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USUHS (including anatomy)

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This deck contains flash cards from First Aid (BROS Deck), Pathoma (BROS Deck), USUHS lectures, and pictures from anatomy for your study.

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Text Which cancer is associated with Arsenic?{{c1::Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin; Lung cancer; Angiosarcoma of the liver}}
Extra Arsenic is present in cigarette smoke.
Tags carcinogenesis carcinogens neoplasia pathology
Text What are the 2 most common sites of spread for prostate cancer?{{c1::Lumbar spine & pelvis}}
Tags pathology prostate reproductive
Text {{c1::Marcus-Gunn Pupil}} is a pathological pupil that occurs due to optic nerve damage or a severe retinal injury and presents with a loss/decrease of bilateral pupillary constriction to light.
Extra Tested with the "swinging flashlight test"Decreased bilateral pupillary constriction when light is shown in the affected eye relative to the unaffected eye.
Tags Physiology anatomy neurology

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Corrupted other decks
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Good one
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Great work with detailed clinical relevance and enough coverage of all areas, but some false annotation on the image is confusing so need to be self-aware of them. Cadaveric images are sufficient but image quality is poor. Look forward to a better update, thanks. P.S I have completed over 75% of this deck, this is my sincere review.
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wish I found this earlier lol
Amazing <3
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I owe you for your work.
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Very helpful, thanks.
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Great work.
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Great for learning!
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SRNA school here, first year
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Such a great, painstaking, and sincere endeavour by the creator. I owe you my biggest and most sincere of thankfulness for your selfless work.
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Exactly what I was looking for 😘
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Well done.
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how to?
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Thank. You so much!!!!
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Excellent way of learning and lot of images!!
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Extremely useful
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Muito bom, obrigada
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thank you for your kindness
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Oh My! This deck is amazingly organised and informative! Great work done by the creator!
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many good pictures, highly organized
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very helpful!
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Well done, and tons of cards... Lots of raw material to create your own deck, or just use it as is!
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Covers everything
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well organized, very useful
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thank you.
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Very helpful
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