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Remote Decks: Anki collaboration using Google Docs

0.85MB. Updated 2021-09-10.
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Anki Addon to allow users to create decks in Google docs that can then be synced with Anki. The remote deck acts as the source of truth. When a user syncs their local deck to a remote cards are added / updated / deleted. When cards are updated (excluding the primary field) their history is preserved. Example Google file Example Google Document Unpublished Google Document Published Google Document DOCUMENTATION Video on how to add a remote deck Current full documentation with gifs and more details! GitHub OVERVIEW COMPATIBILITY Unfortunately this add-on currently only supports Anki 2.1 going forward. All cards generated should be backwards compatible as of the V1 release of this add-on. CHANGELOG 2021/09/09 - Release of Version V1.9.1 => Fix issue with images not loading correctly 2021/03/08 - Release of Version V1.9.0 => Add shortcut keys 2020/10/13 - Release of Version V1.8.2 => Fix for update Google Docs format 2020/09/10 - Release of Version V1.8.1 => Reduce number of errors for end user 2020/09/03 - Release of Version V1.8.0 => Improved error handling on failure to add note 2020/08/20 - Release of Version V1.7.2 => Fix model issues with non English setups 2020/08/09 - Release of Version V1.7.1 => Fix Syncing issue where cards were not being updated 2020/07/23 - Release of Version V1.7.0 => Make writing Cloze cards easier and add support for multiline comment sections 2020/05/08 - Release of Version V1.6.1 => Fix new deck name bug 2020/05/07 - Release of Version V1.6.0 => Support for subscript / superscript 2020/04/07 - Release of Version V1.5.2 => Fix delete issues 2020/01/26 - Release of Version V1.5.1 => Bugfix 2020/01/26 - Release of Version V1.5.0 => Check for default models and fix image metadata bug SUPPORT Please do not report issues or bugs in the review section below, as I will not be able to reply to them nor help you. Instead, please report all issues you encounter either on GitHub. CREDITS AND LICENSE Copyright (c) 2020 c-okelly Licensed under the GNU AGPL v3. The code for this add-on is available on GitHub


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1678722736
Is there any way to remove the * in the answer?
on 1670403833
Extremely useful!
Thank you
on 1670101969
Nice add-on. If it doesn't work and ur using the newest version (2.1.54), try these steps (source: GitHub):

1) Anki > Tools > Add-ons > Remote Decks > View files

2 ) Navigate to [...]/911568091/remote_decks/libs/org_to_anki/converters/BulletPointHtmlConverter.py

3) Add a "#" in the line 11 so it become "#import chardet". Then save the file and restart your app.

Wish you luck. :)
on 1668886771
Aos estudantes brasileiros. Funciona muito bem pessoal!!!
on 1661175940
Don't work
on 1635529666
Can't really get this to work consistently. There seems to be an issue copying / pasting from other documents, into google docs. The cards come out as blank (just a deck with 0 cards) despite being layed out in the format of the example.
on 1634594768
"warning: the following note could not be created. possible reasons include strangely configured local note modes"

update: I managed to get this working / avoid this error notice, by using your unpublished example doc and then copy and pasting my notes into the same document, leaving just initial heading. Although when I generate or type the document to myself from scratch, I haven't yet got it to work. Not sure why, but it seems to be on my end.
Comment from author before post was edited
The local note models don't match what is expected. You could try reinstall the English version of anki
on 1629193420
Great plugin but sometimes the images are not downloaded. For some cards I see downloaded_image_xxxx and for other cards it's empty. Any idea ?
Comment from author
Try resysncing? The images my have faiele to download
on 1628610454
I don't understand why make something in Google Docs instead of Google Sheets where you can directly put in the code in the column to directly translate the word/phrase and do so much more. Now I'm trying to use Airtable and Ingetromat and the "Import from Airtable" add-on just to be able to use Google Sheets. You have to create accounts for all of these and hope they communicate correctly via API. Up until now, just error messages...

I'm not hating on this add-on, it just doesn't make sense to me to choose Google Docs over Google Sheet.
Comment from author
Sheets is a pain to support anything complicated and the Anki development keeps breaking current addon so it is hard to justify the effort of maintenance let alone a load of new functionality.

I had alos written code for txt support before adding support for docs!

No good reasons but reasons none the less!
on 1628159090
Easy to use and extremely useful for collaboration in real time.
on 1627795888
Really great work. The youtube video and example google docs are useful.

Any idea how to insert text and/or image into "Back Extra" for type Cloze? I tried the github suggestion of using a bullet point for the cloze type line too but that didn't seem to work.

Thank you thank you
on 1626202315
It's 5 stars for the proposal, but, unsurprisingly, it has some bugs:
i tried to sync the same shared deck between two accounts on the same computer, and anki understood that the deck had already been added when i went for the second login.
Sad, I fixed it now by removing the remotes decks on the new account (that should have count zero), and adding it again, in new remote deck.
Ok, but still, in addition, you need to update the anki on your computer first, and then review it on your cell phone.
I imagine this last part is quite complicated so I don't think you can make this bridge.
Furthermore, the spaces I put between lines are not applied to the cards and the topic points are visible and so on.
Amazing addon, though.

