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5000 most frequently used French words [v. 6.0]

156.62MB. 15697 audio & 3 images. Updated 2021-07-14.
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This deck contains the 5000 most frequently used French words, sorted by order of frequency. Many of the words have example sentences. This deck covers the basic meanings of each word, so you will see 2 or 3 meanings on each card, instead of 20. This deck also includes: • An alternative version with Canadian French audio. • A deck to train your conjugation of irregular verbs. • A small deck about French phonology. • A deck to train Listening, Reading and Speaking skills. A small preview of the new version: -=-=-=- If this deck is useful to you, please rate it!~ https://frequencylists.blogspot.com.br/ -=-=-=- Update 2020-09-12 [v. 6.0] • Remade the main deck entirely: a. Now there is a button to view the Wiktionary article of a word. Which means, now you can see the full conjugation of any verb in this deck. b. Removed reduntant cards. For example, if there is a card for the word rapide, it's reduntant to have a card for the word rapidement. Added more cards to make-up for the removed cards. c. Now there is a bit more info on the back of the cards. (For example, the plural form of a word, the feminine form, and so on.) • Added a course on French phonology, and a course to practice Speaking and Reading. • Added options for people who wish to learn the Canadian variety of French that is spoken in Québec.

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Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Word monter
Word with article monter
Frequency Index 578.
IPA /mɔ̃te/ [mõ̝̠͗ˑ.ˈt̪e̝]
Noun declension
Basic meanings of word v. to mount, to climb
Example sentences
Example sentences without translation
Wiktionary entry [view on Wiktionary] Etymology From Vulgar Latin *montāre, present active infinitive of *monto, from the Latin noun mōns, montem (“mountain”). Pronunciation IPA(key): /mɔ̃.te/ audio (file) Verb monter to go up, to climb (go to a higher position) to ascend, go higher, go uphill, go upstairs to get on, get in (a vehicle) to rise (get to a higher figurative position (socially, or in a league/division etc.)) to stage, put on (a show) to ride (a horse) to mount (a horse) (transitive) to bring up, take up, put up, get up (lift or carry something to a higher position) J'ai monté les valises. I brought up the cases. to turn up, put up (increase the volume etc.) to raise (increase the level, price etc.) to put up (a tent) to string (an instrument) Usage notes This verb uses the auxiliary verb avoir when used transitively (or with a transitive sense, even when the complement is omitted); otherwise (when it is intransitive), it uses être. Hence être is used to form the perfect tense when monter has the sense "go up, climb, ascend", while avoir is used when it has the senses "put on, stage", "ride", "bring up". ils sont montés dans la voiture ― they got into the car elles ont monté les valises dans la chambre ― they put the suitcases in the bedroom Conjugation Conjugation of monter (see also Appendix:French verbs) infinitive simple monter compound avoir or être + past participle present participle or gerund1 simple montant/mɔ̃.tɑ̃/ compound ayant or étant + past participle past participle monté/mɔ̃.te/ singular plural first second third first second third indicative je (j’) tu il, elle nous vous ils, elles (simpletenses) present monte/mɔ̃t/ montes/mɔ̃t/ monte/mɔ̃t/ montons/mɔ̃.tɔ̃/ montez/mɔ̃.te/ montent/mɔ̃t/ imperfect montais/mɔ̃.tɛ/ montais/mɔ̃.tɛ/ montait/mɔ̃.tɛ/ montions/mɔ̃.tjɔ̃/ montiez/mɔ̃.tje/ montaient/mɔ̃.tɛ/ past historic2 montai/mɔ̃.te/ montas/mɔ̃.ta/ monta/mɔ̃.ta/ montâmes/mɔ̃.tam/ montâtes/mɔ̃.tat/ montèrent/mɔ̃.tɛʁ/ future monterai/mɔ̃.tʁe/ monteras/mɔ̃.tʁa/ montera/mɔ̃.tʁa/ monterons/mɔ̃.tʁɔ̃/ monterez/mɔ̃.tʁe/ monteront/mɔ̃.tʁɔ̃/ conditional monterais/mɔ̃.tʁɛ/ monterais/mɔ̃.tʁɛ/ monterait/mɔ̃.tʁɛ/ monterions/mɔ̃.tə.ʁjɔ̃/ monteriez/mɔ̃.tə.ʁje/ monteraient/mɔ̃.tʁɛ/ (compoundtenses) present perfect present indicative of avoir or être + past participle pluperfect imperfect indicative of avoir or être + past participle past anterior2 past historic of avoir or être + past participle future perfect future of avoir or être + past participle conditional perfect conditional of avoir or être + past participle subjunctive que je (j’) que tu qu’il, qu’elle que nous que vous qu’ils, qu’elles (simpletenses) present monte/mɔ̃t/ montes/mɔ̃t/ monte/mɔ̃t/ montions/mɔ̃.tjɔ̃/ montiez/mɔ̃.tje/ montent/mɔ̃t/ imperfect2 montasse/mɔ̃.tas/ montasses/mɔ̃.tas/ montât/mɔ̃.ta/ montassions/mɔ̃.ta.sjɔ̃/ montassiez/mɔ̃.ta.sje/ montassent/mɔ̃.tas/ (compoundtenses) past present subjunctive of avoir or être + past participle pluperfect2 imperfect subjunctive of avoir or être + past participle imperative – tu – nous vous – simple — monte/mɔ̃t/ — montons/mɔ̃.tɔ̃/ montez/mɔ̃.te/ — compound — simple imperative of avoir or être + past participle — simple imperative of avoir or être + past participle simple imperative of avoir or être + past participle — 1 The French gerund is only usable with preposition en. 2 In less formal writing or speech, the past historic, past anterior, imperfect subjunctive and pluperfect subjunctive tenses may be found to have been replaced with the indicative present perfect, indicative pluperfect, present subjunctive and past subjunctive tenses respectively (Christopher Kendris [1995], Master the Basics: French, pp. 77, 78, 79, 81). Related terms mont montage montagne monte monter à la tête monteur montoir monture remonter   Descendants → German: montieren Further reading “monter” in Trésor de la langue française informatisé (The Digitized Treasury of the French Language). Anagrams mentor montre, montré
Word with declinations monter.
Parisian French Audio (Voice 1)
Canadian French Audio (Voice 1)
Tags v
Front il neige
Back it's snowing
Word téléphone
Word with article le téléphone
Frequency Index 260.
IPA /telefɔn/ [ˌt̪e̝ˑ.le̝.ˈfɔ̝̟͗ˑn̪ᵊ]
Noun declension [pl. les téléphones]
Basic meanings of word n. phone, telephone
Example sentences Passe-moi ce téléphone. Pass me that phone. Je suis au téléphone. I'm on the phone. Où est mon téléphone ? Where's my phone? Je dois passer un coup de téléphone. I need to make a phone call. Je crois que nous avons parlé au téléphone. I think we talked on the phone.
Example sentences without translation Passe-moi ce téléphone. / Je suis au téléphone. / Où est mon téléphone ? / Je dois passer un coup de téléphone. / Je crois que nous avons parlé au téléphone.
Wiktionary entry [view on Wiktionary] Etymology télé- +‎ -phone from Ancient Greek τῆλε (têle, “afar”) + φωνή (phōnḗ, “voice, sound”) Pronunciation IPA(key): /te.le.fɔn/ audio (file) Noun téléphone m (plural téléphones) telephone 1948, Maurice Blanchot, Le très-haut Oui, certainement, elle pensait à ma mère, elle attendait un coup de téléphone, enfin n'importe quoi ; ce n'était pas mystérieux, elle n'aurait eu qu'à le dire pour m'en donner l'idée. Yes, certainly, she was thinking of my mother, she was waiting for a phone call, or whatever, it wasn't mysterious, all she had to do was say it to give me some idea. Derived terms téléphonie téléphonique téléphoniste Verb téléphone first-person singular present indicative of téléphoner third-person singular present indicative of téléphoner first-person singular present subjunctive of téléphoner third-person singular present subjunctive of téléphoner second-person singular imperative of téléphoner Further reading “téléphone” in Trésor de la langue française informatisé (The Digitized Treasury of the French Language).
Word with declinations le téléphone, les téléphones.
Parisian French Audio (Voice 1)
Canadian French Audio (Voice 1)
Tags n

