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Japanese course based on Tae Kim's grammar guide & anime

94.03MB. 1878 audio & 1878 images. Updated 2022-06-25.
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Current deck version: 9 (if you don't want to check the version manually, you can sign up for the newsletter). This is a self-contained Japanese course for beginners. It allows to learn Japanese with strong focus on listening comprehension using sample sentences from anime. The deck starts from zero and requires no prior reading skills. Please read the manual before downloading the deck. There's also a summary video on YouTube. Key features Acknowledgements Thanks a lot to Tae Kim for creating his fantastic grammar guide and even making it available for free. A big thank you also to the operator of https://japanesedecks.blogspot.com and all uploaders for creating & collecting so many subs2srs decks. These two sources are the foundation of this deck, without you I'd not be able to create this.

Sample (from 1959 notes)

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Version 10
Sequence 1600426850000
Source Terrace House-Boys x Girls Next Door
RemarksBack Since when [do you] go [somewhere]?itsu: when; at what time; how soonSomewhere can again be almost everything: Work, a language class, etc.
QuestionLink link
Other-Front いつ から  行[い]く の
Jlab-Kanji いつから行くの
Jlab-KanjiSpaced いつ から 行く の
Jlab-Hiragana いつ から いく の
Jlab-KanjiCloze いつ から 行く の
Jlab-Lemma いつ から 行く の
Jlab-HiraganaCloze いつ から いく の
Jlab-ListeningFront itsu kara iku no
Jlab-ListeningBack itsu kara iku no
Jlab-ClozeFront iツ kara iク no
Jlab-ClozeBack itsu kara iku no
Version 10
Sequence 1600439320000
Source natsumeyuujincho1-6
RemarksBack [I] wonder, if you could also feel something.kanjiru: to feel; to sense; to experience
QuestionLink link
Other-Front 君[きみ] も  何[なに]か を  感[かん]じた だろう か
Jlab-Kanji 君も何かを感じただろうか
Jlab-KanjiSpaced 君 も 何か を 感じた だろう か
Jlab-Hiragana きみ も なにか を かんじた だろう か
Jlab-KanjiCloze 君 も 何か を 感じた だろう か
Jlab-Lemma 君 も 何か を 感じる だ か
Jlab-HiraganaCloze きみ も なにか を かんじた だろう か
Jlab-ListeningFront kimi mo nanika wo kanjita darou ka
Jlab-ListeningBack kimi mo nanika wo kanjita darou ka
Jlab-ClozeFront kimi mo ナニka wo kanジタ ダrou ka
Jlab-ClozeBack kimi mo nanika wo kanjita darou ka
Version 10
Sequence 1600437510000
Source HUNTER×HUNTER 2011 (Jp Eng) fixed
RemarksBack [Yes, I know it's difficult to get information on this topic] Anyhow, should [I] try to find out?tonikaku: anyhow; at any rate; anyway; somehow or other; generally speaking
QuestionLink link
Other-Front とにかく  調[しら]べて みる か
Jlab-Kanji とにかく調べてみるか
Jlab-KanjiSpaced とにかく 調べて みる か
Jlab-Hiragana とにかく しらべて みる か
Jlab-KanjiCloze とにかく 調べて みる か
Jlab-Lemma とにかく 調べる みる か
Jlab-HiraganaCloze とにかく しらべて みる か
Jlab-ListeningFront tonikaku shirabete miru ka
Jlab-ListeningBack tonikaku shirabete miru ka
Jlab-ClozeFront toニkaク シrabeテ miru ka
Jlab-ClozeBack tonikaku shirabete miru ka

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on 1656110792
Very nice example sentences with the vocabulary and the context which makes vocabulary learning much easier. Moreover, you teach useful grammar with real examples. Thank you so much !!!
on 1656081924
Well explained, super easy to learn deck
on 1655636251
I've been using this deck for about a month now and I've been loving it.

Sorry to bother you but question: Can I make so the front card only shows the kanji + Kana without the voice and make so the back of the card has also the Kanji + kana setence in the front with the voice?
I kind of already learned hiragana + katakana and the romaji won't help me much and I feel like it is better for me to read for my first first before listening to the word/sentence.

