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French Pronunciation

30.91MB. 401 audio & 205 images. Updated 2016-05-01.

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French pronunciation - deck with cards to help with French pronunciation

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Sort Field 135
Word 1 ove
Recording 1
Word 1 IPA ɔv
Word 1 English ovum
Word 2 of
Recording 2
Word 2 IPA ʌv
Word 2 English (English)
Actual Sort Order 31
Spelling (a letter or combination of letters) e
Notes on Usage "e" before a consonant and then a vowel
Example word for that spelling/sound combination pelouse
English Translation lawn
Picture of the example word
Recording of the Sound
Recording of the Word
IPA for Sound ə
IPA for Word pə.luz
Sort Field 130
Word 1 raid
Recording 1
Word 1 IPA ʁɛd
Word 1 English raid
Word 2 red
Recording 2
Word 2 IPA ɹɛd
Word 2 English (English)

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Really great, thanks a lot!
on 1598076687
As a French teacher, I find this very useful for my students!
on 1590978218
Exactly what I came to look for. :)
on 1535982711
Very useful for beginners to practice pronouncing french words correctly.
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