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Cloze Overlapper

0.03MB. Updated 2017-03-08. Only supports Anki 2.0.
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     Facilitates memorizing enumerations, lists, or any other type of sequential information by breaking the sequence up into cards where each item serves as the context cue for the next: COMPATIBILITY The version on AnkiWeb only works with Anki 2.0 now. A test version for Anki 2.1 is available on my Patreon page. BACKGROUND Memorizing lists and enumerations has always been a particularly difficult part of studying flashcards. Good flashcards follow the minimum information principle, where each card is kept as short as possible. Sequential information has unfortunately always somewhat eluded that basic principle because it is hard to break down into smaller chunks. Normally you would employ methods like grouping or categorizing to consolidate information, but with each item building upon the next, that does usually not work for sequences or enumerations. One of the common recommendations in cases like this has always been to create overlapping flashcards, where each card's answer serves as the question prompt for next card in line. For an array of three list items A, B, C you would end up with three cards of the form A → B, B → C, and C → D. What results is chain of overlapping associations between each sequence node that can potentially improve the storage and retrieval strength of the entire sequence. While this method is generally assumed to be quite effective, following it requires a significant time investment up-front that only few students are able or willing to make. THE ADD-ON This is where Cloze Overlapper comes in. It takes care of all the arduous steps required to create these flashcards manually and provides you with a dead-simple workflow: You paste in the sequence or list, adjust the cloze generation settings, and let the add-on generate the cards for you. More generally speaking, Cloze Overlaper provides Anki with a completely novel cloze system that can cover almost every use case you can think of, be it revealing each taxon of a classification system individually, or even gradually building up to an entire poem: Due to working with the formatting tools that Anki provides itself, the cards generated by this add-on are fully compatible with all Anki platforms, smartphone apps included: VIDEO DEMONSTRATION RELEASE LOG This section will always be updated with the latest changes to Cloze Overlapper. More details on major releases are listed in the next section. For a full release log, including smaller bug fix releases and more details on each entry, make sure to check out the releases page on GitHub. 2017-03-07: v0.3.0 – Adds a couple of options surrounding full cloze card generation 2017-03-03: v0.2.1 – Fixes some smaller bugs and adds a button to remove selected clozes 2017-03-01: v0.2.0 – Initial public release LATEST CHANGES AND NEWS 2017-03-07 v0.3.0: INSTALLATION Simply follow the generic instructions listed below this add-on description. DOCUMENTATION The use of this add-on is documented in the official Wiki and a series of video tutorials on YouTube. Please make sure to check out the FAQ and Tips sections in particular. They contain some valuable advice on how and when to use this add-on. You should also familiarize yourself with all of the sections on card scheduling. HELP Please check out the Troubleshooting section in the Wiki if you are experiencing issues with the add-on. Bug reports and suggestions are always welcome, but it might take me a while to get to them. Please do not post bug reports in the review section, as I will not be able to help you or reply. Instead, please use the official support thread (no registration necessary!). CREDITS AND LICENSE Cloze Overlapper is Copyright © 2016-2017 Aristotelis P. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped with testing, provided suggestions, or contributed in any other way! I would also like to thank: Licensed under the GNU AGPL v3. The code for this add-on is available on GitHub. OTHER ADD-ONS Make sure to also give some of my other add-ons a try: ADD-ON COMMISSIONS A lot of my add-ons were commissioned by fellow Anki users. If you enjoy my work and would like to hire my services to work on an add-on or new feature, please feel free to reach out to me at: ankiglutanimate [αt] gmail . com MORE RESOURCES Want to stay up-to-date with my latest add-on releases and updates? Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @Glutanimate New to Anki? Make sure to check out my YouTube channel where I post weekly tutorials on Anki add-ons and related topics: / Glutanimate SUPPORT MY WORK If you like Cloze Overlapper, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends, so that more people can enjoy it! A kind request: Writing, supporting, and maintaining Anki add-ons like these takes a lot of time and effort. If Cloze Overlapper has been a valuable asset in your studies, please consider using one of the buttons below to support my efforts by pledging your support on Patreon, or by buying me a coffee. Each and every contribution is greatly appreciated and will help me maintain and improve Cloze Overlapper as time goes by!              Pro-tip: Lots of exclusive add-ons and other goodies await on my Patreon page. Make sure to check them out!


