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Incremental Reading v4.10.3

0.08MB. Updated 2019-04-21. Supports both Anki 2.0.x and 2.1.x.


Note: Version 4 of the add-on is only available for Anki 2.1+. Some features will be missing from the earlier versions. Introduction This is an updated version of the Incremental Reading add-on, which aims to provide features that support incremental reading in Anki. The idea of working with long-form content within a spaced-repetition program appears to have originated with SuperMemo, which offers an elaborate implementation of the technique (see their help article for more information). This add-on for Anki is comparatively bare-bones, providing a minimal set of tools for iterating over long texts and creating new flashcards from existing ones. For an overview of these features, see below. Main Features New to Version 4 New to Version 3 Screenshots Note: These are fairly outdated. Installation You will first need to have Anki installed. Download the relevant installer here. To install through Anki, navigate to Tools → Add-ons → Get Add-ons..., and enter the code 935264945. To install manually, download the GitHub repository (here) and place the ir folder into your add-ons folder. Usage Experimentation should lead to a pretty quick understanding of how the add-on works. If in doubt, start with the following:
  1. Create a new IR note with an article you want to study (the easiest way to do this is to import a webpage, by pressing Alt+3 while on the deck overview screen)
  2. Set up a shortcut for creating regular Anki cards from IR cards (press Alt+1, or go to the menu, then go to the Quick Keys tab)
  3. Review the IR card that was created, and extract any text you find interesting (by selecting the text and pressing x)
  4. Choose Soon or Later when you want to move to the next card (which will be a portion of text you extracted)
  5. Whenever you want to create a regular Anki note, simply select the desired text and use the shortcut you created earlier
Outdated instructions can be found here. They were written for v2, but the basic behaviour of the add-on is still similar. Compatibility In general, the settings stored in _ir.json will be preserved when upgrading. The main exception is that v3 and v4 of the add-on are not backwards-compatible with v2. The newer versions store settings in a very different manner. v2 settings will be ignored. Additionally, changes were made to the v2 card template, so if you have incremental reading notes from v2, you will need to select them in the card browser and choose Edit → Change Note Type, to convert them to IR3 notes. Support If any issues are encountered, please post details to the Anki add-ons forum. It’s best if you post in the existing thread (here) so I receive an email notification. Otherwise, note an issue or make a pull request on GitHub. Please include the following information in your post: License Multiple people have contributed to this add-on, and it’s somewhat unclear who to credit for which changes, and which licenses to apply. Tiago Barroso appears to be the person who began the project, and he has stated that he releases all of his add-ons under the ISC license. Frank Kmiec was responsible for vastly expanding the add-on, but it’s unclear which license his changes were released under. Presuming he didn’t specify one, the terms and conditions of AnkiWeb suggest they were automatically released under the AGPL v3. Aleksej’s changes to Frank’s version are multi-licensed under the ISC license and the GPL. For the sake of simplicity, I am also releasing my changes under the ISC license. For each author, I have placed a copyright line in the license with what I believe are correct dates. If I have made a mistake in this respect, please let me know. I have also removed the manual that is still available in Aleksej’s fork, mainly because it is becoming less relevant, but also because it is a Google Groups conversation, which makes the licensing slightly murky. Frank Raiser released an Anki 1 add-on under a similar name, but it doesn’t appear to share any code with the current project and functions quite differently. For more information, see Anki Incremental Reading.


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into the desktop program:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1556191013
Works on macOS! Turns out that `enabled` in the add on menu still requires a reset of the app.
Had some further issues but they turned out to be with the website that I was trying to use and not the plugin itself!
on 1552354837
Good, but wish there were support for cloze.
on 1549414912
Bringing incremental reading into Anki is definitely not an easy task. Thanks for taking your time to develop this amazing learning tool!
on 1545274233
This is an amazing Anki plugin and first got me motivated to dive more into Incremental Reading.

I ended up writing something with a bit of a different strategy:


It is an external reader but syncs with Anki and supports 'pagemarks' which is a different type of Incremental Reading.

It's Open Source and supports flashcards and syncs with Anki.

Would love you guys to take a look and we're VERY open to feedback!
Comment from author
Thanks for the kind words. I would just add that Polar is worth looking at if you are dependent on PDFs, since Incremental Reading currently lacks PDF support, and probably will for quite some time.
on 1543394943
this is very nice.help me a lot.thanks.
on 1543179634
Wow. this looks great so far. I've not used the Supermemo version, but i've been reading about the idea. So far this looks great...good job!! ( I reserve the right to add questions or even criticisms later as i play with it more:-))
on 1542422231
You,my friend,are the coolest! Thanks a lot for this super useful addon!
on 1541444663
Works great and is the closest implementation to SuperMemo's IR that I've been able to find. Really, really nicely implemented!
on 1541428328
Just amazing, still testing but promise sooo much, thanks
on 1541344457
great idea, great support
on 1540802111
Great add-on
on 1540625844
on 1539763992
An awesome addon....
on 1538652812
Awesome work!