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CKAD preparation exercises

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Preparation for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam. Based off of exercises from https://github.com/dgkanatsios/CKAD-exercises

Sample (from 103 notes)

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Front View the YAML of the replicaset that was created by the "nginx" deployment
Back First get the replicaset name with:kubectl get rsorkubectl describe deploy nginxthenkubectl get rs <replicaset-name> --export -o yaml
Tags deployment export replicaset yaml
Front Remove the "description" annotations for nginx1, nginx2, nginx3
Back kubectl annotate pod nginx{1..3} description-
Tags annotation pod remove
Front Create a busybox pod that runs 'i=0; while true; do echo "$i: $(date)"; i=$((i+1)); sleep 1; done'. Check its logs
Back kubectl run mypod --image=busybox --restart=Never -- /bin/sh -c 'i=0; while true; do echo "$1: $(date)"; i=$((i+1)); sleep 1; done'Follow the logskubectl logs mypod -f
Tags exec follow logs

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Some good stuff in here.
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This has saved valuable time in my own exam preparation.
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Wonderul stuff!
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Good alternative to hands on work.
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This is quite helpful. Thanks a lot.