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scheduler: Reduce Interval growth for very mature cards

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Use this at your own risk. If this add-on has a bug all future scheduling might be ruined. I use it for me. Hardly anyone else uses it. Maybe it's useful for you, too. Before you use it you could have a look at the source code which is only about 20 lines. If you have set a maximum interval in your deck settings this add-on will sometimes give you strange intervals, for details see here! Feedback, Improvements, Error reports are welcome - open an issue in my github repo. # My motivation I hate forgetting/rescheduling cards with very long intervals. It feels like I wasted reviews (even if I don't use a lapse interval of 0%). This add-on reduces the next interval for very mature cards which should slightly increase their retention rate. Lowering the intervals overall (with a reduced interval modifier) is not an option because this would lead to a lot of additional work, check the calculations in the manual here. Having an add-on that slighly lowers the interval for very mature cards is soothing. I'm not sure if such a reduction is really useful apart from this psychological effect: Unless you limit your Anki use to languages you have the problem that most of the knowledge you learn now won't be relevant for you in the long run: Either it will be dated or your needs have changed. So forgetting very mature cards shouldn't be a problem in many cases. Maybe the additional workload could be justified like this: If each review lasts 10 seconds and ... - if the next review interval will be 500 days then the "time investment needed to remember the card contents per day" is 10/500 = 0,02 seconds/day (for the next 500 days). - if the next review interval is 20 days then the "time investment needed to remember the card contents per day" is 10/20 = 0,5 seconds/day (for the next 20 days). # Implementation This add-on overwrites one method from the scheduler(`_nextRevIvl`). To compare the built-in scheduler with my modifications I use my add-on deck and card info sidebar during review and in it enable the option "try_to_show_origvmod_scheduler”. Keep in mind that after Anki calculates and shows the new intervals for easy/good/hard it applies some randomness (fuzz). So if you look into the info of the prior card you should always see a slightly different number.


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on 1627724242
This is a fantastic tool to handle with the problem of dealing with things that you cannot forget anyway!

Would it be possible to update it to handle Anki 2.1.45? Please!!
on 1602930417
Hey, can you support 2.1.35 anki version?
on 1599460833
Very nice addon especially because I have a rather high aggressive starting interval + the addon ExperimentalCardEaseFactor makes them grow aggressively as well.