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Advanced Browser

0.02MB. Updated 2021-07-23.
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Advanced Browser -- add more features to the card browser. Advanced Browser is an Anki add-on that aims to add useful features or enhance the usability of the card browser. Below is a list of features available at the moment. Note fields as columns This allows the addition of any field in your decks as a column that you can display and sort. This means you can have more than just Sort Field as a usable column. You must right-click on the column bar to get a list of columns to add. If you prefer to see every field in a single context menu instead of grouping fields by note type, you can toggle the behaviour by editing the configuration item Use a single list for fields using Anki's add-on manager and setting it to true. More useful columns You can also add these extra columns: - First review date - Latest review date - Average answer time - Total answer time - Tags (sortable) If you would like to report an issue, discuss the add-on, or offer contributions, please open a new issue on the add-on's github page. Changes in 4.0: - Updated for 2.1.45 (Thanks to Rumo!) Changes in 3.9: - Fixed clearing initial state on browser open (e.g. didn't start on current card) Changes in 3.8 (Anki 2.1.41+ only) - Upgraded to support browser changes in Anki - Some errors will show "{error}" in the column instead of crashing the browser Changes in 3.7: - Fixed internal fields not sorting - Fix sorting of 'Ease' and 'Original Deck' Changes in 3.6 (Anki 2.1.35+ only): - Fixed advanced columns not sorting due to changes in Anki's internals - Advanced columns with no value no longer show a string like "0%" or "0 seconds". They are blank and will always sort below rows with any value. Changes in 3.5.1: - Reverted change causing errors. Changes in 3.5: - Fixed ability to copy internal fields Changes in 3.4: - Added column for card created date/time (to distinguish from note created date/time) - Provide separate columns for date-only and date time, to suit your preference Changes in 3.3: - Fixed a potential error when searching right after showing context menu - Fixed some console warnings from deprecated usage (Thanks Arthur) Changes in 3.2: - More compatibility fixes for 2.1.24. - The Flags column is now available as an advanced column (instead of hidden behind setting) Changes in 3.0: - Some major changes to keep the add-on working with the different internals of Anki 2.1.24. Let me know if anything behaves differently. - Thanks to Arthur, you can now copy the content of the current table cell (with Ctrl+C). There is also the option to allow inline editing of note data from within the browser results as well. That feature must be turned on in the settings. Please read the documentation if you do as it could be dangerous to use. Changes in: 2.7 - Fix opening browser from reviewer while using note-mode not showing same card as reviewer (thanks Arthur) Changes in 2.6: - Allow sorting by more Anki-provided fields like deck names - Better handling of media in fields - Configurable shortcut for note-mode Changes in 2.5.1: - Fix issue with <br> in fields looking off Changes in 2.5: - Fixed issue where no results would appear in the browser on Mac (when sorting by column with non-alphanumeric characters) (thanks lin onetwo for helping me debug this) - Added new column: created (differs from built-in version by showing the created time as well) - Internal fields extension is now configurable instead of requiring code changes to enable (thanks Arthur Milchior) Changes in 2.4: - Fixed error when opening menu after adding a new field - Added configuration option to show all fields in one list instead of sub-menus (thanks Arthur Milchior) Changes in 2.3: - Fix display of RTL fields (render the text as RTL instead of just the visual direction) - Fix note-mode toggle shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+N) Changes in 2.2: - Note browser mode (1 row per note) (thanks Arthur Milchior) - Fix handling of media fields (some media-only fields were treated as empty) Changes in 2.1.2: - Fix sorting by Tags Changes in 2.0.0: - Added support for Anki 2.1. This add-on will no longer be updated for Anki 2.0.x. This add-on is now managed under the Anki Palace Github Organization in order to keep it better up to date for everyone!       Check out our Anki Mastery Course!        https://courses.ankipalace.com


