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Straight Reward

0.01MB. Updated 2021-01-11. Only supports Anki 2.1.x.
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This add-on increases the ease of Anki cards when you consecutively rate them "Good", or "Easy". Rating a card "Good", or "Easy" is considered a "success". Once you exceed a specific amount of successes, it is considered a "success straight". In such a case, Straight Reward will raise the ease of these cards. The default settings will mean that you need three consecutive successes to recover the ease loss after pressing "Hard", and four to recover from "Again". Setting the Options After installing the addon you will another option tab under the deck options called "Straight Rewards": The Algorithm Formula for calculating the ease reward: if straight_length >= required_straight_length: base_reward + step_reward ⋅ (straight_length - required_straight_length) else: 0 :
  1. You rated a card "Good" for the sixth time in a row.
  2. The card currently has an ease factor of 250%.
  3. You have a straigth length of 4
  4. You have a base reward of 15%
  5. You have a step reward of 5%
  6. You have a start ease of 130%
  7. You have a stop ease of 270%
So in this case we have a straight success (because 6 ≥ 4). The formula yields: 15% + 5% ⋅ (6 - 4) = 15% + 10% = 25% So the answer is final ease is 250% + 25% = 275%. But Wait! 275% is more than the stop ease of +270%+: So the ease will be set to the maximum ease of 270%. Detecting Straight Successes The addon knows two mechanisms to detect cards which apply for an ease reward: The Review Hook The review hook increases the ease of cards during the review. You will get a notification whenever a success straight is detected: The Review hook respects the "Undo" feature. Undoing will also undo the additional straight reward. The Sync Hook The sync hook increases the ease of cards during syncing. Applies when you do reviews on another platform (e.g. AnkiMobile, AnkiDroid or AnkiWeb) and sync those back to Desktop Anki. All ease changes applied through the sync hook are logged in the addon folder under user_files/sync_log. Important for users with multiple computers If you use multiple computers with Desktop Anki, you should install Straight Reward only on one of these computers! Otherwise, reviews might get two, or even more rewards, because the sync hook is activated for each sync. If you need to work with multiple profiles on the same Anki installation, there is a checkbox to deactivate the sync hook that works per profile. If you have any problems or questions, consider posting in the official support thread, writing an issue on GitHub, or sending me a plain old email. Based on the add-on of the same name by luminousspice. Updates * 2020-01-11: The add-on from now on will default to activated. If you have decks, for which you don't want Straight Rewards, please deactivate it manually by setting the "Begin at straight of length" setting to 0. Support If you like my add-ons, you can consider supporting me. My add-ons will always be freely available for everybody, but what I can offer you is my sincere thanks, and first-hand technical support, if you have any questions/issues with my add-ons. At the same time it allows me to put more time and focus into developing these and making them as powerful and user-friendly as they are. Thanks for considering! ko-fi.com/hgiesel patreon.com/hgiesel


As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

Supported Anki versions:

To download this add-on, please copy and paste the following code into Anki 2.1:


If you were linked to this page from the internet, please open Anki on your computer, go to the Tools menu and then Add-ons>Browse & Install to paste in the code.

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on 1632452037
If we use the default settings:
Begin at straight of length: 2
Base Reward: 5%
Step Reward: 5%
Start at ease: 130%
Stop at ease: 250%

My example:

Let's say starting at 230%
Good -> 5% + 5%*(1-2) = 0 --> 230%
Good -> 5% + 5%*(2-2) = 5% --> 235%
Good -> 5% + 5%*(3-2) = 10% --> 240%
Good -> 5% + 5%*(4-2) = 15% --> 245%
Good -> 5% + 5%*(5-2) = 15% --> 250%

Technically pressing good 4 times to recover from hard (as hard lessens ease by 15%)
Technically pressing good 5 times to recover from ease (as ease lessens ease by 20%)

Am I correct in my calculations and conclusion?
on 1632219573
It doesn't work on 2.1.43 with v2 scheduler. It only shows this pop-up but ease doesn't change regardless of settings. Please correct and respond to forum thread. I think it could be simplified. I will be happy to thumb up when it is fixed.
on 1629562606
I just installed this but from the looks of it, it should work perfectly and this is definitely an essential add on. Thank you!
on 1629268144
Really nice add-on!!, Does it work in Anki 2.1.46?
on 1628451359
on 1626377466
I was searching for some tricky way to increase by 5% the ease factor whenever I select "Good", since so often I hit "Hard" or "Again" a few times, only to be done learning and having to reset the ease to 2.5.
So this addon is even better than what I was looking for :) amazingly configurable.
on 1622700180
on 1621750029
Bye bye ease hell!
on 1619917249
Thanks for the great addon!
I'm asking this question because I'm stupid. I wish to move Anki onto a new computer (I will no longer use the old computer for reviews). In this case, I should install Straight Reward on the new computer, right ?
Comment from author
Yes, you should install it on the new computer.
on 1618213885
"If you need to work with multiple profiles on the same Anki installation, there is a checkbox to deactivate the sync hook that works per profile."
Why do we need to deactivate the sync hook if we have multiple profiles?
Comment from author
The add-on doesn't know whether rewards were already applied on another Desktop Anki, so if you have multiple profiles hooked up to the same (!) AnkiWeb account, the cards would be rewarded multiple times.
on 1616442463
on 1615463650
Great Addon, thank you! Is it normal, that the addon only modifies the interval after the next review? So the "next" interval is still calculated with the old interval?
Comment from author
Yes, that's intentional. This way, both mobile reviews and Desktop reviews will behave exactly the same. If you want the rewards to take effect on review earlier, you should shorten the straight.
on 1610179548
Fantastic add - on. I just would like to ask you : are your default settings profound ? I mean, should we change the settings on our own ? Because I don't undestand a lot about theses settings.
Comment from author
Right now, I typically use these settings:
Begin at straight of length: 2
Base Reward: 5%
Step Reward: 5%
Start at ease: 130%
Stop at ease: 250%

