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Duo Norwegian (to/from US-English) (NB-EN_us)

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Norwegian (bokmål) vocabulary, and some short phrases, intended to be helpful to go along with the Duolingo Norwegian (Bokmål) course. This deck is also useful for anyone not using Duolingo, but that is where I got the vocabulary and ordering from. The vocabulary came from tree version 2. Duolingo does not always recognize some inflections this deck lists, so be aware of that. For example, "jog" might not be accepted as a past form for "å jage", in which case, use "jagde". Deck Details A brief inflection reference is provided for many word types. When possible, compound words are listed with parts separated by a dash, eg. "å over-raske". Examples of noun inflection abbreviations: (en/ei) kvinnen - woman - en/ei kvinnen :: en kvinne/ei kvinne, kvinnen/kvinna, kvinner, kvinnene (et) hus - house - et hus :: et hus, huset, hus, husene/husa (et) budksap - message - et buskap, -/er :: et budskap, budskapet, budskap/budskaper, buskapene/budskapa Examples of verb inflection abbreviations: å være - to be - å være, er var vært :: man er, man var, man har/hadde vært å bli - to become - å bli, ble blitt :: man blir, man ble, man har/hadde blitt å overraske - to surprise - å over-raske, -et/a :: det overrasker, det overrasket, det har/hadde overrasket Example of adjective inflection abbreviation: god - good - god, -t, -e :: en god bil, et godt hus, gode folk, de gode ting I am not associated with DuoLingo except through having a user account to use its services. DuoLingo does not guarantee compatibility, and does not endorse this deck. Sources: DuoLingo: words, English translations Dict.cc (enno.dict.cc): english translations, some inflections UIB Bokmålsordboka (ordbok.uib.no): inflections, compound word divisions This deck is released under the Anki Shared Deck License terms.

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front å utelukke
back to exclude
inflections å ute-lukke, -et/a
type verb
subtype infinitive
from Present Participles : 5
front (et) spørsmål
back question
inflections et spørsmål
type noun
from Questions : 2
front h. seilt
back h. sailed
inflections å seile, -te -t
type verb
subtype past participle
from The Sea : 4

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on 1658749810
Haven't spent much time on it yet (went through almost 300 words) and is fine so far. Thanks!
on 1644690203
Thanks for this. I spent a lot of time making my own deck of about 600 cards. A waste of time after finding this deck. . At least I fully appreciate how much effort went into yours!!
on 1606069760
Very useful.
on 1602581387
High-quality deck!
on 1602231964
on 1582545536
Very clear explanation
on 1570610910
It has a nice description explaining how to use the deck
on 1558887800
Pretty comprehensive, good quality
on 1548259650
on 1547378496
Excellent deck, much better than Duo's Tiny Cards. The inclusion of inflected forms is also very useful. I found a few small mistakes, but overall the quality is very good.
on 1547090014
Very helpful!
on 1540645552
Very helpful; the cards include inflection information, which is nice. Tusen takk!
on 1516924800
very useful