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1634215115
Good! It helps me a lot when editing cards
on 1628110479
It doesn't work (Anki 2.1.44); I installed, but nothing happens. It's like I don't have it at all.
Ça marche pas (Anki 2.1.44); je l'ai installé mais rien ne s'est passé. C'est comme si je ne l'avais pas du tout.
Comment from author
The Anki Palace has taken over this add-on and updated it. Everything should be working now. If not, please submit an issue on GitHub and we will promptly address it!
on 1628002281
Great, thanks a lot!
on 1627977484
#1 add-on
on 1627577540
on 1625742168
Pretty sweet, though I don't use it that much 😋.
on 1625638683
God bless addons
on 1620425430
I think once I tried to sort brows entries by one of the filters of this add-on and since then I am getting this error whenever I open up my brows window:
DBError { info: "SqliteFailure(Error { code: Unknown, extended_code: 1 }, Some(\"near \\\"select\\\": syntax error\"))", kind: Other }

I had to remove it to make that error go away.
on 1617282920
Should be implemented in Anki, must have add-on
on 1616672484
Great. Thank you.
on 1615517361
DBError ...

update 2021-3-12:
When uninstall and update Anki, and reinstall add-on, its all good.
no problem.
on 1614880663
Great feature
on 1614793602
Works perfectly fine
on 1614712637
Great add-on from a great developer!
on 1613828320
on 1612950199
Can support be added to collapse the Tags. It is not always required to have all the tags showing in the browser.
on 1611941658
I like it!
on 1611885668
Really like this add-on but had to disable it do to it making searches extremely slow. It only started happening on 2.1.35.
on 1610708087
on 1610474357
DB error {info...
on 1608485415
must have to display custom fields in browsing mode
on 1608387558
Thank you very much
on 1607966861
great job!
on 1607767977
Great! Comes in handy now and then, and when it does it saves a lot of time.
on 1607745879
very helpful, especially in combination with frequency fields
on 1606407869
A very useful add on.
on 1605569689
it makes U know the card in the browser
on 1605508263
Helped me
on 1604935398
on 1604880407
It is nice!
on 1604550799
This is one of the most useful add-ons.

It would great to make the following enhancement: auto-hide a column temporarily if none of the cards in the browser's current search results has such a field. Once at least one of the search result cards has such a field, the column would be shown again automatically.

Andrej Adamenko
on 1604365800
love this addon! keep up the good work!
on 1603587388
this add-on is awesome. thanks so much!
on 1601917008
on 1601474799
This worked really well to fill in a gap in what I consider to be a part of Anki that's not very flexible out of the box.
on 1601289930
Nice enhancements
on 1600764538
Great addon. Has been an immense help in being able to use Anki the way I want to.
on 1599680524
Need a way to find all those cards that you reviewed 3 years ago? Boom; here you go.
on 1598653023
thank you!!
on 1597884744
Perfect for law articles!

Art. 5º
Art. 156
Art. 308
on 1597187348
Needed a way to see the cards I make mnemonics for. I put them in the "Extras" field and this allowed me to finally sort by that.
on 1597041293
It's pretty handy but what about including this feature to make it even more so?: https://github.com/hssm/advanced-browser/issues/96
on 1596315663
Great add-on! However, I have different decks with very different note types (different fields). Could it be possible to make it show different fields depending on the deck / note type / whole collection you're browsing?
on 1594353978
very useful. Thank you!
on 1594257843
good fixed the bug
on 1592156302
on 1590902651
never want to use Anki without this again
on 1589151457
Helpful! Thank you for creating!
on 1588783875
It works perfectly and is very useful
on 1588484708
Works well..

However, In previous versions there was an option at the bottom to "show notes only"
I am unable to figure out how to turn this on post update.

