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New Practical Chinese Reader words - Books 1 to 5

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Flashcard deck from www.hskflashcards.com where you can also find flashcard decks for HSK, Integrated Chinese and Practical Chinese Reader. They also provide printable flashcards. New Practical Chinese Reader is a series of books who's objective is to develop the student's ability to communicate using Chinese through the study of language structure, language function, and related cultural knowledge along with the training of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. This deck contains all vocabulary from all books, 1 to 5. The words are ordered and labeled by lessons. Please vote for this deck if you find it usefull, so that others may find it easily and benefit also. Credits https://www.hskflashcards.com/about Licensing and Permission Vocabulary from NPCR books 1 and 2 is copyright of Matti Tukiainen and released under the terms of the GPL. Vocabulary from NPCR books 3 to 5 is released to the public domain by Jake Marble. If you use them for a project other than personal study, please give the authors credit.

Sample (from 3845 notes)

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Simplified 苏东坡
Traditional 蘇東坡
Pinyin sū dōngpō
Definition PN: Su Dongpo (a famous Chinese writer of the Song Dynasty)
Tags lesson-27
Simplified 舅舅
Pinyin jiùjiu
Definition N: uncle (mother's brother)
Tags lesson-24
Simplified 恭喜
Pinyin gōngxǐ
Definition IE: congratulations
Tags lesson-20

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on 1644557915
thank you so much xie xie ni
on 1606788385
Perfect flashcard deck for the Chinese class I'm taking right now.
on 1580243956
Has everything
on 1566829210
Very good and complete. Note that some words are repeated as they are in the NPCR books.
Comment from author
Yes, some words are repeated because the definition may be slightly different in different lessons.
This is how to original authors (https://www.hskflashcards.com/about) created this list.
But I think this is an advantage, because for a given lesson the word list in the book matches exactly with the tagged cards in this deck.

For example, if I'm studying lesson 27, then I create a filtered deck that selects only the new cards in that lesson

deck:"汉语::New Practical Chinese Reader words" is:new (tag:'lesson-27')

then I can study those words only.