The add-on author has not uploaded a version of this add-on compatible with Anki 2.1. Old add-ons for Anki 2.0 can be downloaded from the archive.

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on 1678749686
Used to be a great addon but development and updates have stopped even for the paywalled version on patreon. None of them work on recent Anki versions.
on 1677009059
There's a free alternative that actually works. Spend 10 minutes, and you'll get what you want.
on 1676849697
A working version is supposedly behind a paywall.

While waiting for an official release, you can try a pure JavaScript template that does the same and simpler, and works on mobile, too – https://gist.github.com/michalrus/fe16637f6bdc329ba35f635a4b4994bc
on 1666859726
Works as intended
on 1643538134
genius level
on 1637848317
very helpful for memorizing pathogenesis in several steps
on 1636292039
Very great!
on 1634250136
This really helps in memorizing CompTIA port numbers, Wi-Fi versions, CAT versions!
on 1628848183
on 1628831873
Dude, you are really a life saver.
on 1628445049
This is really useful, especially in the rare situations of step-by-step. Very nice.
on 1627917495
This extension did not work for a few years.
on 1624867880
Now available for Anki 2.1 here : https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/109531687
Thank you!
Comment from author before post was edited
It is available for 2.1, but in testing. Good things take time. To get access to it, either build it yourself (https://github.com/glutanimate/cloze-overlapper/releases/tag/v0.4.0-alpha.0), or join the early access program on Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/glutanimate/posts?tag=Cloze%20Overlapper).

But even if it was 2.0 only, it's incredibly unkind and ungrateful of you to downvote an add-on due to lack of 2.1 compatibility. Add-on authors are under no obligation to spend their free time developing add-ons for you. And as the add-on description above does not advertise 2.1 support in any fashion and the add-on is not listed on the page of 2.1 add-ons (https://ankiweb.net/shared/addons/2.1), your rating is completely uncalled for. Downvoting these "essential" add-ons as you say is a great way to discourage add-on devs from ever producing them and making them freely available to you.
on 1624805326
1. paywall ...
2. cloze cards are all over the place while reviewing. In the examples it looks like they gonna be opened in sync
on 1620684312
Easy to use. Just copy and paste a list.
on 1620409918
Still behind a subscription pay wall.
on 1619373796
I can't get the ad-ons.
on 1617706066
If somebody could be so gracious to let me know how to make a cloze, ordered, vanishing list manually I'd appreciate it. Idm if it takes 15 minutes I just want to make one list and then my work is done.
on 1616863349
subscription based pay-wall, please make it a one time purchase
on 1616517045
The default Anki need something like this open sourced.
on 1616048765
Make it a 1-time purchase!!!!!
on 1616006458
Love it. Had some little problems back then, but now it just works. Couldn't imagine Anki without it.
Thanks man.

Edit: Works for me with Anki 2.1.42 with a little workaround (https://www.reddit.com/r/Anki/comments/jlj1yy/fixing_cloze_overlapper_for_2128/)
on 1610122639
This is a very much big thank you. You help people to change their lives with this, and so I'm very thankful for you. Thanks for teaching us how to build the binary, and giving the tools for it
on 1609748036
Make it a one time purchased and I'll buy it!
on 1607880299
pricey subscription based add-on, make it one time payment for a reasonable price and I'll pay for that
on 1607409074
Paid for nothing on Patreon.. just to get my Anki bricked
on 1606019092
It seems like there is a lot of confusion on whether or not it's possible to get this add-on working.
If you pay $5 for one month of Patreon you can download the "alpha" version of the add-on which does not work for Anki 2.1.35 but it does work fine for Anki 2.1.26! (Which is a previous and still accessible version of Anki)

I had originally updated to 2.1.35 but downgraded to 2.1.26 to use this add-on and have not had any problems - and I have made and reviewed 150 cards with the add-on so far.