Otherwise would be the perfect plugin for my deck/tag/card structure where I generate multiple questions from the one note.
Comment from author
This feature has been moved to its own add-on:
on 1588278047
Exactly what I came here looking for!
on 1587891994
I wanted to display in the list a new column with a specific card's field and I am glad I found your addon. Thanks for your work!
on 1587626167
Awesome! This give me just the little bit of extra control on the browser view that gives me the feeling
that I can make the software work for me without annoying me. currently I"m using the 'note view' (don't show
me two rows for each item..), plus I made lots of use of the new column options. Now it feels that I have much
better, simpler, intuitive view and control over the set of cards (oops, notes) that I am creating for my learning.
Thanks a lot!
on 1587214496
Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot!
on 1587067467
Great additions
on 1586529312
Love this addon; works great, just what I wanted
on 1586186608
Just what I needed, works great, thank you!
on 1586126964
For some reason, this doesn't work with Anki 2.1.22 anymore
on 1585784317
very usefull, thx!!!
on 1585751087
Working as before again on 2.1.24, with the now separate note browser plugin, that is: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/797076357

*edit:* A great feature addition would be to be able to restrict the search range for unqualified query parts (ie., those without "field::") from all fields to either only the note type's sort-field or a set of arbitrary user-selected ones.
on 1585231743
previously worked well after updating no longer works, causing an error message

anki and add-on updated

Anki 2.1.22 (0ecc189a) Python 3.8.0 Qt 5.14.1 PyQt 5.14.1
Platform: Windows 10
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=1
Add-ons, last update check: 2020-03-25 13:51:08

multiple repeats stating

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\phili\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\874215009\advancedbrowser\core.py", line 94, in data
return super(AdvancedDataModel, self).data(index, role)
File "aqt\browser.py", line 145, in data
File "C:\Users\phili\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\874215009\advancedbrowser\core.py", line 109, in columnData
return self.browser.customTypes[type].onData(c, n, type)
File "C:\Users\phili\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\874215009\advancedbrowser\custom_fields.py", line 161, in cPrevIvl
return cs.time(-ivl)
File "lib\site-packages\anki\stats.py", line 88, in time
AttributeError: 'CardStats' object has no attribute 'col'
on 1584951557
on 1584739134
Love the addon, been using it for a while. Unfortunately, there are error codes popping up on the new 2.1.22 update when I click on anything browser related
on 1581895404
Could you increase the number of errors for a given period of time, such as one day, 3days, 1month, 2months,
on 1581375694
on 1581345780
it doesn't work on my anki
Comment from author
Make sure you are using the latest version of both Anki and the add-on. Otherwise, you will need to supply more details about your issue (preferably on github).
on 1580189640
on 1580154481
Really like this add-on, but unfortunately it stopped working after i updated Anki to the 2.1.19 version. Just gave it a thumbs down to (hopefully) get the problem noticed, but I'll change it once it's been corrected. Thank you!
Comment from author
Make sure you are using the latest version of both Anki and the add-on. Otherwise, you will need to supply more details about your issue (preferably on github).
on 1579046198
Current issue is that tag field doesn't last on restart, it had to be manually readded. New issue to the update. Will change review once changed.
on 1578254210
Very useful to fix card that take too long to review
on 1577545666
Very useful, works as advertised
on 1576825976
This gives a way to get a list of the cards I have seen/reviewed today. Should use a "Last Review" field sorting.
on 1576330564
Must have for working with the browser. Sort by additional fields like school book page.
on 1575051102
great one
on 1574818949
Thank you!
on 1574003008
Went terribly wrong in my 2.1 installation. This was the first add-on I have added. Not only did the functionality not work, but it added miscellaneous words in the tags to several of my notes, creating a fair amount of trash. It disturbes me that this app trashes out my notes database.
on 1573865966
gets the job done, allows me to sort by date-created which helps me review an old textbook in proper sequence
on 1573093455
Thank you
on 1572899762
Not working in 2.0.52
on 1570916221
Love the "created" feature! Now I can check my cards by time rather than the date!
on 1570309796
thank you
on 1570199604
Thank you
on 1568947296
Thank you
on 1567779026
This is great, thanks!
on 1566831504
essential. I never had problems with this add-on.

