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Japanese Pronunciation / Pitch Accent

13.77MB. Updated 2019-08-13.
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Current Version: r30 (13-08-2019) Fix UnicodeDecodeError due to the Japanese Add-on (our dependency) switching to UTF-8 How to use: This add-on allows you to look up the Japanese pitch accent of a particular expression. You have to add a "Pronunciation" field, and lookups will be done on the "Expression" field. You can change both these field names (or add more source fields) in config.json (when using Anki 2.0) or by going to Tools->Add-ons->Config (Anki 2.1). There are a couple ways in which this plugin operates: Pitch accent, what is that? For more information on the Japanese pitch accent, I would like to refer you to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_pitch_accent . In short, the following notations can be found: - Overline: Indicates "High" pitch (see "Binary pitch" in Wikipedia article) - Downfall arrow: usually means stressing the mora/syllable before. - Red circle mark: Nasal pronunciation、e.g. げ would be a nasal け. - Blue color: barely pronounced at all. For example, a blue ヒ would be closer to "h" than "hi". Likewise, a blue ク would be more like a "k" than "ku". I can't speak for someone else, but for me, just knowing about the pitch accent and how it might affect the meaning has helped me a great deal. There are some tricky words like はし and じどう, where different pronunciations have wildly varying meanings. Aside from that, knowing about these rules might help you avoid speaking with a distinct foreigner-accent ;) Disclaimer/License issues: I was not certain about the direct usage of the database of NHK Nihongo Hatsuon Akusento Jiten (NHK日本語発音アクセント辞典). I have therefore chosen to only use a derivative version, which inter alia means missing .wav files of each entry (a few gigabytes worth). To make developing easier for myself, the code generating the derivative file from the database is still present in the source file. Feel free to ignore these parts. Contact Info: For the online git repository, see https://github.com/javdejong/nhk-pronunciation . Apparently there's not much of a conversation possible using the comment section here, so you are free to send us any issues/complaints/feature requests on GitHub.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools->Add-ons menu item, then click on Get Add-ons and paste in the code.

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on 1663427088
on 1634784539
Works like a charm! Thanks!
on 1628595994
Looks like this add-on is not supported anymore. I invite you to try out AJT Pitch Accent, which is a remastered version of this add-on: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1225470483
on 1623609386
i didn't like the notation
on 1622003242
I only use this for the quick lookup feature.
I don't know about windows but on Mac you have to make sure to put a command in the "lookupShortcut" tool for it to work.
I used "Alt+p" (p for pitch accent) but you can use whatever you want.
After you do that restart anki and it should work as it did for me.
on 1615871897
Doesn't work
on 1605775895
i have been trying to download the link for mac to add pitch accent to anki. I have been playing around with it for a couple of days with no success. will some one please help me????
on 1601563160
I can't say for sure yet cause I've just installed, but it looks amazing, on one of the comments I've found the help I needed to make it work even tho I know almost nothing about anki. it's working properly, I can't wait to see the benefits on the upcoming months, ty.
on 1599657680
on 1598531953
Incredibly useful, it can be tricky to set up, but once set, it helps immensely.
on 1581850820
I wish it could find pitch accent just for hiragana. Would have helped in the beginning
on 1580743893
works, but I personally don't need all the formatting. Just the number would be enough
on 1571442513
wow thank you. This addon will help me allot :D
on 1570869049
Great addon, works for most words, as long as kanji is provided. But, is it supposed to list the reading for 続く as ツズク instead of ツヅク?
on 1566922805
This is a must-have.
on 1566246855
Works great overall but I'd like to k ow what it means when there are two different pronunciations and *** between them. For instance, there was the word 慈悲, and there was two possible pronunciations. Outside of that, great add-on!
on 1565737258
Seems promising.
on 1562812815
After some trial and error I got it to work. For starters, I recommend going into config and disabling useMecab if you are getting an error on startup, and changing srcFields depending on your deck.
The actual installation took me a while to figure out, since I'm a buffoon who can't comprehend these simple instructions. For anyone else who is new to Anki, here is my detailed description of the installation process:
You have to select "browse", then selected your desired deck. On the bottom left you select the "field" button, then select "add," and add a new field type with same name as the name used in the dstFields category in the "Tools --> Addons --> Japanese Pitch Accent --> config". Then close fields, and select the button next to it, "cards", and add the new field type, pronunciation, to your cards. I hope this isn't improper, but I figure the worst it can do is help someone.

