includes the tags '1' and '1ADD'. There is also the 'N5 N4 Supplementary' subdeck that includes the extra N5 and N4 cards that don't belong to a Genki Chapter.

Sample (from 4493 notes)

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Meaning night
Reading 夜[よる](not 寄る)
Tags 6
Expression 此の雑誌は買い難い。
Meaning It is embarrassing to buy this magazine. (= you are unwilling to buy porn)
Reading 此[こ]の 雑[ざっ]誌[し]は 買[か]い 難[にく]い。(~ 易[やす]い and ~ 難[にく]い focus on psychological ease or difficulty of doing smth, not on physical difficulty or statistical success rate)
Tags 20ADD
Expression 弟さん
Meaning (your/his) younger brother
Reading 弟[おとうと]さん
Tags 7ADD

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on 1605802431
This is EXACTLY what I needed. The original deck this was based on is amazing and I am thankful to the person who created it. But the original one was only useful if you've already completed Genki 1 and 2. Or if you have already studied up to around N4 level.

Because this deck is organized into subdecks by chapter, I've been able to study each deck at the same time that I study a chapter in Genki. So I don't get any items that I haven't learned yet. It is the perfect companion to Genki and I can't thank the author enough.
on 1594781046
Ignore the negative comments. This deck is much more organized than its predecessor. Contains subdecks for each Genki chapter, as well as tags that actually make sense. Only issue is that sometimes words are written in kanji when they need not be, like どう致しまして instead of どういたしまして.
on 1579958230
The original was good, this one is better!
on 1567628595
the subdecks make it easier
on 1559195420
Organised nicely
on 1555706253
In order, making it actually useful, unlike the original.
on 1555385606
Organized by chapter so that the original can rest in peace.
on 1534682809
This is an re-upload of stolen work of the original creator of this deck. All the positive comments here were posted in close temporal proximity and most likely by the re-uploader himself. Do AVOID!

Original still available here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1132238466
on 1534469786
Very comprehensive... .but 500 cards per chapter adds up to a lot of review time.
on 1534167849
20th July of bloated comments on both sides. Wonder if the hater created a few accounts just to dump all the negative votes on the original creator and all the fake upvotes on this deck. This is not the original deck. Avoid.
on 1533221203
The person who posted this has done so without permission of the author of the original deck. Just judging by this behaviour I wouldn't trust what's posted here. Also there's one comment somewhere below mine claiming to have passed JLPT with this deck - which is obviously a lie since the deck is available here not longer than a month or so. If I were you I'd go with the original: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1132238466
on 1532159326
finally in order
thank you
on 1532098396
Better than the source deck. Organized by chapter. Immensely useful!
on 1532069915
out of order