To download Anki, 2.1.26 in order to downgrade, use this link https://apps.ankiweb.net/#download
Before changing to 2.1.26 go to File>Switch Profile menu item, and click on “Downgrade & Quit” - explained here: https://changes.ankiweb.net/
These instructions are also on Glutanimate's page when you download the add-on on the Patreon.

I have found this add-on to be extremely helpful in making cards, and it has really changed the way I make Anki cards in a positive way. I absolutely think it was worth the small fee. Hope this clears up some of the confusion here
on 1605906252
Did pay for one month of patreon only to get access to this and it's totally broken.

Doing anything with the plugin, even opening the overlapping cloze card type and trying to save it, throws an anki error, it's unusable.

The last update is from last February so it looks like it has been dead for 10 months, and he's been working in a lot of other plugins meanwhile (which I'm sure are very nice, but they are of zero interest to me).

I can only assume this plugin is just an abandoned, broken beta, in which case why are you charging for it.
on 1605462349
It should be specified that the patreon has not been updated for a long time. The addon was very good, but it does not have the due attention of the dev.
on 1604699166
ain't free... but says it is.
on 1603969140
If it's not free, don't say it is.
on 1603763168
Previously great. No longer supported. No commits to repository in over a year.
on 1603598728
on 1603323006
For ppl confused about Patreon. You can pay for 1 month and then cancel. So he is really asking $5 for the add-on, not too much to ask for.
on 1603068439
AWESOME add on! Glutanimate is a rockstar for creating this. Learning enumerations is such huge part of learning anything, and this add on is so so so good at tackling this problem

Some tips for those trying to build this...
1. use a mac or linux. windows did not work for me
2. you have to use pip to install aab AND pyqt5
3. when you clone the repo, use the master branch. the tags are not building
4. install it on Anki 2.1.22. It also works on 2.1.26, but throws a minor error when adding a cloze with just 1 line. it doesn't work on Anki 2.1.35
on 1603037180
Deep respects to Glutanimate - nothing against him.

Add on was really great in 2.0. And I am willing to pay some amount to this addon even if you broadcast it as 'pay only add on' instead of 'test version available to patrons' - a test that never ends.

The problem I find is: given that I am from India - that $60 per year on Patreon comes out to be an effective $250 considering our purchase parity rates (meaning since the costs are less in India we earn less for the same work). There should have been an easier way.