And also bother me that the back of the card doesn't show the word of the front which in my opinion is not very optmal because sometimes I want to read the sentence that was in the front but the only way to is either go back to the previous card or use the "preview" option on "browse"
Comment from author
Yes: Automatic playback of audio is turned off in the deck options. How to get rid of the roumaji is explained here: https://www.japanese-like-a-breeze.com/course-without-addon/ In short, you need to remove the field {{furigana:Jlab-ListeningFront}} from the card template.
If you have trouble with this, you can send me an email: joe at japanese-like-a-breeze.com. Others asked this question, too. So I guess it makes sense to explain this in more detail and maybe add an alternative template to my website - I'll see what I can do.
on 1655635315
It's a good deck, very good because it teaches grammar along the way.
BUT!!!! My only problem was with the cards layout, I wish I could see the front card setence and not only the back where I can see only romaji and not the whole setence in the front card. It's the only problem of this deck, i've been altering and adding the front setence in the back card as well but I stopped after 100 or so cards because it became annoying to do.

I get it that he bases his whole concept on "being able the listen and ignore reading the setence in kana/kanji" but it would be very benefitial to have both options in the back so you could passively train.
It's a big deck apparently (3k+ I think) and ignoring reading kana/kanji will only hurt in the long way.
Again just adding or completely changing the layout would hurt at all.
Comment from author before post was edited
Not sure if I fully understand what you're trying to achieve, but it might be easily possible by editing the card templates. Did you already try that? Have a look at the first item of this page: https://www.japanese-like-a-breeze.com/course-without-addon/. If you need some help you can also send me a message using the contact form of the website ("?" to the right) or to joe at japanese-like-a-breeze.com.
on 1655422427
I make a few changes on the deck style:

1) change {{furigana:Jlab-ListeningFront}} to hidden by default and visualize if {kanjipopup} shown.
2) add {{furigana:Other-Front}} to the back

1) I found I will trend to read the ListeningFront before read the hiragana, hide the ListeningFront could force me read the hiragana first.
2) Shown original sentence along with pronanceation
on 1655408607
I think I found a mistake: the card 1600424450000, when talking about the negative past tense, shouldn't it be "instead of shizuka janai deshita" the phrase "instead of shizuka janai desu"? I know it's trying to convey the wrong version, but both examples of "wrong" (present and past) are the same.

Great deck, by the way!
Comment from author
This card refers to the colloquial, polite negative for nouns and na-adjectives. Tae Kim introduced this as "xxx janakatta desu", which is a valid statement in colloquial Japanese (i.e. not "wrong"). The point of the card is to explain that other sources introduce this differently, which sounds more formal. "janai deshita" however is wrong, have a look at https://ja.hinative.com/questions/7129826

I think this card is maybe too complicated. The forms mentioned on the card do occur in practice though and are briefly covered on the follow-up cards. I hope this makes sense now, thanks for trying the deck!
on 1655316243
Seems to be a great deck, will definitely use, but I'd like to have a question: is it possible to remove the romanized text from the cards? I've tried to do it, but when I save the deck, an error message appears right after the first card. I'm already comfortable reading hiragana and a lot of kanji, so I'd like to use the cards only having those.
Thanks in advance!
Comment from author
Yes, either with the jlab addon on desktop Anki (see here: https://www.japanese-like-a-breeze.com/addon-manual/ ) or by editing the card template (see here: https://www.japanese-like-a-breeze.com/course-without-addon/ )
If you need support with this, please send me an email: joe@japanese-like-a-breeze.com. Thanks for trying the deck!
on 1655136927
Well done
on 1654947209
Excellent grammar deck!
on 1654710773
Really impressive deck!

