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Front 佢領養咗嗰個孤兒。
Back He adopted the orphan.
Jyutping kěoi lǐngjǒeng zó gó gô gūjì 。
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Front 我係潮州人。
Back I am Teochew.
Jyutping ngǒ hai cìuzāujàn 。
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Front 望住我對眼。
Back Look into my eyes.
Jyutping mongzyu ngǒ dêoi ngǎan 。
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on 1673306045
Amazing, spoken Cantonese. It would be better if the readings weren't sped up.
on 1664616794
Definitely thumbs up for this one
on 1642125908
As a person who speaks Cantonese and is looking for a refresher, i can't help but feel a less robotic voice is definitely needed for learning Canto of all languages.

Having said that i do love this deck, some sentences are legit hilarious.
on 1631892857
Great deck!
on 1631776547
And you got Cantonese too!! Wow
on 1626591650
Such a beautiful language Cantonese
on 1625791944
Great deck! Really helpful
on 1625743841
Great resource