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Timo's 5000 Most Common French Words

158.76MB. 5629 audio & 0 images. Updated 2015-11-21.
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Timo’s 5000 Most Common French Words is an adaption for Anki of the very excellent Memrise course by user ciccero of the same name. Visit the Official Homepage of Timo’s 5000 Most Common French Words for more information! Questions asked here can't be answered, please go to the official homepage to get support.

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Rank 1595
French un patient
Additions + patiente
English patient
Example la clinique a beaucoup de patients, mais je peux vous aider
Example English the clinic has many patients, but I can help you
Part of Speech n(adj)
IPA [pasjɑ͂, jɑ͂t]
Level 16
Thing 20509132
Personal Note
Tags Level16
Rank 674
French total
Additions + totale, totaux
English total
Example Ming, c'est l'anarchiste total
Example English Ming is the absolute anarchist
Part of Speech (n)adj
IPA [tɔtal, o]
Level 7
Thing 19600441
Personal Note
Tags Level07
Rank 3458
French respectivement
English respectively
Example ces deux types de manoeuvres se déroulent respectivement depuis 1976 et 1973
Example English these two types of manoeuvres have taken place respectively since 1976 and 1973
Part of Speech adv
IPA [ʀɛspɛktivmɑ͂]
Level 35
Thing 21739131
Personal Note
Tags Level35

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on 1608253391
Really like it, love the voices and the IPA. I wonder how I can make it to start the new cards according with the rank order. For me it starts around the number 4000.
on 1596212174
relevant vocabulary, good sample sentences, few (if any) errors
on 1589176661
Overall a useful set, but the fact you cannot reverse it, and the fact that the meanings are often suspect, (not wrong just not complete) means a lot of work needs to be done to this set to get it up to spec.
on 1564299628
Provably the most straightforward deck for french in ANKI, with IPA, examples, sound, etc.

I just changed a little bit the cards as i prefer to study guessing from english

Thank you a lot :)
on 1534816084
Great deck. Great audio.
on 1487030400
cards do not flip/reverse

The vocabulary is very useful, however there is a problem with the flipping function.
If you try to flip the cards back to front the function will not work. So you are sticked to learn the words in one direction only, French to English. I think the problem is with the code. It is a pity because otherwise it is an outstanding deck.
But that function is very important to learn words, in reverse mode, from English to French.
on 1458864000
Well Done !!!

Nice One ... It saved lot of my time for frequency dictionary ... Thanks for making it available to us ...