So glad to have found this one, never got bored out of studying with this, would really recommend!
on 1654211874
This is a great way to learn Japanese grammar!
on 1654146855
Amazing work!
on 1653595158
ive learned so much from this i hope it continues!
on 1653580427
really cool deck
on 1653300080
One of the best decks
on 1653239884
Really fun to learn with.
It is great for listening to conversation and learning basic words/principles and not only having stuff written.
If you don't want the romaji, and only want to read japanese letters you can always change that (I changed it for my learning style because I didn't want romaji first).
Some design things can be optimized for cards, but you can also easily change them yourself, and overall with the listening it just works well anyway.
For all Anki Decks this has been the most fun to work with so far.
on 1652959382
on 1652919638
I am not into anime too much but the pictures and sometimes over the top voices make things easy to remember and learn
on 1652748166
This makes Anki more entertaining!
on 1652199293
Been trying lots of decks in the last year, found about this one by myself and it's a shame it's not more openly recommended like the cores, tango's of the world. One could argue that audio from anime isn't the best but still it's an amazing way to get inmersed on this world.
Really useful to do along with a grammar guide.
on 1652075487
on 1651768445
One of the best resources for learning japanese. There are orher good decks for vocabulary, but not for grammar. Used together with Tae Kim's course (which is also available as Android app) make up a really great method. Much recommended.
on 1651452711
By far the best and most useful deck out there! It has N+1 vocabulary and grammar concepts, real native audio and full sentences practice reading. So yeah, pretty much everything needed for an advanced beginner.
on 1651002901
Incredible. This is the new best deck of Japanese in Anki for beginners. The evolution of Core 2k. You learn vocabulary + grammar + listening skills from real anime.

I would advise to edit the default layout of the cards to include only Kanji on the front and Kanji + hiragana on the back.

When this deck gets to 2k vocab or larger, it will be probably an all-in-one Japanese deck (plus a Kanji deck perhaps). Can't wait to see it grow.

Thanks so much.
Comment from author
Thank you for your feedback and the thumbs up! The deck actually made it to #2 of Ankiweb's Japanese deck listing by now, which I totally didn't expect... I'm currently working on several ideas to add meaningful cards, the kanji deck you mentioned is also something I'd like to do. But the stock of words must be increased first.
I don't want to change the card template though, because with only kanji and kana on the cards the deck would not start completely from zero. I don't want to exclude people like myself, who want to put all focus on listening comprehension. However, it's easy to adjust everything to your needs - the instructions are linked on the cards. If you have further questions on this, feel free to drop me an email.
on 1650913904
Very well made deck.
on 1650864617
very useful
on 1650800111
on 1650426903
A very fun way to learn. I have found that I'm able to recognize many words and structures after having done this deck for a few weeks. I only wish that were some pure gramma rule cards, to help me remember the general rules. There are explanation cards for gramma, but you are supposed to suspend them once they are read once and they don't have a backside. I did also end up editing the back-card template to embed an ichi.moe lookup which I found very helpful.
on 1650377643
چون کلمات خیلی جالبی رو انتخاب کرده بود خیلی از یاد گرفتن لذت بردم. ممنون.
on 1650221049
on 1649945117
This deck is absolutely god-like. It does a great job of hammering the basics - while giving concise, easy to follow blurbs about grammar points. (without ever sounding like a textbook) The only thing that slightly holds it back are :

1. Uses romaji, which I think is a waste of time. And can end up being more confusing.
2. Doesn't have the sentence on the back of the card.

Otherwise, I would consider this deck a MUST for any beginner!
on 1649803432
Fantastic deck to use for beginners, i'm really enjoying learning with this deck highly recommend!
on 1649699146
great deck, really motivating and helpful
on 1649375624
Just finished basic grammar and I have to say your course is amazing! Your entire website is a gem and I'm looking forward to contribute (e.g. with sentence mining decks or modified kanji RTKs) one day.

