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Japanese course based on Tae Kim's grammar guide & anime

89.58MB. 1799 audio & 1799 images. Updated 2021-09-21.
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Current deck version: 6 (if you don't want to check the version manually, sign up for the newsletter.) This is a self-contained Japanese course for beginners. It allows to learn Japanese with strong focus on listening comprehension using sample sentences from anime. The deck starts from zero and requires no prior reading skills. Please read the manual before downloading the deck. Key features Acknowledgements Thanks a lot to Tae Kim for creating his fantastic grammar guide and even making it available for free. A big thank you also to the operator of https://japanesedecks.blogspot.com and all uploaders for creating & collecting so many subs2srs decks. These two sources are the foundation of this deck, without you I'd not be able to create this.

Sample (from 1878 notes)

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Version 6
Sequence 1600422080000
Source Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ep 1-12)
RemarksFront Ignore the first part.
RemarksBack [Someone clear from context] comes from afternoon (i.e. don't expect the person earlier).gogo: afternoon, p.m.
QuestionLink link
References http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/grammar/verbparticles#The_target_particleTae Kim, p. 52
Other-Front 午[ご] 後[ご] から  来[く]る よ
Jlab-Kanji 午後から来るよ
Jlab-KanjiSpaced 午後 から 来る よ
Jlab-Hiragana ごご から くる よ
Jlab-KanjiCloze 午後 から 来る よ
Jlab-Lemma 午後 から 来る よ
Jlab-HiraganaCloze ごご から くる よ
Jlab-ListeningFront gogo kara kuru yo
Jlab-ListeningBack gogo kara kuru yo
Jlab-ClozeFront gogo kara kuru yo
Jlab-ClozeBack gogo kara kuru yo
Version 6
Sequence 1600421900000
Source Anime__DrStone
RemarksBack [I] don't get the meaning [of this].
QuestionLink link
Other-Front 意[い] 味[み] が  分[わ]からない
Jlab-Kanji 意味が分からない
Jlab-KanjiSpaced 意味 が 分からない
Jlab-Hiragana いみ が わからない
Jlab-KanjiCloze 意味 が 分からない
Jlab-Lemma 意味 が 分かる
Jlab-HiraganaCloze いみ が わからない
Jlab-ListeningFront imi ga wakaranai
Jlab-ListeningBack imi ga wakaranai
Jlab-ClozeFront imi ga wakaranai
Jlab-ClozeBack imi ga wakaranai
Version 6
Sequence 1600437550000
Source Angel Beats! (JP Eng)
RemarksBack It's English (e.g. the language some people close to them are speaking).eigo: English
QuestionLink link
Other-Front 英[えい] 語[ご] です
Jlab-Kanji 英語です
Jlab-KanjiSpaced 英語 です
Jlab-Hiragana えいご です
Jlab-KanjiCloze 英語 です
Jlab-Lemma 英語 です
Jlab-HiraganaCloze えいご です
Jlab-ListeningFront eigo desu
Jlab-ListeningBack eigo desu
Jlab-ClozeFront eigo desu
Jlab-ClozeBack eigo desu

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on 1634359903
Love this deck mate!!!

I'm wondering if there's an easy way for me to hide the romaji text on all cards at once?

I always tend to look at the Romaji first and I think It would be good for me to only display the Japanese text.
Comment from author
Yes, you can easily remove the roumaji on all cards. Option 1: Using desktop Anki and the jlab addon (jlab -> settings), this allows to replace them by any amount of Japanese characters. Option 2: Edit the card template, this is possible both in desktop Anki and on mobile devices. The template is called "Jlab-ListeningCard" and the field containing the roumaji is either {{furigana:Jlab-ListeningFront}} or {{Jlab-ListeningFront}}, simply remove this from the template. I will add some more details with pictures here later: https://www.japanese-like-a-breeze.com/course-without-addon/ . Thanks for the thumbs up!
on 1633801679
It's much easier for me to learn in this form than the guide itself I think. Thank you!
on 1632958837
Best deck I've found and use as a beginner.
on 1632864572
The best deck I've found so far, as a beginner. Keep up the good work.
on 1632796650
on 1632287360
Just today I finished version 5 of the deck, I was going to comment that it's great (and it is) and today you uploaded version 6 haha, awesome, thanks for making the tae kim guide not boring.
on 1632282732
An amazing anki deck. It is profoundly helpful and useful. Highly recommended
on 1632254469
Very good explanations and plentiful contexts
on 1631457982
Great deck to get started
on 1631402382
Great, great, great deck! I think that this deck is the answer for all of the people interested in learning for anime, manga, and dramas. One question, though. How do I change it so that I'm learning the card in Japanese only, with furigana on hover, but still have the English meaning for an answer? Also, I hope you can take this to around 2,000-3,500 words someday. That's where frequency for anime and manga decks starts to drop below like 10 for a lot of lists. How many words are currently in the deck, if I might ask?
Comment from author
Thanks for your feedback! Version 6 contains 833 words and concludes the grammar part. I'll continue with words from an anime-based frequency list afterwards. My goal is to cover at least 2k words.

