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Quiz Deck Template

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This deck contains several cards designed to support questions with: - Randomized multi-choice question with single answer - Randomized multi-choice question with multiple answers - True or false question - Unscramble the sentence - Reorder the randomized list / sequence / steps - Match randomized items in column 1 to column 2 This deck template will work both on Anki desktop and AnkiDroid (not tested with AnkiMobile for iPAD/iPhone). Not recommended for use in AnkiWeb (some functionality may not work properly). The best way to use the deck is to enter your questions using Anki desktop, upload to AnkiWeb and then download to your mobile device, keeping your questions in sync and safely stored in the cloud. When using AnkiDroid, the whiteboard feature can be used with these cards as you study (mark the answer and compare to the correct answer displayed on the back of the card). See AnkiDroid documentation on how to enable whiteboard feature. This current sample will allow you to view the Quiz Deck Template functionality and decide if it can be useful to you. It will randomize the choices to help avoid answer positions being memorized instead of the answer itself and display the correct answer(s) on the back (see screenshots). If you find it useful and want to use it to study, delete the demo questions and add your own questions (it's that easy). This deck template can help you study for high-school and college classes, standardized tests, certifications, etc. Let Anki's space repetition help you study more efficiently and get those A's. Multiple choices questions with multiple answers card Order the steps card Match column 1 to column 2 card Multiple questions with same answer card Limitations: - Items choices (answers and distractors fields) in the card cannot contain images or html code. This is because the text passed to JavaScript code for shuffling first strips html code and some special characters: < and > etc. - Items choices (answers and distractors fields) ignore CR/LF characters so multiple lines appears as a continuous string.(See fix added 7/24.) *Note: updated 4/9 to fix an issue I noticed with one of the card types JavaScript variable initialization. *Note: updated 6/21 with some enhancements to fix issue one note had about cleaning data between views causing items to change position between front and back of card. The code has been in use for about 2 months and I have not seen any issues in my decks. Also added space in card, guaranteed to be left w/o print between back and front so answer written in front are visible on backside and never obscured by answers or explanation fields (see added screenshots). *Note: updated 7/24 with a new note type to allow generating a scrambled sentence. Can be used when trying to memorize the right order of up to 8 words (programming, terminology, foreign sentences, etc). Also created a special string to allow using CR/LF functionality within answer and distractor fields. Just add the string [[br]] in answer or distractor field where you want to create a line break. The [[br]] will be replaced (during JavaScript processing) with before the card is displayed. This means that choices can contain multiple lines (instead of displaying one continuous string). Example entered in an answer or distractor field: This is line 1.[[br]]This is line 2. Displays during card viewing as: This is line 1. This is line 2.

Sample (from 21 notes)

Cards are customizable! When this deck is imported into the desktop program, cards will appear as the deck author has made them. If you'd like to customize what appears on the front and back of a card, you can do so by clicking the Edit button, and then clicking the Cards button.
Prompt Match the capital cities to the countries.
Match1 UK
Match1a London
Match2 Cuba
Match2b Havana
Match3 USA
Match3c Washington
Match4 Brazil
Match4d Brasilia
Match5 France
Match5e Paris
Explanation (optional)
Tags demo
Question1 What is the capital of New York?
Answer1 Albany
Question2 What is the capital of Florida?
Answer2 Tallahassee
Question3 What is the capital of California?
Answer3 Sacramento
Question4 What is the capital of North Carolina?
Answer4 Raleigh
Prompt (optional) We are studying the state captials.
Extra Info (optional) This type of card is good for doing multi-part questions. A common problem can ask several questions with different answers from the same scenario. With this card, you create 1 card with up to 5 questions. A random question is displayed per card viewing. Easy to keep multiple related questions together and make fixes to them.
Tags demo
Question What are the colors of the University of Connecticut?
Answer1 White
Answer2 Blue
Answer3 Grey
Distractor4 Red
Distractor5 Yellow
Explanation (optional) Did you forget to pick 3?
Tags demo

After the file is downloaded, double-click on it to open it in the desktop program.

At this time, it is not possible to add shared decks directly to your AnkiWeb account - they need to be added from the desktop then synchronized to AnkiWeb.


on 1585376725
I'm using 2.1.x.x

I did what you said, replaced " with '', & with 🙵, > with ˃ and < with ˂ (all found here https://www.compart.com/en/unicode) and yet it still says "Invalid HTML on card: SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier"

Can you please just paste the entire code with the correct replacements so technologically illiterate people like me don't have to spend hours failing every time?
Comment from author
This template does NOT work with Anki 2.1.x desktop application (as I commented on 1/25/19). The new Anki 2.1 desktop blocks the persistence code needed for randomization to work, and this is why all the choices end up blank. It sill works with Anki droid.

BTW, if you want to look at the code, just click on the card button. The javascript code is there as it's part of the deck. What code do you want to see? Everything is already there. I said text inside the answer and distractor fields must not contain HTML code (including color text changes, making text bold, putting a picture or photo, etc). I made no mention of anyone needing to change HTML and Javascript code that makes the deck work--this deck was set up to be imported as-is, and you can even view the demo questions in action. If you need to use apostrophes or the greater-than and lesser-than characters in your answer/distractor choice fields when creating your own question (the text entered in Anki card field editor), you can't use the ones easily accessible on the keyboard (this is where you look at a character map and find one that looks similar to what you get when you press the one on the keyboard, but it is not the exact same as they have different ASCII code--this is because those characters ", >, < on the keyboard are used in HTML coding and Javascript misinterprets them during the processing to randomize choice order, causing the fields to end up blank). However, since you are using Anki desktop 2.1.x, it's a moot point as this deck template is not compatible with the new Anki desktop application (please note I created this deck in 2017 when Anki desktop version was 2.0.x). But cards created in Anki desktop and synced to Anki droid will work as intended in Anki droid.