Sentence mining is incredible fun & valuable, plus I'm really enjoying the phonation of anime characters. Wish you all the best and please remember, that you've created (prehaps) the most important anki deck out there!
on 1649318201
This is the perfect way to start learning Japanese, can't recommend it enough!
on 1649234227
So far it seems incredible but I do have one question. Should I only focus on the romaji and audio while doing the listening part when studying from this deck. Because of those 2 I find it really difficult to test my Kanji comprehension, since I hear and see the answers before the show answers scren
Comment from author
Only for listening comprehension, I'd recommend to use something you can easily read to help you figure out what's being said. Either roumaji or kana. However, you can also use the "listening"-deck to practice reading, in this case you should remove the roumaji and turn off automatic audio playback in the deck options. If you need help with this, you can send me an email: joe at japanese-like-a-breeze.com.
on 1648587496
Very nice.
on 1648388765
Very good deck. I modified it a little for my liking, but it's definitely a very good course.
on 1648352957
Best ankideck
on 1647947473
on 1647854030
Very well structured
on 1647682653
Amazing dedication. Cannot find a better teacher. Exceptional
on 1647561429
Good stuff
on 1647359728
What a amazing work! Thank you so much to give it to us!
on 1646600177
I have attempted several times to complete Tae Kim's Grammar Guide. I just could never do it... it was just too boring and made a chore out of something I routinely enjoy; learning Japanese. This course, takes a natural and low key approach to tacking this obstacle, without feeling like you've studied grammar all day. This deck uses sentences from anime to tackle each grammar point in Tae Kim. There are links to Tae Kim's explanations and examples, but I found the the creator of this deck had much more easily understandable explanations. Instead of focusing on the technical (the links are there for each grammar point if your into that though), this deck is more exposure and repetition to those grammar patterns for a more natural acquisition. I've been learning for several years now, so I'm not starting from zero, but I certainly wish this deck existed back then. It would have saved me a lot of time. Even now, I founding grammar patterns I've missed or didn't understand, and I'm getting better at "hearing" spoken Japanese.
on 1646412351
Looks good and very detailed :O
on 1645700649
Just really, really good - in my opinion the fastest way to understand Japanese.
on 1645498133
This is a great deck and only been going through it for a few days and I love it. Because anime card style is used where there's actual dialogue from anime and yet still using grammar from the book it doesn't feel dry. I like how I have read the book in a while yet I feel like I better grasp the more basic concepts after reviewing the sentences. There isn't any technical jargon involved it makes it easier to concentrate on the Japanese instead of having to try and remember each grammar concept. Using this an immersion learning method I can definitely find this as a true gem. Thanks for taking the time in making this! :D
on 1645164695
this is THE deck for beginners
on 1645116923
I did Tae Kim 1 chapter a day 6 months ago whilst doing RTK. I forgot most of Tae Kim from reading and making card. It is nice to come back with more knowledge from 6 months of Japanese and with no pressure to rush the grammar rules. This deck helps beginners and former students of Tae Kim.
on 1644921491
Haven't gone too deep into this deck but from what I've gone through... it's amazing! I understand that it's still a work in progress and there are some cards without translations on the back but realistically it isn't much of a problem. I was wondering though, does this deck have enough grammar for me to go sentence mining afterwards (assuming I've done CORE vocab deck and have 0 grammar knowledge) or would I have to read Tae Kim's Guide separately?
Comment from author
By now the deck covers almost all grammar from Tae Kim's guide and a few additional things that are not part of the guide. I only skipped very advanced topics (about 50 pages) and numbers/counting (will be put into a separate deck). So I think there's enough grammar inside to continue with sentence mining on your own afterwards. However, the grammar explanations on the cards are minimal, but there are many links to more elaborate resources if you want to know more. If you're missing something, please let me know.
on 1644851154
I like so much and help me too :')thx for your time and effort I appreciate you for doing that thx
on 1644506819
Best deck ever!

I tried Duolingo and other stuff, but this is far more superior. It´s super easy to stay motivated and it gives you grammar with new words in best pace. If you watch anime, you´ll be able to see your progress daily. I already finished it and i feel sad there is no more yet.

I´m able to watch some anime i watched without subtitles understanding maybe 50%. Sometimes, there is 2min dialogue i completely understand :D :)
I´ll try Core 2000 deck now, to get more vocab.
on 1644391908
This deck makes it easy to start to acquire Japanese.
on 1644240498
Enjoying using this to brush up my listening!
on 1644057277
thank you so much!
p.s to anyone thinking of suspending any easy cards, don't! I was thinking of suspending them but I decided not to & my listening comprehension was significantly much better, it's more just hearing the grammar fundamentals at play than just understanding the words, don't think you can skimp out of listening to words you already "know", it's more about the unconscious comprehension picking everything up so you hear it instantaneously- so just repeat, repeat and repeat.
on 1643807551
Great course. I really like that how the author managed to combine the learning progress of grammar and vocabulary that geat!
on 1642690749
Best beginner's deck imho!
Thank you so much for this! 😍🔥👍🏼👍🏼

Maybe you can upload the Jlab’s Sloppy Grammar Cheat Sheet, because there is nothing here yet. 🙏🏼
Comment from author
The cheat sheet is actually not completed yet, I just took some notes while creating the course. I moved this to the very bottom of my todo-list in favor of other things. You're the first one to ask about this by the way, so I'll move it up again ;). Thanks for the thumbs up, I'm glad the deck helps you!
on 1642527949
tried reading tae kim's book a few months ago but i couldn't stick to it since it was boring. this deck really saved me because i was trying to find a good source for grammar, thanks for your hard work.
on 1641059924
Doing it right now, it's pretty good. Watched an anime recently and was able to pick up 夢じゃなかったそぇ solely because of this.