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on 1634841390
This deck contains many very nice cards with a lot of useful information!
on 1634188986
on 1633568182
Amazing for learning Listening, Speaking, Reading... It works very well if you keep consistent with the work and do some French every day!
on 1633563641
I am going to learn french, this is going to help me to jump in, thank you!
on 1632951082
on 1632111882
Super !!
on 1632071551
I love how detailed this is! But when I clicked to add all these decks to my Anki, my Anki is really laggy now. What do I do
Comment from author
This is permanently solved, by simply closing Anki then opening again.
This bug has been fixed in recent versions of Anki.
on 1631551065
Only Ads for Amazon! Nor funny. I just lost my time
Comment from author
This is probably a bug you're getting, because the whole deck is available for free.

If you're having technical issues, ask the Anki developer:
on 1631488117
on 1631439006
Most detail, organized and helpful deck ever
on 1631295935
really good bro
on 1631155315
It's very good
on 1630941392
It is well organized and edited with appropriate information
on 1630626658
This is a very good deck, possibly one of the best for learning french.


If you are a regular user of Anki, the September update of this deck will cause issues for you. For the main course "F to E" and "E to F" cards, the "Wiktionary" field will quickly clog up your collection size and will put you above the allowed 250MB. This is possibly not an issue if this is the only deck you are using, for me however, it was a big problem until I figured it out.

Removing the "Wiktionary" field from the note type fixes the issue and frees up about 200MB of collection size.
Comment from author
That's a shame, the Wiktionary field is probably 30% of what makes this deck good.

In any case, if I update this deck again, I have many ideas on how to reduce the deck size without compromising quality.
on 1630532207
on 1630275531
on 1629895924
on 1629824435
on 1629803345
Perfect to lear french language! THANK YOU VERY MUCH
on 1629758995
Best out there
on 1629411512
a lot of stuff to use to learn, this is best anki deck out there
on 1628602198
Great, comprehensive deck
on 1628570500
It’s a good deck; but there are some IPA pronunciation that are not consistent with other sources. Autoroute and taille are two examples.
on 1628442630
Gran vocabulario
on 1628073233
Thanks, it's extremely helpful :)
on 1627618395
on 1627417051
The best course of French out there. Thanks!
on 1627258733
on 1627196681
on 1627136175
on 1627061858
Just awesome!
on 1626798451
Muy didáctico
on 1626780133
Very good
on 1626777870
on 1626500355
Super, thanks!
on 1626492586
A work of art. Amazing.
It would be amazing to have decks like this for English (most used words, verb conjugation, etc).
on 1626138656
Probably the most detailed French deck on the web. Appreciate all the effort. I was using the canadian versions of the cards. Why do these look different from the Perisian? Are they missing some example sentences?
Comment from author before post was edited
You might be saying this, because the example sentences weren't showing on the Android version of Anki.

I updated the deck to fix this, let me know if the issue persists.
on 1625715905
on 1625420133
Amazing deck. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn French.
on 1625292040
I love your deck, and I have improve my French practicing every day. The only problem that I have is that I can't listen to the audio files on the anki mobile app (IOS).
on 1625025041
So many!!
on 1624896799
por sus palabra
on 1624835072
Thank you for this!
on 1624578083
achei muito legal
on 1623855514
High quality deck, just what I needed.
on 1623717366
seems good and I wished there was a deck like this for the verbs too
on 1623667977
Très beau !
on 1623199286
Excellent deck! It really kickstarted my French learning. Thank you!
on 1622236341
Great deck!
on 1621328698
is good
on 1621252367
that's cool
on 1621135812
How can I delete less frequent words? Let's say if I need to learn top 500. I don't see a way to sort by the frequency index.
on 1620869209
a lifesaver! I would 100% recommend downloading this
on 1620157807
Best resource to learn French, hands down
on 1619968792
on 1619817430
Thank you mam, I would like a deck like this for other languages, like German, Chinese, Arab and things like that... if someone know some good decks share with me, tk u
on 1619813537
on 1619452685
This is a great deck definitely download, the deck is large but it is very much worth it in the long run!
on 1619417204
on 1619113478
Its really helpful
on 1618933208
Para estudar
on 1618927246
It is helping me continue and progress my French
on 1618907174
on 1618900942
on 1618662441
Absurdly amazing.
on 1618246839
I'm sure it's good
on 1617819044
on 1617815068
It's the best of the best decks! thank you for doing it, I'm enjoying studying french with it <3
on 1617696350
Lovely work, thank you very much!
on 1617649352
on 1617630958
Thanks for the deck, IPA, French -> English and Reverse
(important for solidifying memory by training the brain to generate on its own more than simply recognize),
(the more types of senses engaged improves memorization, and of course let's you know how to pronounce the word),
these are all essential in a high-quality deck..... As well as images, neuroscience tells us that our brains remember things with images even when the images aren't even related to the content to be remembered. I'm working on gathering images for the deck that are well connected to the words... If some collaborators would like to help, that'd be great.
on 1617554670
Thank you a TON for this powerful resource. It's a lot more than just a collection of common vocab. The deck contains multiple subdecks for practicing some common conjugations as well as pronunciation, which is described using a very detailed, narrow IPA transcription with all those small nuances. And everything is super convenient and user friendly. I've been using this deck for a couple of weeks and it's been one of the best learning resources I've ever seen. I can't even conceive of how much time and dedication the author has put into it. Thank you again!!! People like you are a real inspiration for all of us.
Comment from author
In the French language (and any language, really) . . . pronunciation guides tend to be very bad.

