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Te yn y Grug sentence mining (Welsh + audio + translation)

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A deck comprised of sentences and clauses from the story Gofid (Grief) from Te yn y Grug, a collection of short stories by Kate Roberts.

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Cymraeg Chwythai’r gwynt oer o dan y drysau gan chwythu rhidens y siôl a mynd dan ei thrywsus pais, …
Saesneg The cold wind was blowing under the doors, blowing the fringes of the shawl and going under her drawers, …
Sain [non-mp3 audio]
Tags Gofid
Cymraeg … ond byddai’n braf yn y bore, ar ôl datod y plethi, …
Saesneg … but it was nice in the morning, after undoing the plaits, …
Sain [non-mp3 audio]
Tags Gofid
Cymraeg Cau’r drws yna, a thyrd i’r tŷ, mae hi’n oer.
Saesneg Shut that door, and come into the house, it’s cold.
Sain [non-mp3 audio]
Tags Gofid

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