Would recommend.
on 1640785185
Amazing deck! Thanks so much for making this. Also, this might be a dumb question, but how would you update the deck version? I'm not really familiar with Anki.
Comment from author
You can simply download and import the deck again. This will update all the old cards e.g. with corrections I made and add new ones. This is not a dumb question btw., I will add a remark to the manual. Thanks for the thumbs up!
on 1640784342
Good pacing with motivational notes
on 1640471440
This is a great resource. I like looking at the pictures. Not only do I learn Japanese, I also get to know new cute animes.
Thank you for your work.
on 1639912074
Very fun to learn using this deck
on 1639151001
Very easy and good explanations about what is going on in the dialogue.

there are a few cards that don't have their translation on them , and instead talk about the concepts of what we are learning. while i understand that the translation is not the point of those cards, it would have been nice to have it just so i could verify that my translation was correct.
Comment from author
I forgot to include the translation on some cards, sorry for that! I'll check them again in a future update. If it bothers you too much on a card, feel free to send me an "add translation" with the question link on the back. Thanks!
on 1639129736
What an undertaking it must have been to make this course.
The most useful deck I have ever come across for learning a language.
on 1638605969
just beautiful
on 1637357302
This is a real highlight!
on 1637317808
Fun and easy to step in
on 1637280736
Who doesn't like to learn Japanese with Anime?
on 1637066411
This course is just awesome. Granted, you have to be persistent, but it works very well for me. Arigatou gozaimasu
on 1636488274
Absolutely recommended to everyone who want's to learn grammar with immersion!
on 1636451195
on 1635804433
I just started reading Tae Kim's book but it was too dry for me, so i found this deck. this is definitley the best one yet. really nice quality with the use of the deck along with the addon. i only find it strange that some words are sometimes written in kana and other times in kanji. i always tend to mix them up because i think they must be different words, even though they're not. I don't know if it's a japanese thing or a thing with this deck. But that won't let me stop from using this deck, because it's just so good for teaching me the grammar. thanks for the hard work you're putting in this project :)
Comment from author
I think the kanji/kana-spelling is a thing with the subtitles the deck is created from. I am using them as they were created by subbers and did not change the kana/kanji typography. It's also something I noticed when studying with anime decks myself sometimes. I hope it does not confuse you too much. Thanks for the thumbs up!
on 1635745514
It is the best anime learning deck I have ever seen. At first, I was disappointed with the front rōmaji letter. Later I found out your manual instruction to remove the Rōmaji letter. I am so satisfied with this deck. Thanks for your hard work to create this amazing deck for us.
on 1635328203
Its a very nice deck to train your listening skills and trying to understand the sentence. The effort of making this deck is extermly high and i really appreciate the taking effort.
You did a really good job making this deck, thank you for sharing!
on 1634927926
Great deck thank you!
on 1634359903
Love this deck mate!!!

I'm wondering if there's an easy way for me to hide the romaji text on all cards at once?

I always tend to look at the Romaji first and I think It would be good for me to only display the Japanese text.
Comment from author
Yes, you can easily remove the roumaji on all cards at once. I added instructions with pictures to the manual, just remove the respective field on the card templates (sorry, took a while): https://www.japanese-like-a-breeze.com/course-without-addon/ . Thanks for the thumbs up!
on 1633801679
It's much easier for me to learn in this form than the guide itself I think. Thank you!
on 1632958837
Best deck I've found and use as a beginner.
on 1632864572
The best deck I've found so far, as a beginner. Keep up the good work.
on 1632796650
on 1632287360
Just today I finished version 5 of the deck, I was going to comment that it's great (and it is) and today you uploaded version 6 haha, awesome, thanks for making the tae kim guide not boring.
on 1632282732
An amazing anki deck. It is profoundly helpful and useful. Highly recommended
on 1632254469
Very good explanations and plentiful contexts
on 1631457982
Great deck to get started
on 1631402382
Great, great, great deck! I think that this deck is the answer for all of the people interested in learning for anime, manga, and dramas. One question, though. How do I change it so that I'm learning the card in Japanese only, with furigana on hover, but still have the English meaning for an answer? Also, I hope you can take this to around 2,000-3,500 words someday. That's where frequency for anime and manga decks starts to drop below like 10 for a lot of lists. How many words are currently in the deck, if I might ask?
Comment from author
Thanks for your feedback! Version 6 contains 833 words and concludes the grammar part. I'll continue with words from an anime-based frequency list afterwards. My goal is to cover at least 2k words.