For example, French pronunciation guides will leave you to understand that the French /i/, /u/, /e/ are identical to the English /i/, /u/, /e/ . . . when they are actually quite different.

French pronunciation guides will leave you to understand that the French consonants are just like the English consonants... and so on.
It's no wonder that so many students speak French with a thick foreigner accent; pronunciation guides have taught them badly.
My dissatisfaction with French pronunciation guides is what led me to do a detailed description of French phonetics.
on 1617513586
on 1617330130
Great deck, just what I needed to review my french. My grammar is still pretty solid but my vocab is mostly passive now. Just one question, can I delete part of the deck? I wanted to delete the Canadian one to get rid of some of the cluster, but I'm afraid it will mess up the rest.
on 1617177031
Exactly what I was looking for, what a gargantuan effort this must have been to put together, thank you!
on 1617142462
Brilliant deck! and has saved me so much time, thanks!
on 1617042421
on 1616412372
Amazing deck really helpful love your work and it's sad to see people giving you negative reviews for stupid reasons. Awesome!
Comment from author
If you ever make a product that gets reviews...
You will get at least a few unfair negative reviews.
Things like:
"The tables of the restaurant were blue. The color blue triggers me. One star"
"I'm having this technical issue that none else is having. One star"
"I did not like this small detail of the product. One star"
For example, in 2018 I saw a 1-star review on Amazon that was just written... "dont know yet". [Like, that was the whole review; it was a 1-star review and it was just written "dont know yet".]
It was for a biography of Leonardo da Vinci, the one by Walter Isaacson.
on 1616273664
on 1616179497
Incredible work!!! Really useful. I only found a minor issue... I wasn't able to download and install directly to my mobile. I assume that this is a memory problem, as there is a huge amount of cards.
If anyone has the same problem, I solved it downloading and installing on the desktop app. Then I deleted everything but the main deck which I want to study. Now I'm able to use it at the mobile. Late I'll add the remaining decks one by one.
on 1616079135
This is a great deck with tons of effort put in. But I'm still not sure exactly how to use it. There's so many subdecks so how should I go about actually learning with it?
on 1616029002
This is an awesome deck that has a ton of features including example sentences, word history, and conjugations. I can’t even imagine the amount of time that would take to make this.

There are a couple minor issues though like some words being the wrong color such as the feminine word for school being colored blue instead of red. Maybe this was intentional, but I can’t imagine why that would be. Also I feel like there are a few pretty common words that I don’t think were included surprisingly like ice cream and a couple others that I can’t remember at the moment. However this may just be due to word choice, as in the words I’ve been learning may mean something very common, but there are words that are used more often for them in French.

There are a ton of subcategories too, but you can collapse them so it’s not like they’re permanently there taking up space. The subcategories are awesome though because each subdeck meets different needs and I’m glad they’re there. Overall this deck is great. Like the creator said, if it slows your Anki down at first, just close it out and reopen and it’ll work fine.
on 1615808067
Do these sentences in Read/Speak training overlap with the ones from the 10000 French sentences deck? There are ~7000 here and ~10000 there; is it mostly duplicates?
Comment from author
No overlapping. Or at least, no more than ~2% overlapping.
on 1615742329
great work
on 1615258175
i want lesr
on 1615222049
on 1614629348
on 1614614990
Great vocab!
on 1614504850
on 1614477506
It's so necessary and helpfully
on 1614352849
I want to improve my french vocabulaire
on 1614351138
how do i update the old version of the deck? i have tried to watch tutorials but it was increbly difficult and i was affraid that i would do somtething wrong. Can anyone help me?
Comment from author
Unfortunately there is no way to update this deck from an older version without losing progress, because in the last version (6.0), I remade the main course entirely.
on 1613311545
I need it
on 1613277567
Most thorough Anki deck I've ever seen. Very well done.
on 1613183196
I've just started using Anki and this is the first shared deck I'm using. It looks pretty nice. I'll revert in case I have any questions. Thank you for compiling this and sharing it with everyone!
on 1613124161
Great deck!
If you're like me, you may not like the fact that you have to switch between learning english -> french and french -> english.
(In most other decks I used both sides of the cards appear in the same deck and I don't have to think about it).

If this bothers you, there is a simple solution-
If for example you want to learn 20 new cards a day and repeat 100 cards - create a two groups-
group 1 - French parent - which allows 20 new cards and 100 repeats
group 2 - French child - which allows 10 new cards and 50 repeats

Then set all the parents to be in group 1 (5000 Most common french words, [1] Main course, [a] Option 1...) and the child decks to be in group 2 (I) French to english, II) English to french)
Then you can just click on "[1] Main Course" and not have to think about it ever again!
on 1612468902
aprender frances
on 1612186053
Man, this deck completely ran havoc in my Anki, even after I deleted it, it did weird things across my Anki. So many sub menus and sub categories. Was completely unusable for me.
Comment from author
Have you tried to close the Anki application and then open it again?

When you load this deck on the Computer version of Anki for the first time, Anki becomes slow.
But if you close Anki and then open it again, it all goes back to normal, and you can study it normally.
on 1611995208
on 1611742209
Extremely good deck, thanks a lot! I have a question regarding the structure. If I saw it correctly, the 5000 basic cards are in there from both sides French > English and English > French, making it 10.000 cards. However, for the first days, it only shows French > English...
How is the order here? From when will it ask me English > French as well? Or do I need to do this manually somewhere?
I basically want every day to learn both sides of the same new cards.
Comment from author
There is one subdeck with 'French to English'.
And one subdeck with 'English to French'.

