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AJT KanjiTransition

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About Ajatt-Tools KanjiTransition is an Anki Deck for Japanese learners designed to teach you how to recognize Kanji along with the most common 1000 words used in everyday conversations. The idea behind this deck is based on the JP1K method. For an in-depth explanation of the theory behind this deck, please see this article. Prior knowledge of kana is required but there is no need to do any isolated kanji study. This is the TSC version of the deck. At AJT we believe that the most effective way to learn vocabulary is through targeted sentence cards. You can find the WCC version here if you think that word cards suit you better. Deck contents The deck is based on the first part of Ankidrone Starter Pack and contains words commonly used in everyday life in Japan. Most words in the deck have example sentences. Cards are presented relatively in the 1T order. Each word along with each sentence has native audio and an English translation. The target word in each sentence is highlighted, so you decide if you want to read the whole sentence or just the word. If you're going to read the full sentence every time you rep a card, prior knowledge of some grammar might be necessary, in which case refer to any recommended grammar guide. The deck explains certain grammar points and particles but it is not enough to replace a proper grammar guide. If a word is written in kanji you can view the furigana reading of a word by hovering over it with your mouse. How to review the flashcards
  1. A flashcard comes up, furigana is hidden.
  2. Read the target word, or the whole sentence if you want.
  3. If the word contains kanji try to recall its reading. Then hover over the word to make the furigana pop up and see if you've recalled the reading correctly. You can also press the p key on your keyboard to immediately reveal all kanji readings.
  4. Try to recall the meaning of the target word. It doesn't need to be precise.
  5. Reveal the back side of the card and see if the meaning was correct.
  6. When grading yourself, pass the card if you understand the meaning. Whether you remembered the reading or not doesn't matter. Avoid "Hard" and "Easy" buttons.
This way when you review a card you may completely forget its reading, but then if you get the meaning right you still pass the card. Feedback Please put any feedback or corrections you have in our chat. Support what I do I was able to make this deck thanks to the support of my patrons. Thank you so much!

Sample (from 1251 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
VocabKanji でも
VocabFurigana でも
VocabDef ... or something
VocabAudio [non-mp3 audio]
SentKanji お茶でも飲みませんか。
SentFurigana お 茶[ちゃ]でも 飲[の]みませんか。
SentEng A: How about some tea?
SentAudio [non-mp3 audio]
Notes ~でも~ませんか - Would you ~ or Something
Tags KanjiTransition
VocabKanji 生け花
VocabFurigana 生[い]け 花[ばな]
VocabDef ikebana (flower arrangement)
VocabAudio [non-mp3 audio]
SentKanji 彼女は生け花の先生です。
SentFurigana 彼女[かのじょ]は生け花[いけばな]の 先生[せんせい]です。
SentEng She is a flower arrangement teacher.
SentAudio [non-mp3 audio]
Tags KanjiTransition
VocabKanji 新西蘭
VocabFurigana 新西蘭[にゅーじーらんど]
VocabDef New Zealand
VocabAudio [non-mp3 audio]
Tags KanjiTransition

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on 1670030603
follows the latest (and arguably most efficient) method of learning kanji and vocabulary at the same time without overloading the student with too much out-of-context information
on 1666819690
Very well made deck, just what I was looking for. Thanks!
on 1660897825
Exactly what I was looking for!
on 1659322394
To the reviewer below, could you share the deck with mp3 audio please? Thanks!
on 1654807996
Great deck, the TSC format is fantastic. The only problem is that for some reason AnkiDroid can't play the audio files even though ogg is a supported format and my device can play them, so I had to convert them all to mp3, otherwise my reps on the go would be incomplete.
on 1653266971
really good
on 1640893225
I like it a lot!
on 1640700941
Very nice deck
on 1638065950
Great deck just what I was looking for! thank you for all the hard work put in :)
on 1636598397
I'm glad that privacy-aware Japanese learners exist. (i dont use arch btw)
on 1632601055
I like your deck, but why do recommend us to not use hard or easy?
Comment from author
It's explained on the site. See https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/setting-up-anki.html#new-cards
on 1632551819
Solid deck!
on 1632112370
Its a great deck! but I can't get this to work on iOS, I got FFMPEG up and running like the OP mentioned but without programming knowledge I can't get this to work on iOS. Bummer because the deck seems to be really great and works on my laptop