Works like a charm! love it
on 1560447712
on 1558386155
Pretty good. Here's what I did. (Mac OS X).

Backup my Anki deck.
Sync on my phone and my desktop.
Install Japanese Support. (https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/3918629684)
Install Mecab (https://pypi.org/project/mecab-python3/). Not sure if actually needed.
Edit python file to remove newlines, replace *** marker with |. (https://apps.ankiweb.net/docs/addons.html)
Quit Anki.
Add "Pronunciation" empty field to all my cards.
Select-all, "bulk add pronunciation".
Upload to AnkiWeb (overwrite).
on 1556368419
I'm was using Anki 2.0.33 and it said "NHK-Pronunciation: Mecab use requested, but Japanese add-on with Mecab not found" every time I opened Anki. I upgraded to Anki 2.1 and I still get the same message. However, now it doesn't show me the pitch arrow, it just shows 3 black lines. I went back to Anki 2.0 and it seems to work again. I still get the Mecab message though. I'm not sure if I am using this correctly but I go 'tools' - 'look up - 'pronunciation' and then it gives you the reading. I just copy and paste the reading below the word. It doesn't work for all the words though. Sometimes I get a blank box. Well that was a pain!
on 1550562125
definitely what i was looking for
on 1549898264
Works fine on 2.0, but complains on 2.1 that "NHK-Pronunciation: Mecab use requested, but Japanese add-on with Mecab not found" despite it being installed (Linux).

Toggling the \ in the regex for the file search to Unix / fixes the issue.

Btw, katakana_to_hiragana can be simplified into a single line:
return to_translate.decode('utf-8').translate(dict((i, i - 0x60) for i in range(0x30A1, 0x30F7)))
on 1549436708
Works great as long as you follow the directions to set it up properly. It's a huge help for improving your accent.
on 1548191041
way too confusing to install and make work correctly. Have yet to see one video that explains it in a helpful way.
on 1547725281
The add-on work fine on 2.1. The only drawback that I found is the lack of shortcut to display pitch accent (es. CTRL+6) that was originally present in the code on the 2.0. version. If I may, there is anyone that knows how to create a shortcut to the lookup section in Anki 2.1?
on 1544963090
*Working after update* Thank you!
on 1544620948
I have everything set up but after updating to the most recept version, the pronunciation field no longer fills in. It stipped working. What gives?
on 1544390637
Download from the github, for some reason you get the wrong addon using the number.
Also, I couldn't get it to use hiragana instead of katakana through the settings file, but you can just remove the condition in the python file, which works great.
The database isn't very encompassing, but it is what it is. I wish there was a way to get it to include the OJAD database.
on 1544335972
Works great. Did not update it for the fear that it will stop working since that's what happened when I tried this updated version someone shared on reddit. in case anyone needs the older version that works... here it is: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/lbdw58zceg19j/

on 1542552096
Very helpful! Thank you
on 1542271254


If you're having trouble getting this to give you the accent for certain words, or you're using 2.0 and it's just not working, you have to update the add-on by replacing the .py file with the one in the updated branch I'm linking here (and add the bs4 folder to your Anki addon folder). I made these fixes while the real maintainer was MIA. More details here: https://github.com/javdejong/nhk-pronunciation/pull/12 (and note that there are multiple commits, each with their own comment/explanation of the bug fixes).