If you're on mobile, in the list of decks, click the 'arrow' to the left side of the deck... to 'expand' the list and view all the subdecks.
on 1611474818
Thanks for your great work!!
on 1611333724
Merci Beaucoup !
on 1610333395
We find it really useful
on 1610145556
on 1610094437
on 1609261091
Just an overall great and detailed deck!
on 1609167116
on 1608850333
on 1608682535
Truly the best deck ever made for language learning. Merci beaucoup, mon ami!
on 1608409880
Really excellent work!

However, administratively, it would be better to have one note-type with four card-types rather than four note-types with the same information on.

Also I feel that Canadian and French audio should be on the same card rather than duplicating thousands of cards with a minor audio change.

Finally the order of the cards needs to alternate between front-to-back and back-to-front rather than all of one direction then the other.
on 1607146705
huge work. salut for sharing it
on 1606768947
Would you consider maintaining this (and possibly your other decks) on GitHub? This deck is massive, both in size and in effort, but it could use some tweaking to make it more useful to all users.

I'd offer to help with setting up GitHub and card style improvements.
on 1606566628
Very good deck, but I have a problem with showing example sentence on Android.
Another question, how can I see the example sentence in the begining, and just put __ (instead of le,la,un,une) before the word that I am learning? So it would memorize it better in a sentence.
on 1606394125
I really appreciate the effort, but like other users, I found it impossible to use this deck due to its sheer size. I would suggest generating a leaner version of this deck, stripped down to the essentials, and without all the HTML formatting and other extra features.

EDIT: Please the author's comment below. I have deleted the deck so I can't try the solution they describe, and am now using a different deck to learn French, but you may want to consider it.
Comment from author before post was edited
It seems that this is what happens:

1. When you import the deck into the computer version of Anki, Anki becomes slow (after it finishes importing).
2. However, if you close the Anki application and then open it again, the slowness is permanently gone.

When you finish importing this deck, close Anki's window and then load it up again. The slowness should be gone.

Let me know if that doesn't solve the issue.
on 1606326246
Is it possible to contribute to this package?
I want to contribute the german translation for the back (as a native german speaker)
to make this more appealing to german learners.
on 1606129031
easy to follow
on 1606122580
Hello, sorry for disturbing your time, bu I wonder if you deleted your chinese words deck?
Comment from author
I don't have a deck for the Chinese language, although in the future, who knows... ^^
on 1605816000
Huge updates to this deck since I last used Anki (a while ago). Seems to be very accurate and well organized. Lots of built in context and additional information. Looking forward to getting back on a regular studying schedule with this deck.
on 1605571007
Es buena la forma de aprender con esto francés
on 1605270005
The deck is absolutely great! I find appendixes - such as Irregular Verb Training - very useful. I would love to see, please, IPA notation in section [A. 1 b] Past Participle. There is a small problem with verb "asseoir" in section [A. 1 a]. Verb ÊTRE is missing in section[A. 1 b] Past Participle. Overall, great job!
on 1604523402
Awesome! It's very complete.
on 1604476752
on 1604094903
Thanks so much the audio is really a great help
on 1604073864
on 1603822474
Good one
on 1603766832
Just very simple, and I like simplicity.
on 1602448839
My question is whether I can easily flip the deck after downloading, so that I need to come up with the French word after being given the English.
Comment from author
You won't need to flip, because there is one subdeck with "French to English", and a subdeck with "English to French".
on 1602276595
Amazing deck, thank you so much!
I would choose this one over any other deck
on 1602237471
I want to improve my French words
on 1601940882
Super helpful
on 1601437536
I appreciate the continuous effort on this deck. The dozens of nested decks made the Anki program slow on my 12gb ram laptop when I first opened the deck/synced it, but after I reopened Anki it's fast now. No performance issues on Ankimobile either.
on 1601309877
Even though this deck is a bit hefty, it's totally worth it. The IPA is very useful, and cards are arranged in order of frequency, which is incredibly useful while learning.

[UPDATE] The "show exs" does not work on Android for some reasons. It does work on windows, but I'd like to be able to use it off my phone.
Comment from author
I see that the button does not show up on Android, indeed. I'll see a way to fix it.
on 1600767202
on 1600738806
The new update is HUGE and my desktop can hardly run after i downloaded this to anki. Simply unsustainable. Don’t recommend if anyone wants the computer actually working while using anki.
Comment from author
You mean that your computer is slow even when the Anki application is closed?

Then it's absolutely not the fault of my deck.

If you mean to say that Anki is slow after downloading my deck,
try to create a new Anki profile, and then import the deck into this new profile.
That should solve the issue. That should allow you to use the deck without slowness.

In any case, if you have technical issues, you should ask the developer of Anki:
He usually replies within 24h.
on 1600626756
Hello there,

Firstly I would like thank you for sharing such great decks for those who learn French. There are simply no better decks than yours. I have been using this particular deck for about a month now. I have just seen that you have updated the deck and replied to a comment that we cannot retain our current progress.

My question is, would you recommend me to update the deck even though I have made some progress in it? I have studied 100 new cards every day. Also, why are there 3 times more words than the last version. Thank you in advance.
Comment from author
>My question is, would you recommend me to update the deck even though I have made some progress in it?
Yes, because the new version of this deck is much better than the previous version.

>Also, why are there 3 times more words than the last version.
There are 3x more cards because I added an alternative version of the deck with Canadian French audio, and I added some appendices with Listening, Read & Speak training.

But the main course of the deck is still 5000 words.

If you do wish to keep using the previous version of the deck (so you don't lose progress), it's still worth downloading this new version, because of the new appendices that I included.
on 1600432648
Hello I love this deck and it's honestly been so helpful to me but since the last update there's been quite some change and thought I would download it again because of the new changes however I do not know how to update a deck without losing progress so I hope you could help me with that, thanks in advance and thanks for making this deck :D
Comment from author
Unfortunately there is no way to keep your progress from the previous version, because I basically remade the entire deck.

But if you're using the Computer version of Anki, this add-on will help you quickly get to the point that you were before: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1046608507
on 1599496290
Great resource!
on 1598875966
I'm grateful!
on 1598715512
n i c e
on 1598316133
A great deck, and I hugely respect the amount of effort that's gone into it. Much kudos.