OP can you please help me out?
Comment from author
Anki on iOS doesn't support Opus, which is the audio file format used in this deck. You need to ask the Anki developer to add Opus support on Anki forums: https://forums.ankiweb.net/

However, at Ajatt-Tools we don't recommend using Apple devices for the reasons listed here: https://www.gnu.org/proprietary/malware-apple.html
on 1631457274
while studying/reading it (using the browser), (misc stuffs included ;p )... (modifying that rating along the way)
- it lacks a sort field (in order to be sure to follow the "right" order) => each card should be numbered in that effect for that purpose
- So, I ordered using the Tag KanjiTransition (I'm not sure if it was there before, because I modified that deck several times).
then, the 9th card I encountered was, ans in SentFurigana field です was missing.
Anyway, thanks for the good work, and continuing improvement of that deck :)
- 御 could also be ご and み (Manga Way, Lesson 5, p38, Honorific Language)
- B:Me too, same here.
- card 155 => 高校[こうこう]で 日本[にほん]の字[じ]を 勉強[べんきょう]しました。 (高校で日本の字を勉強しました。)
- card 159 ゆっくり言って下さい。 Please, say [it] slowly. (or something like that) https://www.deepl.com/translator#ja/en/ゆっくり言って下さい。
- card 192 九[く]人[にん]・ 九[きゅう]人[にん] (野球は九人で1チームです。)
- card 256 10個です。 => 10[じゅ]個[っこ]です。
- card 424 レモン, because https://jisho.org/search/*檬* (both kanjis seem not useful at all)
- card 429, 430, 434, 436, 496, 516 コーヒー (same reason)
- card 500: Did you eat something in the morning? (朝, because, this morning = 今朝)
- card 508 カレー (the kanjis seem not useful) curry = coffee + mile... (ateji) https://jisho.org/word/咖哩
- card 516 他[ほか]に (in VocabFurigana)
- card 549 描[か]きます。 (えがぐ is OK, but it's かきます in the audio version) https://jisho.org/word/描く
- card 601 [2] to be removed (悪[わる]い)
- card 704 コンビニで新聞を買います。I'll buy a newspaper at the convenience store.
- card 754 箱[はこ] instead of 箱[ばこ] in the sentence
Comment from author
Thank you for the feedback!
1) The cards lack a sort field because adding one would clutter the note type. Plus, I make sure they're already sorted.
2) Most typos in the deck come from the underlying source. I'm continuing fixing them and uploading new versions as I find new mistakes.
3) 檸檬, 珈琲 and many other words were intentionally changed to their kanji versions because from time to time you see them spelled that way. Especially 珈琲, you see it written like that quite often.
on 1631089457
The deck is not perfect, but it does its job quite well.
on 1629820251
Is there a reason why one should learn the kanji for words that rarely or never use them? お早う御座います(Ohayou gozaimasu)? 今日は (Konnichiwa)? Most would read the latter as "kyou wa" = "as for today", not "hello".
Comment from author

1) https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/faq.html#should-i-learn-kanji-forms-of-words-usually-written-in-kana

2) https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/jp1k-anki-deck.html#q-and-a
on 1629266606
I completed about 700 of the original Matt JP1K and this blows it out of the water by far. Sentences, vocab audio & sentence audio. This is actually enjoyable to rep. Give your 5$ to this guy instead of buying the jp1k
on 1629047924
alternative to matt deck
on 1626632435
It works pretty well, but I'd still recommend doing an RTK like deck before this.
The [お昼] card in the deck has the wrong audio.
Comment from author
Fixed the お昼 card, thank you.
on 1624908186
The deck is nearly perfect! My only problem with the deck is the audio file format. Do you know how I could change all the .ogg audio to mp3? I can’t play the audio with the ogg. format? Please respond thank you!
Comment from author
Thank you for the review! The files were converted to ogg/opus on purpose: this way they're much smaller. If you need to convert them back to mp3, you can use ffmpeg, though I don't recommend it. Anki on both PC and Android can play ogg files.
on 1620346286
Brilliant deck, clearly tons of hard work any into this,
Much Appreciated
on 1614529570
hey miniyoga
Comment from author
Hi! Thank you for your feedback!
on 1614474429
matto btfo
on 1614465204
Just like a fresh baguette on a Sunday morning
on 1614464990
on 1614462765