Thanks a lot for sending some css and information on hidden furigana, I added this to version 6. The front of the cards now by default has kanji text with furigana that's shown on hover/tap, pretty cool...
on 1630694820
Awesome! Thank you!
on 1629655506
Great course to take while studying Tae Kim's book!
on 1629502259
If you have interest in mass immersion methods want a jump start, this deck is for you. It will also come with challenges of consuming real materials like how the meaning/structure is not clear cut like textbooks, different kinds of voices but I'd say it's better to know it now than later.
on 1629312736
Great for beginner.
on 1629164843
nice way to learn
on 1629117328
This is my absolute favorite Japanese deck! I tried the other popular decks (Core 2k, Tango, JP1K, etc) all they just felt like a boring grind. I wasn't having fun, and I found it really difficult to retain the information. This, on the other hand, is easy, fun, and is ACTUALLY helping me learn. Thank you so much for this deck! I'm recommending this to everyone as an intro to learning Japanese.
on 1629087383
It's the best, I totally recommend it. It's not the most efficient, but it made me stick to it. I'm also doing RTK for kanji, but your course is what gave me the foundation with words in anime context, so it wasn't as boring as anki , and your page is full of resources that makes me feel excited about keeping learning Japanese. You should do something similar to learn English but with American series, it would be the best, I struggled to learn English even though my native language is Spanish. But this make Japanese so Easy. Thanks, again, and keep it up.
on 1628737544
Even with some level of experience in learning the language prior to using the deck, it has still helped me in a way that improves the already built up foundation that I had and making it more concrete.
on 1628191155
Been using the deck for a few days and really like the concept. Cards are very well made, very easy to edit (I personally got rid of the romaji) and the add-on makes studying the cards all the more efficient.

Great work! Hope you see it through and finish the deck. It would be a truly great resource for beginners.
Comment from author
Thanks for your comment! The next update will finish the grammar part with another 150 cards. I skipped a few uncommon things, but the deck then covers about 250 out of 300 pages of Tae Kim's book. My plan is to add more words afterwards, since the deck teaches only a little more than 800 at the moment.
on 1627484752
Excellent desk
on 1627215948
I'm an idiot. This deck is extremely good, and I usually don't rate things.. Simple [Previous knowledge + 1 new item] system keeps you moving. Explanations where necessary for context or changes of meaning through tone. Cards from different origins enabling you to separate each card in your mind.
on 1626804062
Thanks for incredible deck!
on 1625767986
Fantastic deck. It's a lot of fun encountering cards from scenes you recognize. My only complaint is that many cards don't have an answer to check, so I'm sometimes not sure if I got them right or not.
Comment from author
I'll add translations everywhere in the next update. Or are you missing something else? Feel free to use the question links on the cards if you're missing something. Or send me an email: joe at japanese-like-a-breeze dot com. Thanks for your help!
on 1625425639
very good!
on 1623596894
Just started and love it so far. I can see how much effort you've put into this amazing project. I have always been super lazy when it comes to Japanese grammar but this motivates me a lot.
Comment from author
Thanks for your comment! It's indeed a lot of work but getting feedback like this keeps me motivated. Being a little bit lazy about grammar btw. also is a virtue, I hope I could make this clear by the comments inside the deck ;).
on 1623420471
Core2000 become boring for me after I started this deck. Very interesting! Even can help with text pasing if need.
on 1614606209
Really great deck. Hope you can update for more Tae Kim grammar points
Comment from author
Thanks a lot for your feedback. I just added an update with ~300 new cards two weeks ago, did you already finish this? I'll cover the entire book, but that takes a while, sorry!
on 1612552542
The best grammar deck.
on 1608071289
This deck and the whole project itself is amazing. Unbelievable how much work is put into this.
Thank you!