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5000 most frequently used French words — with images

194.12MB. 4994 audio & 16907 images. Updated 2018-07-13.

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This deck contains the 5000 most frequently used french words, sorted by order of frequency. Many of the cards have images, and almost every card has plenty of example sentences. -=-=-=- If this deck is useful to you, please rate it!~ https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/ -=-=-=- Changelog 1.0 — first release 2.0 — added example sentences to ~98% of the cards 3.0 — added images for 70% of the cards; fixed the bug where the deck didn't start on card number 1. ~ The images were taken automatically from the internet, so sometimes they might not correlate to the meaning of the word. — And why are there images? (a) Images make the study session more interesting, (b) Images help you to memorize the word. I think this deck is 10x better with images, but if you don't like the images, you can just ignore them. ~ When you open this deck, you should see a square with some lines inside. Hover your mouse over a line to show example sentences when available. (If you are on mobile, tap the line.) — And why are there so many example sentences? Example sentences are important because: (a) they help you memorize the word, (b) they help you understand how to use the word, (c) they improve your reading speed — the more you read, the faster you get. Just memorizing individual words is pretty much pointless — real fluency comes when you immerse yourself in text. Hence almost every card has plenty of example sentences. -=-=-=- If you have technical issues, search your issue on Google (for example: "audio doesnt work on anki using MacOS") and see if you can find a solution to your problem. And if Google fails you, ask the developper: https://apps.ankiweb.net/docs/help.html I have no affiliation with the developper of Anki. I'm just an user who made a cool thing and shared it online.

Sample (from 5000 notes)

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Frequency Rank 3245
French financer
English to finance
Part of Speech v
IPA [finɑ͂se]
simple example sentences with translation 1
simple example sentences with translation 2
simple example sentences with no translation
simple example sentences with no translation (movie subs) Payer leur rançon et financer la guerre contre nos alliés ?J'ai commencé à travailler à six ans pour financer mes études.'Papa' va financer votre prochain film, c'est ça?La fondation a accepté de financer vos recherches.Le conseil fera voter un budget pour la financer.
Frequency Rank 280
French la madame
English madam, lady
Part of Speech nf
IPA [madam, medam]
simple example sentences with translation 1 N'agissez pas en Madame Je-sais-tout !Don't act like a know-it-all.N'agis pas en Madame Je-sais-tout !Don't act like a know-it-all.
simple example sentences with translation 2 N'agissez pas en Madame Je-sais-tout !
simple example sentences with no translation N'agissez pas en Madame Je-sais-tout !N'agis pas en Madame Je-sais-tout !
simple example sentences with no translation (movie subs) Madame... je suis désolée mais je dois aller chercher des affaires.Je suis venu ici donner ma vie pour vous, madame.Une belle chambre pour monsieur et madame?On ne peut aller bien loin avec Madame et sa fille.Madame votre mère vient dans votre chambre.
Frequency Rank 4748
French minoritaire
English minority
Part of Speech nadj(f)
IPA [minɔʀitɛʀ]
simple example sentences with translation 1
simple example sentences with translation 2
simple example sentences with no translation
simple example sentences with no translation (movie subs)

