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101 American English Riddles

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Source: 101 American English Riddles by Harry Collis (Amazon) A delightful collection of American riddles and puzzles, illustrated with wonderfully quirky cartoons. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The audio was generated with Google Cloud Text-to-Speech. MY OTHER ANKI DECKS For more information, please see the Essential Idioms in English page. Nickolay <kelciour@gmail.com>

Sample (from 101 notes)

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Id 101_AER_001
Section Section One: You Can’t Have One Without the Other
Riddle What is a doughnut?
Answer Someone who is crazy about money.
Explanation A doughnut is a fried cake shaped like a ring. In slang, dough also means “money,” and nut can mean “a crazy or eccentric person.” If you are a nut for something, it means that you are extremely enthusiastic about it.
Example A: Richard, you’re looking well. How about getting some coffee with me?B: Coffee and doughnuts sounds great! So, what have you been up to lately? I haven’t seen you for awhile.A: Actually, I’ve been working around the clock in my new business.B: Oh, you’re after the big bucks, huh? I never thought you’d be so dedicated to money! You’re becoming a real “dough nut”!A: Yeah, and a health nut, too. I don’t eat doughnuts anymore—they have too much fat!
Id 101_AER_080
Section Section Eight: Piece of Cake
Riddle Why did the man quit his job as a garbage collector?
Answer He was always down in the dumps.
Explanation A dump is the place where garbage is taken after it is collected from the houses. When people are down in the dumps, it means that they are sad and depressed.
Example A: Where’s your smile, Fred? You look so down in the dumps!B: I’m not at all happy with my job. I don’t like spending all my time at the dump. I’m sick of being a garbageman.A: Then quit your job and find something you like to do.B: That’s easy for you to say... but it is good advice.
Id 101_AER_029
Section Section Three: Double Your Pleasure
Riddle What’s the best way to make pants last?
Answer Make the jacket first.
Explanation To last means “to stay in good and usable condition.” Last also describes something that comes after everything else. The final person or thing in a series is last.
Example A: I like your new suit. It looks great on you! Who’s your tailor?B: Nick Stratos, over on Main Street. Everything he makes lasts forever.A: The last time I went to the tailor, the hem fell out of my pants the very next day.

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