Update: The original maintainer is back and released a 2.1 version (with the old bugs). We're working together to bring my fixes to 2.1. My patch is still what you want for 2.0.
on 1539722599
Not working
on 1537597575
Not updated for 2.1
Apparently there's a fork that added 2.1 support at some point, could someone use this to update the main add-on??

on 1537496618
This used to be wonderful but it now crashes anki when I try and edit any card during reviews. If anyone knows how to fix this issue please let me know!! Thank you for the time I had with this addon though

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "aqt/progress.pyc", line 69, in handler
File "aqt/editor.pyc", line 468, in onUpdate
File "aqt/editor.pyc", line 540, in loadNote
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'media'
on 1531626554
Add-on works perfectly on Anki 2. Just follow the instructions and have both an Expression and Pronunciation field in your card. I tried editing and changing the expression field to something else in the python file but the add-on failed to work. Your note type also absolutely has to have the word "japanese" in its name for the add-on to run properly.
on 1523577600
It's not working on the version 2.1
on 1521676800
Although this add-on has good potential, I don't think it is fully ready for use. I say this because:

(1) There are a lot of missing entries after a bulk-add pronunciation. Not just obscure words, but many basic and high frequency words. A few examples I just noticed are 基本, 寄付, 義務, 教科書, etc etc. These are very common words but nothing appears in the pronunciation field. There are literally hundreds of omissions in my vocabulary list after the bulk-add.

(2) The lookup feature mentioned (Ctrl+6) doesn't work for me, nor does the Tools-Lookup feature mentioned.

(3) There seems to be no way to troubleshoot problems, such as installation issues, feature errors, etc.

Overall, this could be a good resource but in its current state it is not fit for purpose. What is the point in studying pitch accent if a large part of your vocab list contains no information and another part does?
on 1520812800
This is great, thanks!

I have 2 questions though...

1. Is there a way to add the pronunciation in mass to all my cards? I have a lot and going one by one could take awhile.
2. When I make new cards....Is there a way when I tab the kanji expression to add furigana to the reading field to also add the pronunciation at the same time?
on 1517875200
Don't forget to install the japanese support addon!!!
on 1516924800
It works, but I had to comment out lines 14-15:

#import japanese
#import japanese.lookup

and line 261:

#ml = mw.form.menuLookup

In regard to lines 14-15, apparently Japanese character support is enabled automatically.
on 1515196800
Mmmm, peach 🍑 accent, yum.

U are my saviour, dude! This is one of the best Anki add-ons out there, srsly! Thank you so much!
on 1514851200
Awesome, thank you!
on 1505952000
on 1498348800
on 1494892800
on 1493596800
on 1485820800
on 1475280000
on 1431216000
on 1418774400
on 1415318400
Works perfectly.

This add-on works *perfectly*, just as described.

Especially good features:
Has "bulk add" feature, so I could apply it to all of my cards at once

Simply works--everything gets looked up without a fuss. (Some obscure words/spellings are not in the dictionary: 馭者 did not get auto-added, but 御者 did.) Most words that aren't super-rare get included (and who cares about accents on super-rare words, anyway?)

Fast--it took only a flash-second to bulk-add thousands of words. I note no lag or delay adding single words.

Pronunciation is *very* easy to read--anyone experienced with NHK偏日本語アクセント辞典 should be able to just pick it up and use it without any fuss (devoiced morae are blue).

Negative point:
Had to add a "pronunciation" field to my vocab cards, and redesign the cards to put it in there. Had to figure out some way of combining my current cards with the dictionary's readings (which sometimes differ on words with multiple pronunciations). But that's just a temporary problem, and there's no good solution around it.
on 1389830400
on 1378857600
on 1375488000
on 1365120000
on 1362096000
on 1357430400
Very much so-so

The add-on does what it promises, but there are a number of points i don't quite like.
(I couldn't find any other way to contact the author. I would have tried an e-mail first.)

It works all right, when you have Japanese text in the field Expression, and you have an empty field Pronunciation, you get the text with overlines, elision and nasal indicators. When the word is in the list it brings along, that is.

The main thing i didn't like:
*The idea to use a Pronunciation field, that should be empty and than to add the pitch accent text at the last moment has. That means it doesn't work with AnkiWeb/AnkiDroid(/AnkiMobile)
That could be fixed when the pitch accent text is added permanently to the field like the reading is to its field.

Also, less important for typical users:
*The add-on isn't very hacker-friendly. I wanted to use other names for the classes used internally. That's harder to do than it should be.
*... oh, that's enough. I'll keep the rest to me.