I would like reiterate the opinion of another reviewer and ask if you could reupload the deck which had pictures? I find them so useful in attaining a strong mental connection :(
on 1598065447
Fantastic, thank you.
on 1598040710
Thank you
on 1597500879
on 1597030286
Very good so far. Two weeks in and my vocabulary has improved loads!
on 1596893218
Been using it for a while, and I'm pretty happy with the results
on 1595966070
Thank you
on 1595454162
Thank you for your accurate curation. Time definitely well spent in learning this. Would recommend!!
on 1595336749
Thanks from Saint-Petersburg!
on 1595212179
full of detail really helpful!!
on 1595128565
on 1594703901
on 1594138772
Very comprehensive!
on 1594073927
Hey man, thanks for putting so much hard work and effort into this deck. It really is thorough. But I was wondering if you could post the picture version as well? If there's a pic I don't like, I'll just change it. Not come on here and whine about it. Trust me, I know how much patience it takes to make one of these decks. I've made 5000 words and sentences for Spanish. Thanks in advance
on 1593776675
I am learning french and I think this can be useful for me
on 1593316549
Awesome deck! How many new cards do you guys recommend per day?
on 1593117861
The irregular verb part is excellent. It is wonderful. Thanks lot!
on 1592798471
excelente trabajo .... muchas gracias
on 1591488279
on 1590254407
its lit
on 1590217179
Very useful
on 1589950009
No doubt the best french "mot" deck on Anti web. There is a minimum explanation, which is good for memorizing and getting acquainted with the word. Only very small errors. The sequence of the words presented is very well ordered.

As to the earnest user who has given the verbose negative comment, I have two suggestions.
1. No deck is perfect, the error level is low here. And in most cases, the error is the result of comprising between accurate meaning and efficiency.
2. You are always sacrificing one feature for another. Anki is for fast learning and not for serving as a reference. The lack of minutes explanation and delicate usage is actually a plus.
3. Moreover, if you want to master french verbs, Anki is not the preferable way, it is good for the first impression of a word, but the actual mastering of words and sentences occurs only in daily active training(reading, listening, speaking..), which is beyond the might of Anki.

Thank you for your deck! Thank you for your time and effort!
Comment from author
To practice reading and speaking — I made a deck called "16000 French sentences sorted from easiest to hardest":

I think *that* deck is where the real learning happens; this deck (5000 French Words) is just a complement to that deck of sentences. ^^
on 1589221509
thanks a lot
on 1588877117
merci beaucoup
on 1588819379
on 1588794804
on 1588524573
Thank you! I am just starting to learn French, and with your deck, I have been able to start reading Harry Potter in French and recognize many of the words only because I am studying them from your deck. Thank you so much for the time you put into making this for the world.
on 1588430528
on 1588177682
on 1588118477
Amazing, this will help me a lot, thank you for your hard work!
on 1588028664
THANKS A LOOOOT FOR THIS!!! It is so comforting and inspiring to see people like you ready to give so much! Thanks again! God bless you!

PS: How can I get to know when you release anything, like updates, new decks, etc?
on 1587713377
Evethough I am only using the deck for the irregular verbs it has worked marvellously and I have noticed an exponencial improvement of my french skills.
on 1587298132
well done!
on 1587288513
This is easily the best shared deck available here to improve French vocab. The recent addition of irregular verbs is a huge help and really accelerates the learning process. I hope the creator builds on this in future updates and maybe even includes regular verbs to practise conjugation. Thanks so much for all the work you have done on this!
on 1586982306
So much work placed in this deck
on 1586901424
This will take you quite far on your journey to be able to read French!
There are some weaknesses: adjectives often come with articles, some words are translated wrongly, but hey, it free, and if you are serious in your studies you should take time to look up the extended meaning of the words you learn. And then correcting them is easy and fast.
I use linguee.com as my primary dictionary on my Android phone, since I don't have to leave Anki in order to have the basic meaning of a word shown...
on 1586219304
Works well!
on 1586190197
Excellent! Thank you
on 1586119615
Thank you for your hard work
on 1585912757
very useful
on 1585859947
Thank you for the work.
on 1585743493
very helpful thank you!
on 1585321069
Very helpful.
on 1584266489
on 1583596726
Thanks, and it's free! :D
on 1582968706
Excellent collections, thank you for your contributions! Is it possible to make all the decks the same but change the back of the card to type ins?
on 1582019683
Adjectives with articles, and nouns sometimes without articles. Confusing.

And having multiple, way to large images for a single card is totally unnecessary and makes this deck way too large.

A lot of the images are quite pointless as well (e.g. containing the actual word being learned).

I would not trust this deck.
Comment from author
For 2.5 years nobody complained about images, but since people have been complaining a lot about the images lately, I removed them in the last release of the deck.

As for the other issue that you pointed ("Adjectives with articles, and nouns sometimes without articles. Confusing.") — while not that much of a big deal, this is a valid complaint, I will try to fix it in the next release of the deck.
on 1581177129
Very helpful, it has Word Etymology, which gives me clues about how to remember words.

And example sentences are good, the uploader must have spent lots of times in it.
on 1580164845
on 1580057160
on 1580025310
Problems with this deck:

1) Many words are translated incorrectly, often mixing different meanings together as well, or only showing the translation for an expression using that word but not the word itself. Example: "autant" shows the translation for "d'autant que". If you only use these flashcards without double checking every word you will learn hundreds of incorrect meanings.

2) The feminine form of nouns and adjectives is never shown. Pretty big problem in my opinion since you're essentially missing 50 percent of what you need to use the word and have to check the dictionary every time.

3) the pronunciation of many words is wrong. The D in "le nœud" ring pronounced when it should be silent is one example. Despite the other claiming its a rare exception, it is not other examples include "supporter" being pronounced as "supportère".

4) Half of the cards show the gender of a noun using "un/une", the other half uses "le/la". This is especially confusing when "un/une" ("one") is used with an uncountable word.

5) Some words show a both a feminine and masculine form when the word has only a masculine or feminine form. Other times both forms exist but have different meanings (essentially making them different words), or one of them isn't used anymore or only in specific regions. One example: "le couple, la couple". I'm a native speaker and frequent reader and have never seen "la couple" used in my life. This deck is supposed to contain the 5000 most used French words, and this definitely isn't one of them. That aside, grouping two different words together like this and making it look like they're two forms of the same word is bad bad for the learner, no matter what.

5) Most words don't have examples or just a handful which all use the word in the same manner, failing to showcase different uses. Many of the examples also refer to fixed expressions using the word instead of the word itself. For other cards it is the other way aroind: Cards teaching a fixed expression have examples where a single word from the expression is used instead of the expression. One Example: the card "le car", meant to be a bus or cart, has example sentences where the word "car" (since, because) is used instead.

