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Basic C1 wrapper

<10kB. Updated 2017-10-13. Only supports Anki 2.0.x.


If you'd like to create multiple c1 tags on your cloze deletion cards, this addon helps speeding up the process by adding a button to the card creation window which wraps the marked text with a c1 tag. Keyboard shortcut is "ctrl+shift+i". It's heavily inspired by the addons "Stikethrough button" by Thomas TEMPE <thomas.tempe@alysse.org> and "Spanify Text" by Roland Sieker <ospalh@gmail.com> Please use Github for questions and feedback.


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1540837266
Works great
on 1532290419
Alt + Ctrl + Shift + C
on 1519257600
It simplifies an existing feature and make it much easier to use.
on 1508198400

Isn't that already already part of Anki? The Manual says

If you hold down alt (option on a Mac) while creating a cloze, Anki will automatically use the same number instead of incrementing it.