SP, Brazil
on 1623578110
Awesome. Is there a way to create a black line?
on 1623337189
This add-on is incredible and completely changed the way I use Anki. Where can we donate for you? Please take my money
Also, is there a way to remove the • symbol from the answer?
Anyway thank you so much
on 1622971517
This is an amazing thing and you are a genius for making this! Thank you very much!!!
on 1619553769
Just what I was looking for
on 1616640939
I LOVE this add on but I seem to have 2 major issues. 1)Sometimes the add on turns a Q&A pair written in the basic note format into a cloze note in Anki. For example, go to https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQFvH9SCHfb9a5VwI4LRdRJCGRC0UY7Oh0do0YY2Jg1SvbWhsVSoi4vBhL8Kz_kgHQ4LapwBPPZb5tT/pub & find the "How to find MLO?" Q&A. If you look at this image https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rQ6Q68hqfu-z6XUyekFUaCn42g2OOEf_/view?usp=sharing you can see that the note Anki decided to put the Q&A in is not a basic note but rather a cloze note. Problem #2 w/the add on: the cloze note will look perfectly fine but I get the error “No cloze ⁨1⁩ found on card. Please either add a cloze deletion, or use the Empty Cards tool.” For example, in this image
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lQA_SQEoZ7cIcq_JTJH2n30Ntg329RXZ/view?usp=sharing the cloze note looks perfectly fine but I still get the error when trying to review the card belonging to the note.
Comment from author
Thanks for the github issue. Will dig into and get back to you
on 1616577547
Too complicated, poor explanation of use. Why not put questions and answers in a spreadsheet?
Comment from author
There is a video, docs and example Deck provided. Not sure which part is unclear?

Spreadsheets are complicated because it is much harder to support images and html based text.
on 1614718915
This is awesome!! Any way to upload and edit current decks? This could revolutionize Anki!
on 1613925342
Oh my god, this is so good. I create my own decks but it's a pain in Anki and really discourages you from putting the effort and an even bigger pain to sync. It would be perfect if it could work from the spreadsheet with multiple tabs. Any chance you will add spreadsheets support this year?
on 1611322879
Great app works a treat thanks!!!
on 1611131211
I use anki on Mac to add sound to my cards.
Is there a way to keep the audio after updating the google docs?
on 1610900170
This is an amazing add-on, thanks so much for developing it. If anything it would be nice to have some nice formatting options, eg. remove those dots in the cards.
on 1609611349
This looks incredible. It would save me at hours of work manually adding the cards :D
Comment from author
I hope you got your issue sorted. Glad it's working!
on 1609188563
This addon completely changed my life. I was wasting too much time during med school to transform all my notes into cards. Thank you, thank you, thank you, sir! Works great, as described
on 1604411860
Thank you so much
on 1604322182
Not Work, even if i use the Published Google Document link in the documentation it does not sync any cards.
Comment from author
Could you please open a ticket on the github page for this and I will have a look into it? It does seem to work for 99% of users so might be some sort of configuration issue for you

on 1602944788
works great, exactly what I was looking for. Can keep a doc version of your notes (can be shared with other people) while turning the notes into flashcards. Thank you
on 1602283203
I use this feature often and I find it very useful. The author is very responsive for any edit requests and issue resolving
on 1599480757
I've been using this add-on since the beginning of this year, and so far it has worked wonderfully.

However, after the most recent update I get an error message telling me I have a duplicate card whenever I sync the remote decks. This wouldn't bother me too much, but it warns me for every single card that it syncs, and I have over 1000. I've tried messing around in the code but every time I think I have the solution, the button to sync remote decks vanishes from Anki under Tools.

If anyone could help me I would be incredibly grateful!!
Comment from author
Issues tracked here: https://github.com/c-okelly/anki-remote-decks/issues/78

There is a partial fix released in v1.8.1. This should stop you seeing so many errors now and in future all of these will be condensed down into a single report for the end user
on 1597674702
Spreadsheet version +1
on 1596317675
Easier and more convenient way to collaborate on deck creation.
on 1595410556
awesome, please also find way to add highlighted text if possible
on 1594221545
There is so much potential in this add-on. Don't get me wrong, it is already pretty good. Just saying, there is extreme potential. I can easily imagine this becoming the only way people opting to add cards to anki.
Too bad this add-on isn't an open repo on github. Nonetheless, I wish this gets updated close to it's full potential at a faster rate.

