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Improved Core 2.3K VN Order (Modified/Alt 3K Core)

156.38MB. 4448 audio & 1585 images. Updated 2020-08-07.
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I didn't make this,all credit goes to anon from /DJT/ and Quizmaster for the original 3K Core I post it here so you don't have to search for it on the /DJT/ archives and for everyone else to enjoy. See https://www.animecards.site/ for more info about anki decks and mining. Combined the best of Improved Core3k and VNCore deck >* Uses high quality cards from Improved 3k deck * * Thank you QM and iKnow >* Cards are ordered by Wareya's VN frequency list * * Get the words you need now immediately! >* Only 2.3k cards! Cards with a VN frequency >6000 have been removed * * No more useless words like "atomic energy"! * * Only words that are common in both newspapers and VNs, a.k.a Core Words! >* Words that do not appear in VN frequency list due to word parsing differences have been left as-is and in the same order as original Core3k deck

Sample (from 2243 notes)

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Word 一度に
Reading いちどに
Glossary at a time, at once
Sentence 皆の顔と名前を一度には覚えられません。
Sentence-English I can't remember everyone's name and face at once.
Word 固める
Reading かためる
Glossary harden, strengthen
Sentence 私はもう決心を固めたの。
Sentence-English I already made up my mind.
Word 困る
Reading こまる
Glossary be at a loss, in a jam, in trouble
Sentence ケータイをなくして困っています。
Sentence-English I'm in a jam because I lost my cell phone.

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on 1617651052
Thanks, it's great
on 1617030787
on 1612741564
A bunch of these don't seem right. Just in the first few, for example:

- 訳 is included as 訳,やく,"translation", instead of its other meaning/reading that I've seen more often, わけ, "reason/cause"
- しまう is included as 仕舞う, "put away", instead of its more common (grammar) meanings, "done by accident/with regret" or "done completely"

These oddities make me wary of the rest of the "improved" deck. Both of these words are usually written as kana where I've seen them (outside of VNs), so maybe the VN ordering process mixed them up with the usually-written-as-kanji versions.

EDIT: Switched from negative to positive. I am pretty sure that a few uncommon words (maybe only these two) come up early because they share sounds or kanji with common ones, and that messed up the VN order. That's odd, but really not that important compared to the usefulness of this deck.
on 1612129627
on 1611160814
good deck, some cards are missing pictures though
Comment from author
That seems to be a problem with the original 3K or maybe even the 6k deck, if you ever come across a deck that has all the pictures please let me know so I can update the deck.
on 1610952589
on 1608101431
on 1597958496
nice deck