6) This deck, which is supposed to contain the 5000 most frequently used French words, contains words like "le mark", a German currency which was replaced by the euro decades ago, and a word which is basically not used anymore. This word, like several others in this list, are not among the 5000 most common French words.
I've finally found the time to have a short look at all cards, and I can't recommend this to any learner. The majority of cards will teach a learner something wrong - be it an incorrect meaning or an incorrect pronunciation - or at the very least confuse him or her by showing rarely used meanings or meanings of a similar sounding word or a fixed expression using the word instead.
The examples are also rarely useful. They often use a different word or expression than on the card and don't always showcase the word's various meanings and ways to use it.

While the creator seems to acknowledge the problems mentioned above and seems to be willing to correct them, I wish he'd also acknowledge that the majority of the deck has one or multiple of these issues instead of claiming that I am "overexaggerating".
I have named concrete examples, nothing I pointed out so far has been nitpicking or overexaggerating, and I have no reason to lie about having found similar mistakes on most cards. Whenever I was told something was just an exception, I was able to provide more examples.
They aren't rare exceptions. They are pretty big issues, and it baffles me that they have gone unnoticed so far. I guess it's because only learners comment here.
Either way, the fact that no-one has pointed them out before doesn't mean they aren't there, and I suggest finding a native speaker with more free time than me and asking th
Comment from author
This review was 85% untrue at the time that it was written, and now that I updated the deck (in 2020-09), this review is 95% untrue.
on 1578049052
Thank you for taking your time to make this!
Love it😊
on 1577037244
Great deck overall, by the way when u say its fixed in such update, do i need to redownload them to update or the deck it self will update in my ank? thanks
Comment from author
Download the deck. Open it in the computer version of Anki. The old version will be updated with the new version.

I think that's how it goes. If you still can't do it, ask the developer of Anki:
on 1576156810
The photos in this deck are pretty awful. le retard, meaning the delay he put a bunch of pictures of mentally handicapped people. le lit, meaning the bed, theres just a bunch of pictures of lit fires, and that's just a few of the ones I noticed. Please make the photos related to the word, and not just a poorly chosen cognate.
Comment from author
Fixed in release 4.5
on 1575635182
This is quite good collection, but has many flaws. Images totally useless (generate a lot of confusion most of the times) and example sentences often terrible (gives examples for not the right words, like 'ferme' as farm vs closed). But if you exclude these and focus only the translation, the core is good, suggest a big revise.
Comment from author
I think that, even with the flaws that you pointed, the example sentences are still extremely useful. ^^

I will fix this issue with example sentences in a future release.

The issue with images has been fixed in release 4.5
on 1575568560
This is a good deck, but not perfect. It's definitely a time-saver with respect to not having to create your own Anki French frequency words deck. It's great that the cards include audio, though I don't like the default inclusion of the definite article (i.e. le, la) with many of the items, as it creates confusion -- it would be better to include this information on the back of the card.

Also, some of the example sentences are mismatched to the word on the card -- meaning, they are wrong. For example, for the adverb "puis" one of the example sentences is:

"Puis-je dire à mon père ce que tu veux ?"

This is not a usage of the adverb "puis," (meaning: "then" or "so") but rather a conjugation of the verb "pouvoir" (meaning: to be able to, i.e. "can").

This is caution to beginner and intermediate learners that some of the examples on the back of the card (many of which are good sentences for testing comprehension) are poor or incorrectly matched to the word on the front of the card.
Comment from author
>some of the example sentences are mismatched to the word on the card
This will be fixed in the next release of the deck.
on 1575105383
I don't get it. I can't see any images.
Comment from author
The images start showing up after the first 100 cards.
on 1575081703
Has Pictures
on 1574347665
Cest bon
on 1574251186
on 1574219286
Everything looks autogenerated and the formatting is terrible.
Comment from author
Did you use this deck on mobile?
The formatting in PC is fine, but on mobile needs improvement — and I intend to fix this problem in a future release.
on 1573652863
Good deck but could anyone help me on what is the best setting to review this deck? Or is it okay to learn it with the default setting? And how many new cards per day?
on 1573363521
so good
on 1573313810
Excellent work !
on 1572968302
on 1572709897
great endeavor.
bon courage
on 1572345118
on 1572054079
on 1571946176
Good quality
on 1571576557
OK, fair enough :)
Comment from author
>"Full of mistakes"
Do you mean, translation mistakes?
There are no translation mistakes. I'd appreciate if you could elaborate on this point.

Maybe you saw an idiomatic expression in the example sentences, and thought the translation was wrong but wasn't.
See: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:French_idioms
on 1571061004
Aprender francés
on 1570892760
it's good.
on 1569295403
It's amazing
on 1569279394
Full of mistake. Probably not created by a native french. Quantity dont mean quality
Comment from author
Could you elaborate on that?
Because there are no mistakes.
on 1569112191
on 1568449124
great: Thank you so much - to make such a deck myself without machine use would be close to impossible. I'm still deleting a lot of cards, but it's very useful to find the point where I forgot. I also put the images with the question (when reviewing on the computer, choose edit, cards, and copypaste {{Images}} into the Front Template, will be applied to the whole deck). Nice that it is so customizable. I use this in addition to the "10 000 (1000) sentences". great, thanks!

oh well: a lot of primitive slang. putain is no. 200, merde is 156. Maybe frequencies were established using corresponding texts.
Comment from author
The vulgar words come a bit early, because the frequency is based on movie subtitles ^^
on 1567708070
Exceptional deck. Thank you so much.
on 1567429783
Il est très bien.
on 1567062481
on 1566981691
Doesn't follow the optimal learning path. The best way to learn a new language is by repeating full phrases or sentences, learning words in context. I would recommend this deck if it had real world examples mixed in with cards of the individual words.
Comment from author
After the 50th card or so — pretty much every card has example sentences.