The template code to randomize the choices would have to be completely rewritten to support Anki 2.1 (I would have to research a new method that works). I don't have plans to do this and will likely delete this deck in the near future (it's still here because it still works with Anki droid). However, with a little google searching, you can find add-ons that support multi-choice cards that work with Anki 2.1 desktop (but add-ons don't work on mobile Anki app, which was what I needed when I created this deck to help me study).
on 1584019421
made for mind
on 1571205918
Easy to use.
on 1547360345
I'm excited to use this, but one big question. How do I bulk import questions to this deck template? How should I format the columns in the CSV? Thanks!
Comment from author
Great question. Since I created the template before creating my deck, I didn't have to transfer my data from a different source and just created a few cards after each study session. There are tutorials on how to import data from CSV to Anki, like this one on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwGNP3GXmxg). However, note the following when proceeding with bulk import for the Quiz Deck Template:

- You must pick one card type (example, 4 Choices 1 Answer or 5 Choices 2 Answers) for each import. All your spreadsheet data columns must be formatted with the fields in the order they are in the card type (and be mindful of empty fields--make sure you have an empty column for each field you are not using--for example, if you don't fill in the explanation field). If you want to import data to multiple card types, then you will have to import data for each card type from a different CSV file formatted for that card type.

- Keep in mind that in the fields holding the question choices, the correct answer comes first (and if it is a card with multiple correct answers, the answers appear one after another), before the incorrect answers/choices. When formatting your CSV file, you must have the correct answers in the same column and appear before the wrong answers. If your CSV file has the answers and wrong answers all mixed up (one answer in a different column for each line/entry), your imported cards will not have the right answer filled in and you would be learning the wrong answers for the questions when studying.
on 1544928791
May I ask why I couldn't see the answers, only a b c d list, not actual content.
Comment from author
It was designed to show the letters that contain the correct answer on the back of the card (remember the answer will take a different position each time, and answers can be very long). This makes it a quick way to check your answer--just like you will find in some books, where they tell you which letter was the correct answer for quiz or chapter review questions. If you want more information about the answer (including spelling out the answer) to show on the back of the card, the "extra info (optional)" field is the best way to do that.

If you meant you have problems with the card showing choices, you must make sure you don't have HTML tags, <, >, & or " (quote) characters in the answer or distractor fields of your cards. Those tags and characters must be stripped by the Javascript code before the method to randomize the choices is called. The processing of stripping the tags and special characters sometimes cause the choices to end up blank, as shown below:
Removing the HTML tags and <, >, & or " (quote) characters from answer and distractor fields will fix the problem.

Update (discovered on 1/25/19): I just found out that if you use Anki desktop version 2.1.x, this template will not work. That means something was changed that does not allow Javascript to store the information so it can be displayed in front and back. For randomization to work, randomized choices must be stored so it can be accessed when displaying the front and back of the card. This is unfortunate and I am not sure if a workaround solution can be found. Older versions of Anki desktop (2.0.x) are still able to use the quiz template without problems.
on 1538909091
It really should become an add-on! That's perfect for learning for tests and exams, thank you!
on 1530594772
The deck is great. I had some problems with it though. Check this thread: http://anki.tenderapp.com/discussions/ankidesktop/28674-text-in-quiz-cards-is-absent
Comment from author
I have posted a response in your Anki support thread. I hope it helps resolve your issue.

The issue comes down to special characters (>, <, & and ") and HTML tags must be stripped from the choices because of how the method is called to perform order randomization and those special characters and tags cause problems during the method call. However, the solution is to use alternative characters. Example: instead of using U+0022 (Quotation mark) you can use U+021C (Left double quotation mark) and U+021D (Right double quotation mark) to use quotes in your choice fields (answers and distractors). How you get those alternate characters depends on your operating system (i.e. Windows Character Map utility). Note: this is what I had to do when I needed quotes. Same for greater than and less than characters (U+003E and U+003C), I used U+02C3 Modifier Letter Right Arrowhead and U+02C2 Modifier Letter Left Arrowhead, which are identical to regular greater than and less than characters in appearance but not stripped before the method call because Javascript does not see them as special characters used in HTML code.
on 1528588800
This deck is awesome
on 1518134400
This one looks handy. :) Thank you for sharing awesome template
Is it possilbe to move a letter(such as W1 W2.etc) below the blank while using unscramble sentences?
Comment from author
No, it's not possible. The boxes on the unscramble card are not interactive. That would require writing some Javascript code for that. However, when you click show answer it would revert to the initial state (based on how Anki itself is written). For the QuizDeck, the answer for quiz cards is saved as text, not objects.
on 1513641600
Great Template. i Used it a lot.
I have some issues with using html and pictures but it's still very usefull.
Templates which combine choose and order would be also very nice ;)
on 1501977600
Very nice and useful add-on

ideal for making multiple choice questions
on 1491696000
Thanks for sharing these!