But other browser related add-ons have caused problems for me in the past. If you have problems with your browser and suspect this add-on don't forget to disable other add-ons and restart to see if the problem persists.
on 1566450196
Be careful, sometimes it could lead to inconsistent state.
on 1566192582
It really helps me a lot.
on 1565897212
adds many functions, while keeping things uncluttered
e. g. "show only notes" option replaces https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/594622823
edit: even better than it: shows card 2 if there is no card 1!
on 1565402321
Super handy!! Makes assessing cards far more practical.
on 1564813365
I realy need that
on 1563204934
Great addon.
on 1563121773
on 1561551109
on 1560932089
on 1560612814
Very useful. Does exactly what is says.
on 1559810749
Really clean design and has al lots of useful functions - great addon
on 1559810657
on 1559317710
Cool! So I don't need an intermediate spreadsheet.
on 1558964409
Thanks a lot. You re great.
on 1557883885
This is one of the best and most useful add-ons there is. Thnx for making it.
on 1556585393
Excelent addon
on 1556199469
on 1555989786
it is awesome!
on 1555004168
Brilliant add-on!
on 1553098385
Top-notch-must-have add-on!
on 1552112713
Very useful when working with Batch Note Editing Addon.
on 1551884492
Nice add-on really.
Sadly there's a fly in the ointment. :(
Just found one flaw that with this add-on Undo doesn't work in Browser.
If you delete some cards in browser by mistake then you can't Undo and the cards will be gone for ever!
I tried several things and figured out that this add-on is a culprit!
I'm using Anki Version 2.0.52. and if you have some time please can you fix this bug? I'll appreciate that!
Thanks in advance!
on 1549050365
Fantastic addon! One thing that would help data-driven browsing: separate columns for "reviews" that count learning or relearning reviews (instances where a card is seen in filtered, learning, and re-learning steps) separately from actual reviews (instances where a cards is reviewed in a young or mature card status).
on 1548907218
Quite good, i get to see which cards take longer to remember
on 1548454608
Extremly useful for advanced user (full disclosur: I wrote two options of this add-on)
on 1548214304
it works
on 1547543999
Good! Thank you
on 1546731219
This one is a must!
on 1546527964
Great work. Just what I needed!
on 1543926633
Needed to sort on tags, which this addon enables
on 1543520031
Great pluggin! It should be included by default to Anki!
on 1540611785
very useful adds on
on 1539992328
Just awesome!
on 1538222858
The columns and sorting options it provides are superb! Thanks a lot.
on 1536838296
on 1536341872
Very helpful when I want to reorganize my flashcards.
on 1532562643
Thank you so much for this addon! It helped me to sort my cards by frequency :)
on 1531946748
Very Useful!
on 1530638180
on 1530029550
Very useful.
on 1529238524
on 1529175347
thank YOU
on 1527120000
awsome !!
on 1525737600
Looks great but clicking on links doesn't work:

"An error occurred in an add-on.
Please post on the add-on forum:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "aqt/webview.py", line 152, in _linkHandler
File "/home/burton/.local/share/Anki2/addons/Clickable_Tags_on_Reviewer.py", line 134, in <lambda>
self._previewWeb._linkHandler=lambda url: tagClicklinkHandler(self,url)
File "/home/burton/.local/share/Anki2/addons/Clickable_Tags_on_Reviewer.py", line 87, in tagClicklinkHandler
oldLinkHandler(reviewer, url)
TypeError: unbound method _linkHandler() must be called with Reviewer instance as first argument (got AdvancedBrowser instance instead)"
on 1524960000
Thank you very much for this addon! Super helpful!
I always wanted to know how much time I spend on certain cards such that I could spot cards that I should rewrite or delete.
With the help of this addon I can see e.g. the average and total time spent :) Thanks!
on 1524009600
Great work!!
on 1521504000
It's awesome!!!amazing!!!
on 1517184000
the more I learn to use this, the better it gets
on 1514332800
It's coooooooooooool~~~~~~~~~
on 1513814400
very helpful!
on 1512777600
I like it.
on 1503360000
Great Add on!