This means to recover the ease from clicking Hard, it will take pressing Good 3 times, and to recover from a Fail it will take pressing Good 4 times.
on 1609008789
This is fantastic and exactly what I've been looking for! Thank you so much!
on 1606526926
I maintain an add-on that tackles "ease hell" in a slightly different way, but highly respect your work on this add on, it's another useful approach. The UX and feedback incorporated into this one is really great. One of the things I love about Anki is that we can try out a few different ways to solve something and all share ideas, and users can find the one that works best for them. Keep up the great work hgiesel!

EDIT: I maintain Auto Ease Factor here: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1672712021
Comment from author before post was edited
Would you mind telling me what is called? You striked my interest!
on 1602451122
very nice
on 1591704836
Edit 2: is it possible to get support for Anki 2.1.26? Thanks

Edit 1: Great, thank you!

Great add on, and needed to increase the ease of my cards which I am relearning.

Might be a stupid question, but does the ease increase apply to filtered decks?
Comment from author
However, the add-on will currently apply the ease reward, even if you specified for the filtered deck not to reschedule cards. Right now this can be circumvented by not turning off Straight Rewards in such cases (Setting Begin straight length to 0). So be careful in this case. I'm working on the fix!

Note: Straight Rewards v0.3.1 includes the fix for filtered decks

Answer 2: Hi, version 2.1.26 has been supported for a very long time now. I'm a bit confused by the Ankiweb update system however. It might be that you have to go to "Tools > Add-ons > Check for Updates" to manually update. I also updated the version number on this update. I think it should work now.
on 1590574606
on 1588082845
It stopped working on 2.1.24, can you look into it?
Comment from author
It seems like you have to do a manual step to update Straight Reward if updated from Anki v2.1.23 or below to Anki v2.1.24 or above. What I had to do was go to "Tools > Add-ons > Check for Updates", which actually updated a few add-ons, like for example AnkiConnect. I developed Straight Reward for Anki v2.1.24+ some time back, and it actually has some improvements, and a nice new pop-up, when the Sync hook is triggered.
on 1588020609
I updated my Anki version just to try this out! So far so good
on 1586249844
Thanks so much for the possibility to adjust the settings in the config! This removes the hassle of changing it separately for every deck. It enables batch editing with text editors.
on 1584416541
So far so good
on 1584064577
Awesome addon.
on 1583980857
Excellent in avoiding Ease Hell! New update fixed the previous stop ease error and you can enable/disable notifications. Thanks a million!
on 1583742172
Thank you a lot! I'm going to give appreciation and support your work.

Here is the discussion that preceded the development: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anki/comments/fd89pj/addon_presentation_straight_reward
It might help explain some functions.

Nifty solution for mobile reviews.

I am also surprisingly pleased by the cap ease option. I refrained to use the old Straight Reward for decks because the resulting ease would often be too high. Now I can choose to treat only the low-ease cards with the new Straight Reward.

About the ankiweb description: Base Ease Reward and Step Ease Reward could take a definition since they're not self-explanatory. The given example helps, though I have a question about it: Let's suppose the next rating, i.e. the 7th in a row, again is Good. Will the add-on be triggered? If it would be, that would be unexpected behavior based on how the old Straight Reward behaved.

May I ask, since you've also been a long-time user of Straight Reward, what options do you yourself use?

edit: Here's the author's reply: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anki/comments/fe1xne/fight_ease_hell_with_straight_reward/fjmzp5b/

edit2: Nice – the tooltip shows up just below Puppy Reinforcement tooltip!
on 1583568174
My "stop at ease" is set to 249%.
I had a card of 245% ease.
Upon rating, it gained 7% ease via this add-on.
As a result, it has 252%.

Here's another example: https://imgur.com/k30MuFj
Stop ease for this 2nd example is at 250%.

As you see, stop ease is not working as expected 🤔
Comment from author
v0.2 fixed this error. And v0.2.1 fixed another small error introduced by the prior change (haha...).
on 1583483327
Perfect! Are both hooks ( Sync and Review) automatically activated or do we have to pick one of them or how is it?
Comment from author
Both are automatically activated. At the moment there is no way to activate/deactivate them separately.

Update 10.07.20: As of version 0.4.2, it is possible to deactive the sync hook separately.
on 1583454755
Thanks for reviving and extending this add-on.
on 1583444504
This looks awesome!