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PEG: English Irregular Verbs (past simple)

4.13MB. 100 audio & 0 images. Updated 2015-12-22.


From Perfect English Grammar. For non-native speakers of English. This deck covers 50 common English irregular verbs. You have to make the past simple or the past participle of the verb in the sentence. There is audio so you can practise how to pronounce the verb too. You can read more about English irregular verbs and download the list and exercises in PDF at http://www.perfect-english-grammar.com/irregular-verbs.html.

Sample (from 100 notes)

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Front He already --- (eat) all the cake.
Back He already ate all the cake.
Front I --- (hear) a new song on the radio.
Back I heard a new song on the radio.
Front I --- (read) three books last week.
Back I read three books last week.

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on 1609261276
Very good
on 1604158883
Great and useful!! Although it's not only about the past simple tense but also past participle tense...
on 1587813435
Many irregular verbs are missing
on 1581946558
Thanks! ;-)
on 1552755389
Thank you very much! I appreciate your work!
on 1542131648
very good
on 1537548592
It's helping me a lot in my English learning.
on 1522713600
Amanzing! Thanks!
on 1517616000
Excellent job, many thanks for this !!