PS I am one of those who make their own cards. Always have done so.
Comment from author
Hey, license has been updated to MIT anyway! There are feature requests on GitHub and I'm happy so see any contributions!
on 1593517256
Great. If custom note types become available, this can become the perfect addon for converting notes into Anki cards.
on 1593387288
Best add-on for turn notes -> flash cards personally since I already use Google Docs to take notes. Especially great for cloze's.
on 1591434332
Cool idea! However, how does sync work? I changed a question and added a new one on Google docs. After syncing, the new question has appeared on Anki but the other question had not changed. Thankful for any help. :)
Comment from author
As long as you don't move the card it should do a full sync and update any edits. Sometimes the Google page can take 5 minutes to update though! If it doesn't work message me on GitHub.
on 1588063691
on 1585074617
Conor, thank you so much for this add-on, it is extremely helpful. It makes the preparation of learning content much faster and easier. It would be nice to see a support for tables in the future (e.g., left cell for questions, right cell for answers), if you were to work further on the add-on. Great job!
Comment from author
I assume you mean tables in Google docs rather the in sheets? Thanks for the review!
on 1583977916
The positive impact this makes on my daily workload cannot be understated! Finally, the tedious process of converting my notes to anki questions is automated, and I could not be more thankful!
on 1581388250
Allows me to have a master backup file as the authoritative source for my cards.
on 1579537337
Awesome addon. I was wondering if you are continuing to add more features/develop this? If you are, I think the ability to convert nested lists would be really wonderful too.

For example:

* Question 1
-----* Answer A
-------------*Answer A-1
-------------*Answer A-2
-----* Answer B

It'll allow somewhat like a mind-map and more flexibility to create notes. Would be super useful!

edit: I mean having a card for:
CARD 1 - question 1, answer A & answer B
CARD 2 - answer A, answer A-1 & answer A-2
So each level being a question for the answers of the next level
Comment from author before post was edited
How many notes would the create though. I don't think you can create more then a single note with the same question?
on 1576972552
AWESOME! I would be willing to donate to help contribute to this, especially if it allows integration with tables from google docs. For example, a 2 column table with the prompt on the left, and the answer on the right. I used to use anki a lot more, but it was only useful within anki platforms. So I switched to making tables in google docs in order to use the question/recall method from anywhere and also easily search and find similar information. I still use anki, but a feature like this would be such a boon to allow integration of both amazing platforms. Great work on this tone!
Comment from author
Can you send me on one of your docs? Would like to have a look okellyconor at gmail.com
on 1575836874
Great idea!
on 1573919666
Great addon! Wondering if there's table support coming soon, as in I can add a Google Docs table and then have cloze deletions within a table that'll be represented on Anki.
Comment from author
Hopefully be completed before the end of the year!
on 1572445046
I think he want to speak about the Mass Immersion Approach, whit the MorphMan Add-on
on 1572114926
The addons MIA makes are extremely useful!
on 1571479493
You're the man!
on 1571412861
Thank you very much for this add-on.

Looking forward to use it!
on 1570146940
looks like a good solution, by the way why not google sheets instead of google docs ?
Comment from author
I'm open to adding support for Google sheets but I've never really used the sheets format before. I think the docs format allowed easy support for images and multiple card types in the same document.

I would like to have more discussion on the format people would expect in order to allow something quite flexible. I'm going to have a discussion about it on GitHub anyway!

on 1570045570
Great app!

Not sure if possible, but the ability to use it with the google docs "shared" link as opposed to publishing to the web would be grand :-)
on 1569898591
Its exactly wt Im looking for!!! and it will be awesome if we can the google spreadsheet one!
on 1568813529
This is incredibly useful for group work and working with people without Anki!
I would love to see some sort of support for the image occlusion cloze functionality even though it would probably be super hard and if you pull it off, you'd be a damn magician!

Additionally, having the same image for several flashcards could prove very useful (e.g. anatomical descriptions with anatomical map on the backside of the card relevant to several different flashcards).

I sent an email regarding the case and additional case of using tables instead of lists :))

Keep up the great work.
Comment from author before post was edited
Hey, thanks for the feedback.

I don't fully understand your usecase but I would be interested in hearing more about it if you would like to send me an email. We can discuss the ideas in more details and have a look at a few examples

okellyconor at gmail.com
on 1567745422
AMAZZING!! I used to makes notes then one by one put them in ANKI which took AGES. This removes the need for that second step.
on 1567538571
Improve speed of Anki usage!
on 1567274824
This is a game changer. One of the best things to happen to Anki. Thank you for making this, c-okelly.
on 1567089862
This is amazing! The add-on is great and super intuitive but the person who made it is even nicer. Took all my feedback and was churning out updates super quickly. Love it. Would love to see where this goes as it has the potential to be super useful to medical students.
on 1567014918
I can't wait to see where you take this.

Edit: okay, you're a legend.
Comment from author
Thanks! Any ideas / feature requests be sure to add add them to the github!
on 1566093751
LOVE IT! Any way to add cloze, tag or image support?
Comment from author
This has been added!! Should be updated as of 28/8/19