Are you sure you meant to write this review for this deck?
on 1565362211
Overall it is good, but I feel like there is definitely room for improvement, particularly when it comes to images. Some words in French sound like English words, but have completely different meanings. These words often have incorrect images that match with what an English speaker might think the word means but is wrong, and has nothing to do with the actual correct translation.
Comment from author
Fixed in release 4.5
on 1564580812
just what I need
on 1564421235
Very good
on 1564059284
It helped me
on 1563642484
le moi, le pas, le non, le fait ... ?
I'm not trying to hate on the deck because I think everything else is really excellent but the articles really confused me. Especially because things like 'le fait' can have another meaning with article ('le fait'='the fact' although the word that is meant: 'fait' is the conjugated form of the verb 'faire'='to make') and some other words don't really have a meaning at all ('la ton'=? There is 'le ton'='the tone' but it just should have been 'ton, ta, tes' and not 'le ton, la ton' for 'yours, tone' which just as a side note don't even have the same frequency). This just happens in some words from time to time and I'm only 40 words in, but still a really confusing thing if you want to learn the correct words even if it appears to me a minor error. I hope this will get fixed amazing deck otherwise...
Comment from author
Will fix in next release.
on 1563499227
Looks like an incredible resource. I hope it helps me to finally master the language. Has great audio, and dictionary quotes as well.
on 1562851483
on 1562315284
For learning purpose
on 1562268068
Exactly what I needed!
on 1561420706
great help
on 1560347407
Excellent! Merci beaucoup.
on 1559377951
Awesome work, where can I download the previous versions though? Would like to use these NSFW images to reinforce my memory on words ;)
Comment from author
I don't have the previous version anymore ^^
on 1559094197
on 1558549601
on 1558515680
on 1557911996
on 1557716381
on 1557125420
Thanks for the hard work!
on 1556053733
Well done, thank you!
on 1555992949
Thanks for the hard work
on 1555847244
excellent deck
on 1555658750
on 1555592875
on 1555194561
awesome! thanks a lot.
on 1553486106
on 1553467751
Really useful deck -- take the images with a grain of salt though, since they often show something other than the word actually being described (e.g. "le coin" = "corner" shows a coin since that's what comes up in Google image search. "haut" = "high" but also means "skin" in German, so gives a bunch of images of the skin.)

Thanks for sharing!
on 1553019405
Adding articles to almost every word is in many cases misleading (e.g. "avant" is mainly used as an adverb, not as a noun, one could easily add an additional card for the noun "avant", or leave it out if it is not one of the 5000 most frequently used French words), and the translations are usually missing the article. Some categorisations/translations are just plain wrong, e.g. "chez" is certainly not a noun and does not mean "home", but instead "to/with so.".
Comment from author
You are taking veeeeery small flaws — and describing them like they completely ruin the deck.

You are taking something that happens in 20 cards — and writing it, like it happens on all 5000 cards.

But I will edit the deck to address your issues.


PS: Chez can mean "home" depending on context.
Check the following link: https://context.reverso.net/traducao/frances-ingles/il+est+venu+chez

The word Chez itself meant "home" in Old French. (it was written 'chese' — cognate with Spanish/Portuguese/Italian "casa", which means home.)
on 1553008821
on 1552607892
A lot of word in french to training. Thanks a lot!!!!
on 1552571369
as dafr erfref edefd
on 1551884489
on 1550945525
Absolutely terrible thing.
1/ Adding definite article to every word is a mistake, especially when it is like le hôpital and not l'hôpital
2/ Pictures - I do not know if this was downloaded by machine, but this is plain wrong! picture added to "efoncer" is primitive vulgar meme and for "assez" - gangbang scene. Really? And this is after reviewing maybe 40 cards. Do not want to think what is in the rest of em.

Waste of time and not appropriate for younger students.
Comment from author
The article was separated, to show the gender of the word.
But this has been fixed in release 4.0 of the deck.

[before] ⟶ [now]
le obstacle ⟶ un obstacle
le acheteur ⟶ un acheteur
la apparition ⟶ une apparition
la énergie ⟶ une énergie

Extreme cherry-picking. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherry_picking )
Only some 0.001% of images were NSFW. It's because they were downloaded by machine and managed to bypass the NSFW filter of Google Images.
Nevertheless, this has been fixed in release 4.0 — NSFW images have been removed.
on 1550931846
Good audio
on 1549631369
My favorite method to learn a language is through frequency list.
on 1549401139
really helpful
on 1548593984
It's a good tool to help to remember words
on 1547756427
Very helpful!
on 1546955416
on 1546742072
This is the deck with the most assisting media. Thanks for making this.
on 1545348327
Very helpful.
Thank you!
on 1544586799
on 1544149849
on 1544133227
on 1543269537
No pictures, check media message "Used on cards but missing from media folder:
3390 quoique 1.jpg
on 1542868079
C'est simple
on 1542609263
trop sympa
on 1542395030
on 1541407112
Awesome, exactly what I need.
on 1539412602
on 1539252796
Very Useful
on 1536427763
I find it really useful, it has all that you need to learn: audio, image, examples.

