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Ze Add Note Id

<10kB. Updated 2021-03-03.
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Autofills a field with note ID of the card. Starting with Anki version 2.1.28 I had to rewrite the old addon from scratch, because the old approach no longer worked. Starting with Anki version 2.1.28, you can enable the automatic insertion of the note id in the field dialog window, which you can access in the browser, or through the "Manage Note Types..." window. If you decide to turn one field into a note id field, this field will no longer be visible in the Add Cards window. This is because the note id can only be detected, after the card was inserted. However in all other windows, the noteid field is just visible like normal. There are also two global settings, which can be used. They can be accessed from "Tools > Add-ons > Ze Add Note Id > Config". Compatibility with Frozen Fields A big selling point of the old "Ze Add Note Id" (pre Anki v2.1.28) was its compatibility with Frozen Fields. This new version is still mostly compatible, but not 100%. This is however more of an issue with the Frozen Fields add-on rather than Ze Add Note Id. For this reason I made a new add-on Ze Frozen Fields with the same functionality as Frozen Fields, but without this issue. All credit goes to ospalh for the previous version (before Anki 2.1.28): This previous version was an identical copy of "Add note id", except two things: Support If you like my add-ons, you can consider supporting me. My add-ons will always be freely available for everybody, but what I can offer you is my sincere thanks, and first-hand technical support, if you have any questions/issues with my add-ons. At the same time it allows me to put more time and focus into developing these and making them as powerful and user-friendly as they are. Thanks for considering! ko-fi.com/hgiesel patreon.com/hgiesel


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1652789982
It worked well
on 1644215124
Please update :(((
on 1625766697
Very good, very useful! Hiding the id field when adding a note is a clever implementation. Cheers!

To other users, I suggest:

- Before using it the first time either back up your deck or sync with Ankiweb and be prepared to use the 1-way forced sync down from Ankiweb if things go awry (it went awry for me first time, probably because I did something wrong - never happened again).

- If you already have your own manual id field and it is important for some reason (e.g. it is the atomic number in the list of elements, it is an ordinal number sorting vocab by appearance in the textbook), be careful not to overwrite that data - rename your field to something like "sort", create your new id field and set this new one to be the note id.
on 1619586855
+ on 9/8/2020, Anki Version 2.1.32 (dee7d45d)
This one actually works! And I liked the implementation.

+ on 10/6/2020, Version 2.1.35 (84dcaa86)
Update: I had a following problem. I entered a note in AnkiDroid, I left noteid empty. I could not change it or set it to a correct value in Anki Desktop later, until I found a workaround: I clicked "Fields...", switched off "insert note id" checkbox, saved it, then clicked "Fields" again, set "insert note id" back on, and saved it again.

on 10/6/2020
Reply on the author's comment: in fact it looked like it was set to the correct value in the editor, but really it was still empty when accessed as {{noteid}} in a template and it was shown as empty in the browser's column.

+ Update on April, 4th, 2021, Anki Version ⁨2.1.43 (0fbae6bc)⁩
The problem I mentioned before is still there. I often add notes in AnkiDroid, and they all have empty note id fields, so the problem is actual for me.
My workaround mentioned before still works. However it would be better to have a menu command to add/update the note id fields in the entire collection, because my workaround requires manipulations with every note type, forces a one-way synchronization and updates note modification times for every note. I would like to have one command to ensure the note id fields are properly set in the entire collection, which would update the modification time only for notes that are actually updated. If that command was performed automatically on opening the collection, it would be even better.
The following behavior mentioned by the author's comment worked in earlier versions but stopped working in the current one:
"Whenever you open a specific note in the editor, the add-on should _normally_ check "whether the card has the id it is supposed to have" and if not, overwrite it.:"
However even when it worked it was not an optimal fix, because I had to manually open notes one by one to update all the empty note id fields.

Andrej Adamenko
Comment from author before post was edited
Whenever you open a specific note in the editor, the add-on should _normally_ check "whether the card has the id it is supposed to have" and if not, overwrite it.
I'll check whether this functionality is still working, thanks for the report!
on 1616554617
on 1614179368
Works great!! Thanks for the clear instructions too:)
on 1606444550
Fantastic! With the author's new addon Collapsible Fields, you can even hide the ID field in the browser.
Comment from author
Haha, yes I had that thought too. Make sure to it make "collapse by default", using the Fields dialog.
on 1604389991
Working like a charm
since I use Note ID to make sure all my cards are in order
Firstly I choose "Do not overwrite note ids" in the addons configuration menu
2 Then enabled the automatic insertion from fields menu
3 “Note ID” field disappear when adding new cards but visible on edit current & browser

No issues ....for now ^6^
Version 2.1.35 (84dcaa86)
Python 3.8.1 Qt 5.15.1 PyQt 5.15.1
on 1599539041
This one actually works! And I liked the implementation.
Anki Version 2.1.32 (dee7d45d)
on 1598959273
The Ze Add Note ID add-on works for me under Anki v2.1, while the older Add Note ID add-on would no longer work.

Also the instructions and screenshots on the info page for the Ze Add Note ID are explicit, detailed, and helpful. The writers of many other add-ons would do well to compose such helpful documentation.
on 1598771907
This Add-on is just getting better and better — the new version (for Anki 2.1.28+) has a huge advantage over the older version:

The 'Note ID' field is now no longer visible in the 'Add'-dialogue.

Most of us do not need to see the Note ID; therefore, there's no need to show the field 'Note ID' — the 'Add' window has been tidied up.

This Add-on is supposed to work quietly in the background and not even be noticeable — and that's exactly what it does!!

Wish list:
Please suppress the 'Note ID' field in all other windows as well (Edit, Card Browser) - I NEVER EVER need to see this number ;)
Comment from author before post was edited
Yes. I also use this search filter, to look for obviously wrong noteids: "(-("noteid:_____________") or (-("noteid:15*" or "noteid:16*")))". I use this after adding new notes on my phone, for example. However this only works if you use "Full note ids" (look in my description).
on 1596119416
Author not only made a good add-on, but is responsive and helpful. Thanks!
on 1595961449
Very nice! Not only because the original Add Note ID no longer work smoothly on my mac (no longer automatically fill in the Note ID field), but also it replaces another add-on[https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/161384391]
on 1592691163
just what i need, + responsive :). thx you!
on 1589270950
it works! thank you
on 1586418979
works well; thank you!
on 1580866490
Neither this nor Add note id work. The how to use this add-on notes are sparse. I may be doing it wrong. After installation: 1. add Note Id field to a note. 2. Click the Tools menu item Add Note Ids. 3. Close and reopen Anki. 4. look for Note Id values. No values present.
Comment from author
Your cards need to have a field that is identical to the field set in the settings. Inspect the settings going to "Tools > Add-Ons > Ze Add Note Id > Config".

For example, mine says:
"NoteIdFieldName": "noteid",
"ShowFullNoteId": true,
"ShowMenu": false

"NoteIdFieldName" is the important one. If your model has a field that is identical to the name entered in this field, it will insert the note id.

P.S. It's just shitty to give me a bad rating on this ground. It works for other people, so the misunderstanding is obviously on your part. I get ZERO notification for this message. I can just hope that you'll eventually read this message and fix your rating.
on 1573804190
How to: Add a field called "Note ID" to the note template. Then go to Tools → Add note ids.

Sank you for ze add-on. Clever.
on 1564106302
thanks for fixed it.very useful
on 1559842912
Can we please add this to the top of the add-ons in anki. Thank you SO MUCH. Needed this fix.
on 1558831487
very, very useful. thanks for sharing.