This is great and very helpful! However, it keeps crashing on me. Does not show any search results, I have to continually un-install and re-install until it starts working again. Any solutions?!?! Thanks!
on 1502064000
Awesome feature for Teachers working with High School students

The 1.5.3 version adds the ability to have a column for Previous Duration time. This allows teachers to give a timed math test with 20 problems
and see which problems the students took the most time on. It also allows the students to go into the browser and work on these problems that took more time to work. For classroom work this is awesome. Thank you so much for this added functionality.
on 1501372800
One of the essentials

Has been one of the first add-ons I download on any new Anki installation for years now. Thanks for the continuous support and development.
on 1490572800
first use error!

when i tried to sort it in jlpt field it shows me this error.. if you can fix it go ahead
on 1486252800
Feature Request - Custom Date Field

It would be nice to have an ability to create custom date field to sort historical events (including CE and BCE).
Thanks for making this addon.
on 1475539200
Awesomely awesome

Greatly enhances the browser, much appreciated!
on 1469232000
Great Add on

Thanks for creating this add on.
on 1465084800
Now you listen here, mister

Now why you gotta keep taking my little scrolly bar thingy and movin' it all the way over there to the right side? I want my scrolly bar on the left side, and I want it to say there see? Seems every chance you get you take my scrolly bar and move it to the right and I've just about had it up to here with it! Why I oughta'... You leave my scrolly bar alone, see!

You just did it again! Here I was minding my business, repositioning a card, and then what do you know -- you went and moved my scrolly bar all the way to the right as soon as I had my back turned! That's a low blow, mister--a real low blow.

(Note: this could totally just be Anki's default behavior causing this rather than this addon, but it'd certainly be nice if the scroll bar didn't keep moving itself when performing various actions while the browser is open)
on 1455494400
Vital but stops working

Vital but stops working
on 1454803200
Fantastic addon

Thanks for the addon, it works as promised. Unfortunately I had to uninstall it cause my Anki started to crash randomly and quite often. It never happened before I installed the addon and doesn't happen now after I removed it. There is a bug somewhere but I couldn't reproduce it or catch a pattern when it crashes...
on 1451692800
Same problem with the guy below

Phenomenal add-on, but it'd be nice if we'd get a down/continute arrow for other fields.
on 1414195200
I can't see all available fields when I want to add one in the browser's tool ba

Thanks a million for this addon.

But there is a big problem:
I have several decks, and maybe 300 fields in total. But when I right-click on the "toolbar" (where there are the element you can chose to filter your notes), and select fields, a screen with all the filds listes alphabetically is displayed. BUT for me, this screen takes all my computer-screen, and I can't see the fields after "Kanki-conjugation". I can't navigate (with the arrow keys) through this screen either...
Let's see how I'm blocked with this picture :

Thank you for helping me :)
on 1403827200
Adds Good functionality

And doesn't take anything away. Programming at its best. Sorting by any field is a goldmine in itself.
on 1391731200
Extremely useful Add-on!

This is extremely useful and simple to use, and fully addresses my two top frustrations with the Anki browser:

1. Can now add/remove columns, including the user-defined fields (use right mouse click). Sort all columns just by clicking header.

2. Can store custom filters in the filter sidebar at left

Nice work! Both these capabilities certainly should be added to the vanilla version on Anki.
on 1385510400
Just a reminder

After installing this add-on, you have to first manually add the "sortable" fields to the browser view, as the default fields are still non-sortable.
on 1383523200

Thanks for the great work. This saved me SO much time and effort. I agree that the developers of Anki should definitely make this a core feature of the program - it's pretty unbelievable it's not already. *****
on 1383523200
Functionality that should be core, well executed.

What more can I say. This add-on will make using Anki that much easier and more intuitive.
on 1377216000
Terrific Addon, should be a core Anki feature

This addon helps the Card Browser function as a useful Note Browser as well. It seems well written (wouldn't crash for me) and include what should be a core Anki feature: the ability to sort on any arbitrary field. Thank you Houssam Salem!