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on 1530285442
Great tool and for free.
on 1530279975
This is amazing! I have always loved the version of this frequency list with images/audio that exists for Spanish and it is amazing to have it for French now. Great work!!
on 1530237169
Thank you so much for sharing this. I am so grateful. I have been trying to find a flash card system that allowed me to learn/revise French vocab efficiently but they all seem to have drawbacks. Some either only had words or sentences, some allowed me to add words but not sounds or pictures and some wouldn't let me add anything at all. I was delighted when I found the Fluent Forever book because it led me to the web page where Gabe demonstrated how to add vertually anything to the flashcards in Anki. He made it seem so easy but when I tried it was so time consuming I felt depressed and had almost decided to give up and go with Lingvist. Then I discovered this database and I feel enthusiastic about French again. I notice that there is a thumbs down evaluation because the words don't have the gender article in front of the words. I probably would have thought that was a negative, too, but it is such a small thing and because it's possible to edit cards in Anki I know I can change things I would prefer as I go. I could even change all the feminine nouns to pink and all the masculine nouns to blue if I wanted to! Changes would be daunting if you changed the whole list at once but wouldn't take long if you changed them as you went through the daily list. If I did decide to change them as I went along it would probably help me to remember them.
on 1529691792
Great deck! Especially the example sentences are extremely helpful.
on 1529250991
on 1528329600
To "I just can't seem to follow the instruction given:"
This confused me too. I think these are instructions left over from an earlier version of Anki. Just use the cards as they are and you should see a square with three lines inside. Hover cursor over a line to reveal extra example sentences if they are available. Also the majority of cards do not have a picture but the ones that do appear without any intervention on your part.
on 1527379200
The audio's are of a great quality and immensely improved my listening skills for French. Merci beaucoup!!
on 1527292800
on 1527120000
on 1525046400
I don't know if the deck is good or bad yet.
But to correct the order of the cards:
1. Sort the deck by the sort field
2. marked all cards
3. Press right click
4. Reschedule
5. Ok for "Place at end of new card queue"
on 1524614400
Very useful
on 1524614400
Looks great, I've practiced a little. I'm new to Anki and just wondering why this deck starts at card 15 not number 1 when I open it in the Anki desktop app? Feels like I've missed the first 15 most frequent words!
on 1522713600
you did a lot of work to make this, thank you so so much! I didn't realize you had all those example sentences in here until I worked with the deck for almost a month: I've customized it now, and look forward to getting more reading practice as I review all these words! Merci bien!!!!
on 1522627200
Fantastic! I love the audio and IPA pronunciation included.
on 1522022400
on 1520899200
helps me learn French on a daily basis
on 1520294400
Excellent resource!
on 1519862400
My idea is to add a newline every line in 'simple example sentences with translation 1' field, so that one can translate these sentences without struggling not to see the translation which is directly below the sentence.
on 1519776000
I wish I could down vote the down votes on this. Exceptional work and effort on your part. It is very time consuming to construct these cards. I have a french list of about 1,900 words with just french word, pictures, context clues, IPA, and sounds and that was a pain in the ass to put together. I appreciate it. If you need help gathering images for it at a batch level, shoot me a holler and I can point you to the github page for it. Again, thanks.
on 1518220800
Lot of hard work came into this
on 1517788800
lots of good supporting examples
on 1517270400
I want to improve my french
on 1517184000
I like the effort that went into making these cards. However, from a language-learning viewpoint, I think it would be more effective to do a sort of picture dictionary, where you have just the French words --with audio-- and a picture representing the word.
on 1517184000
Sounds good, but couldn't use it yet because I can't learn the cards in the order of their ranks due to the random "due". How do I fix that?
on 1517097600
Almost perfect, but the addition of determiners has led to some errors, e.g. putting "la enquête" instead of "l'enquête." I know the purpose is to show the gender of the word but it really looks terrible and renders the list unusable.
on 1515974400
I can only see the "French", "IPA" and "English" fields on my cards. All other fields (sentenceFR, sentenceEN, simple sample) are invisible to me.
on 1515024000
audio either doesn't work or isn't included on all cards
on 1514937600
on 1513382400
on 1512777600
Comprehensive. It's better to have more information than less. You can always hide an unused field. Thank you for sharing your work with us <3
on 1512432000
on 1511740800
with excellent sentence example
on 1511395200
Wonderful deck for all learning French. For me the only thing missing are the pictures - personally it's so much easier to remember things when the image is present. Ended up adding my own (and increasing the default font size).
on 1511136000
too much information... keep it simple
on 1511049600
The new version is horrible. Terrible format and way too much information on one card. Luckly, I downloaded the older version a while ago.
on 1504742400
Gender needed

The deck is well-organised. I have one issue with the deck: in general, it's advisable to memorise nouns with their gender together. For example, with the noun "loi" (law), the prompt should not be "loi", it should be "la loi", using the article so that the learning the gender is inseparable from that of the noun itself. While there is a field that indicates the gender, the article should be included with the noun in the prompt.
on 1500681600
Wonderful Deck

This is the best deck I've found on Ankiweb so far. Detailed cards, well formatted, sample sentence, IPA, high quality audio. Thank you!
on 1500336000

on 1494979200

I have over 1000 hours in Anki and wanted to learn French. After much searching, this is by far the best deck for both beginner and advanced learners. Being able to replay the native-pronunciation for each word is extremely helpful to me, as well as the pronunciation letters attached. Grammar and phrases are learned subconsciously through the example sentences. I also appreciate that the words are introduced in frequency order; not all decks do this.
Merci beaucoup!
on 1493769600
A great deck! Such a wonderful resource.

Good audio of the words and sentences, and the sentences are really engaging--you often sense there's a story behind them ("I am sure she is alive."), so they engage you and hold your interest. A lot of care went into this deck. I'm using it with a very low "new card" rate, just to tickle my brain with a little French every day while I focus on another language. I'm so glad to have it.
on 1489449600

This is the one of the sole reasons I have improved my french reading and listening dramatically, I'd say it improved it at least 15-20%. THANK YOU
on 1487116800
cards do not flip/reverse

The vocabulary is very useful, however there is a problem with the flipping function.
If you try to flip the cards back to front the function will not work. So you are sticked to learn the words in one direction only, French to English. I think the problem is with the code. It is a pity because otherwise it is an outstanding deck.
But that function is very important to learn words, in reverse mode, from English to French.
Hope it is soon fixed.
on 1483747200
I don't see anything?

Shouldn't I be able to see the text in French? The only thing I get is the sound.
on 1483228800
Well done

I think this deck effectively replaces my semi-original one, so I ended up removing it. Very happy to see that there's finally a deck with decent audio - listening is such a vital skill and just no fun with bad audio samples.
on 1477267200
Ideal Vocabulary, Listening Skill, and Grammar Tool for French

This deck is EXACTLY what I need to expand my vocabulary, listening skill, and grammatical understanding of French. Neri Rook, I truly appreciate you responding to my personal request to make this upgraded version of the formerly available deck. Now, we have the frequency list plus quality audio for example sentences.

I've been studying this for 8 days now (~20 min per day), and my French has already improved dramatically. Put in a little effort here, and you'll see big improvements in your French!

Here's Why this Updated Deck Is a Big Deal to Me, Personally:

I've been a fan of frequency lists for a long time. Unfortunately, it has been hard to find a combination of a good frequency list, strong sample sentences, and quality audio for both the words alone and the sample sentences as well. I went as far as to pay native speakers to record voice overs for sample sentences when studying German. I wasn't really wanting to repeat that task for French. This deck has solved my problem! :)