thank you!
on 1535400755
aprendendo frances
on 1535316389
Very useful words
on 1534530505
on 1533209445
on 1533025687
on 1530285442
Great tool and for free.
on 1530279975
This is amazing! I have always loved the version of this frequency list with images/audio that exists for Spanish and it is amazing to have it for French now. Great work!!
on 1530237169
Thank you so much for sharing this. I am so grateful. I have been trying to find a flash card system that allowed me to learn/revise French vocab efficiently but they all seem to have drawbacks. Some either only had words or sentences, some allowed me to add words but not sounds or pictures and some wouldn't let me add anything at all. I was delighted when I found the Fluent Forever book because it led me to the web page where Gabe demonstrated how to add vertually anything to the flashcards in Anki. He made it seem so easy but when I tried it was so time consuming I felt depressed and had almost decided to give up and go with Lingvist. Then I discovered this database and I feel enthusiastic about French again. I notice that there is a thumbs down evaluation because the words don't have the gender article in front of the words. I probably would have thought that was a negative, too, but it is such a small thing and because it's possible to edit cards in Anki I know I can change things I would prefer as I go. I could even change all the feminine nouns to pink and all the masculine nouns to blue if I wanted to! Changes would be daunting if you changed the whole list at once but wouldn't take long if you changed them as you went through the daily list. If I did decide to change them as I went along it would probably help me to remember them.
on 1529691792
Great deck! Especially the example sentences are extremely helpful.
on 1529250991
on 1528329600
To "I just can't seem to follow the instruction given:"
This confused me too. I think these are instructions left over from an earlier version of Anki. Just use the cards as they are and you should see a square with three lines inside. Hover cursor over a line to reveal extra example sentences if they are available. Also the majority of cards do not have a picture but the ones that do appear without any intervention on your part.
on 1527379200
The audio's are of a great quality and immensely improved my listening skills for French. Merci beaucoup!!
on 1527292800
on 1527120000
on 1525046400
I don't know if the deck is good or bad yet.
But to correct the order of the cards:
1. Sort the deck by the sort field
2. marked all cards
3. Press right click
4. Reschedule
5. Ok for "Place at end of new card queue"
on 1524614400
Very useful
on 1524614400
Looks great, I've practiced a little. I'm new to Anki and just wondering why this deck starts at card 15 not number 1 when I open it in the Anki desktop app? Feels like I've missed the first 15 most frequent words!
Comment from author
This, and other problems pointed out in the reviews section, has been fixed in release 3.0 of this deck.
on 1522713600
you did a lot of work to make this, thank you so so much! I didn't realize you had all those example sentences in here until I worked with the deck for almost a month: I've customized it now, and look forward to getting more reading practice as I review all these words! Merci bien!!!!
on 1522627200
Fantastic! I love the audio and IPA pronunciation included.
on 1522022400
on 1520899200
helps me learn French on a daily basis
on 1520294400
Excellent resource!
on 1519862400
My idea is to add a newline every line in 'simple example sentences with translation 1' field, so that one can translate these sentences without struggling not to see the translation which is directly below the sentence.
Comment from author
In the 3.0 release, I edited the deck in such a way, that now you can see just the example sentences without the English translations.
on 1519776000
I wish I could down vote the down votes on this. Exceptional work and effort on your part. It is very time consuming to construct these cards. I have a french list of about 1,900 words with just french word, pictures, context clues, IPA, and sounds and that was a pain in the ass to put together. I appreciate it. If you need help gathering images for it at a batch level, shoot me a holler and I can point you to the github page for it. Again, thanks.
on 1518220800
Lot of hard work came into this
on 1517788800
lots of good supporting examples
on 1517270400
I want to improve my french
on 1517184000
Sounds good, but couldn't use it yet because I can't learn the cards in the order of their ranks due to the random "due". How do I fix that?
on 1517184000
I like the effort that went into making these cards. However, from a language-learning viewpoint, I think it would be more effective to do a sort of picture dictionary, where you have just the French words --with audio-- and a picture representing the word.
on 1517097600
Almost perfect, but the addition of determiners has led to some errors, e.g. putting "la enquête" instead of "l'enquête." I know the purpose is to show the gender of the word but it really looks terrible and renders the list unusable.
Comment from author
This has been fixed in release 4.0 of the deck.

[before] ⟶ [now]
le obstacle ⟶ un obstacle
le acheteur ⟶ un acheteur
la apparition ⟶ une apparition
la énergie ⟶ une energie
on 1515974400
I can only see the "French", "IPA" and "English" fields on my cards. All other fields (sentenceFR, sentenceEN, simple sample) are invisible to me.
on 1515024000
audio either doesn't work or isn't included on all cards
on 1514937600
on 1512777600
Comprehensive. It's better to have more information than less. You can always hide an unused field. Thank you for sharing your work with us <3
on 1512432000
on 1511740800
with excellent sentence example
on 1511395200
Wonderful deck for all learning French. For me the only thing missing are the pictures - personally it's so much easier to remember things when the image is present. Ended up adding my own (and increasing the default font size).
on 1511136000
too much information... keep it simple
Comment from author
This was true in the early release of this deck; but in the latest version of this deck, this review and the one below it are no longer applicable.
on 1511049600
The new version is horrible. Terrible format and way too much information on one card. Luckly, I downloaded the older version a while ago.
on 1504742400
Gender needed

The deck is well-organised. I have one issue with the deck: in general, it's advisable to memorise nouns with their gender together. For example, with the noun "loi" (law), the prompt should not be "loi", it should be "la loi", using the article so that the learning the gender is inseparable from that of the noun itself. While there is a field that indicates the gender, the article should be included with the noun in the prompt.
on 1500681600
Wonderful Deck

This is the best deck I've found on Ankiweb so far. Detailed cards, well formatted, sample sentence, IPA, high quality audio. Thank you!
on 1500336000

on 1494979200

I have over 1000 hours in Anki and wanted to learn French. After much searching, this is by far the best deck for both beginner and advanced learners. Being able to replay the native-pronunciation for each word is extremely helpful to me, as well as the pronunciation letters attached. Grammar and phrases are learned subconsciously through the example sentences. I also appreciate that the words are introduced in frequency order; not all decks do this.
Merci beaucoup!
on 1493769600
A great deck! Such a wonderful resource.

Good audio of the words and sentences, and the sentences are really engaging--you often sense there's a story behind them ("I am sure she is alive."), so they engage you and hold your interest. A lot of care went into this deck. I'm using it with a very low "new card" rate, just to tickle my brain with a little French every day while I focus on another language. I'm so glad to have it.
on 1489449600

This is the one of the sole reasons I have improved my french reading and listening dramatically, I'd say it improved it at least 15-20%. THANK YOU
on 1487116800
cards do not flip/reverse

The vocabulary is very useful, however there is a problem with the flipping function.
If you try to flip the cards back to front the function will not work. So you are sticked to learn the words in one direction only, French to English. I think the problem is with the code. It is a pity because otherwise it is an outstanding deck.
But that function is very important to learn words, in reverse mode, from English to French.
Hope it is soon fixed.
on 1483747200
I don't see anything?

Shouldn't I be able to see the text in French? The only thing I get is the sound.
on 1483228800
Well done

I think this deck effectively replaces my semi-original one, so I ended up removing it. Very happy to see that there's finally a deck with decent audio - listening is such a vital skill and just no fun with bad audio samples.
on 1477267200
Ideal Vocabulary, Listening Skill, and Grammar Tool for French

This deck is EXACTLY what I need to expand my vocabulary, listening skill, and grammatical understanding of French. Neri Rook, I truly appreciate you responding to my personal request to make this upgraded version of the formerly available deck. Now, we have the frequency list plus quality audio for example sentences.

I've been studying this for 8 days now (~20 min per day), and my French has already improved dramatically. Put in a little effort here, and you'll see big improvements in your French!

Here's Why this Updated Deck Is a Big Deal to Me, Personally:

I've been a fan of frequency lists for a long time. Unfortunately, it has been hard to find a combination of a good frequency list, strong sample sentences, and quality audio for both the words alone and the sample sentences as well. I went as far as to pay native speakers to record voice overs for sample sentences when studying German. I wasn't really wanting to repeat that task for French. This deck has solved my problem! :)