Thanks a lot for sending some css and information on hidden furigana, I added this to version 6. The front of the cards now by default has kanji text with furigana that's shown on hover/tap, pretty cool...
on 1630694820
Awesome! Thank you!
on 1629655506
Great course to take while studying Tae Kim's book!
on 1629502259
If you have interest in mass immersion methods want a jump start, this deck is for you. It will also come with challenges of consuming real materials like how the meaning/structure is not clear cut like textbooks, different kinds of voices but I'd say it's better to know it now than later.
on 1629312736
Great for beginner.
on 1629164843
nice way to learn
on 1629117328
This is my absolute favorite Japanese deck! I tried the other popular decks (Core 2k, Tango, JP1K, etc) all they just felt like a boring grind. I wasn't having fun, and I found it really difficult to retain the information. This, on the other hand, is easy, fun, and is ACTUALLY helping me learn. Thank you so much for this deck! I'm recommending this to everyone as an intro to learning Japanese.
on 1629087383
It's the best, I totally recommend it. It's not the most efficient, but it made me stick to it. I'm also doing RTK for kanji, but your course is what gave me the foundation with words in anime context, so it wasn't as boring as anki , and your page is full of resources that makes me feel excited about keeping learning Japanese. You should do something similar to learn English but with American series, it would be the best, I struggled to learn English even though my native language is Spanish. But this make Japanese so Easy. Thanks, again, and keep it up.
on 1628737544
Even with some level of experience in learning the language prior to using the deck, it has still helped me in a way that improves the already built up foundation that I had and making it more concrete.
on 1628191155
Been using the deck for a few days and really like the concept. Cards are very well made, very easy to edit (I personally got rid of the romaji) and the add-on makes studying the cards all the more efficient.

Great work! Hope you see it through and finish the deck. It would be a truly great resource for beginners.
Comment from author
Thanks for your comment! The next update will finish the grammar part with another 150 cards. I skipped a few uncommon things, but the deck then covers about 250 out of 300 pages of Tae Kim's book. My plan is to add more words afterwards, since the deck teaches only a little more than 800 at the moment.
on 1627484752
Excellent desk
on 1627215948
I'm an idiot. This deck is extremely good, and I usually don't rate things.. Simple [Previous knowledge + 1 new item] system keeps you moving. Explanations where necessary for context or changes of meaning through tone. Cards from different origins enabling you to separate each card in your mind.
on 1626804062
Thanks for incredible deck!
on 1625767986
Fantastic deck. It's a lot of fun encountering cards from scenes you recognize. My only complaint is that many cards don't have an answer to check, so I'm sometimes not sure if I got them right or not.
Comment from author
I'll add translations everywhere in the next update. Or are you missing something else? Feel free to use the question links on the cards if you're missing something. Or send me an email: joe at japanese-like-a-breeze dot com. Thanks for your help!
on 1625425639
very good!
on 1623596894
Just started and love it so far. I can see how much effort you've put into this amazing project. I have always been super lazy when it comes to Japanese grammar but this motivates me a lot.
Comment from author
Thanks for your comment! It's indeed a lot of work but getting feedback like this keeps me motivated. Being a little bit lazy about grammar btw. also is a virtue, I hope I could make this clear by the comments inside the deck ;).
on 1623420471
Core2000 become boring for me after I started this deck. Very interesting! Even can help with text pasing if need.
on 1614606209
Really great deck. Hope you can update for more Tae Kim grammar points
Comment from author
Thanks a lot for your feedback. I just added an update with ~300 new cards two weeks ago, did you already finish this? I'll cover the entire book, but that takes a while, sorry!
on 1612552542
The best grammar deck.
on 1608071289
This deck and the whole project itself is amazing. Unbelievable how much work is put into this.
Thank you!