I agree with all the points regarding a coder needing food on table. In that case - openly declaring it as 'paid only' add on would remove the expectations from people. And hopefully somebody else who is competent enough will try to write a FREE version of it.
on 1602791244
I hope the testing will be complete soon so it can be available to public. Nevertheless thank you so much for your effort and contribution. You, Damien and others really improved out lives
on 1602488995
I'm sure the Add-On is really awesome and I really wouldn't mind pledging for it... but 5€ per month is very pricey for a student :/ maybe you can consider to lower the subscription cost? I'm sure more people would subscribe then!
on 1602300984
I can't use pay in China
Is there any other way to get the new version
on 1602239989
Great. I use it to study veterinary medicine.
on 1601978357
Either I don't understand Patreon very well, or the add-on really is a litte pricey. I wouldn't mind at all to pay $5 dollars for it, but according to Patreon, that is what I would have to pay every month, meaning 60$/year or more than a hundred in two years. That does seem quite a lot... or am I missing something here?
on 1601829962
on 1601296469
really helpful!
on 1600606183
Can I still download the anki 2.0 version today?
on 1600401661
on 1600016148
This is so helpful !!! Thank you so much!
on 1600007345
Works perfectly
on 1600000077
Great addon, I'll admit it took me a while before I realized I had to find it on patreon but it works great.
on 1599209714
Beautiful adds-on, thanks!
on 1599014518
can't wait for 2.1 !
on 1598621256
Upvoted this for the people who downvoted for no good reason. I can't wait when this releases for 2.1 version.
on 1597848561
Nice add-on. Works as described. Very excited for when it comes to 2.1!
on 1597526602
Super addon, thank you glutamate - I've no idea how I'd have passed farmacology exam without cloze overlapper, I subscribed to your patreon just to give you some money as a thank you.
on 1597196042
The comment about the author being selfish for charging $5 has me a bit worked up. If this were a visa commercial it would go something like, "A med student's life: Starbucks $5, Snacks for study group $13, fee on your student account nobody really knows what it's for $67, tuition for TODAY's lectures that you're going to skip $83, random textbook you're never going to open $186, graduation debt $150 000, study tool for anki that you will use literally everyday $5. WFT???!?! Why is this $5??? You're so selfish!" Don't be a 7/21/2020, donate and be grateful he/she decided to work on this while you're sorry behind was still struggling on your OChem homework.
on 1596484573
Great addon, love that it works on mobile aswell. This kind of seamless compatibility is what I look for in addons and Im glad to pay for it as this is literally saving me study time, simply due to increase in efficiency.
on 1595989040
Ignore the haters below, Glutanimate. Those who demand your work for free are the selfish ones. Much love and respect!
Comment from author
Thank you! Really appreciate the kind words of support!
on 1595395306
Yeah yeah, we know you have good add ons. But to be really profiting from it? Srsly? We just need the 2.1 bro, salute u with your contributions but damn bro ur selfish.
Comment from author
The add-on is still freely available to download for Anki 2.0. There is nothing preventing you from installing 2.0 and using Cloze Overlapper on it. Nothing about that has changed. If you need to get access to the test release for 2.1, you can either build the add-on yourself (the source code is freely available: https://github.com/Glutanimate/cloze-overlapper), or pledge $5 on Patreon. Contrary to popular belief, developers do need a roof over their heads and food on their table. We're not robots. Anki itself is kept afloat by AnkiMobile, which is a paid-for app. I assume you also expect to be paid for your work, don't you? Then where's your justification for a comment like this?

If you think that $5 is too much to ask for, given 60+ freely shared open-source add-ons, numerous contributions to Anki itself and its ecosystem, then I'm sorry, but I can't help you.
on 1595006401
But we neeed it for 2.1
I study biothechnology where there is no crédit card {3rd world} how i supposed to get this addon now aaaaaa
Comment from author
Hi there, I'm sorry to hear that accessing the add-on is difficult form where you're located. Unfortunately this a difficult problem to tackle, and I'm sure this is something Anki itself is also facing, given that AnkiMobile is also paid for and only available via the app store (which also requires a credit card or paypal from my knowledge).

For Cloze Overlapper there are a few alternative solutions that might be worth exploring:

1. You could read up on how to build Anki add-ons and build Cloze Overlapper for Anki 2.1 yourself. The source code and instructions are available here: https://github.com/glutanimate/cloze-overlapper
2. You could install Anki 2.0 in parallel and use that to create your overlapping cloze cards. If you install Anki 2.1.23 next to 2.0, you will be able to use the same collection across both versions of Anki. So to create your flashcards you could quickly switch to 2.0, and then switch back to 2.1 to review them / sync to AnkiWeb. Please note however that this won't work as well for newer Anki 2.1 releases as they use an updated database. For newer releases what you could do is use a different profile for Anki 2.0, create your flashcards there, and then export them as an apkg file. You could then import the apkg file into a newer Anki release.

I understand that this workflow is more complex, but I think it's a viable alternative until the 2.1 version of Cloze Overlapper is ready and freely available to everyone.

Hope that helps!
on 1594861531
Thank you. Can't wait for the 2.1 release! :)
Med student from Asia :)
on 1593557658
Not available without fee payment. Really?
Comment from author
The add-on is still freely available to download for Anki 2.0. There is nothing preventing you from installing 2.0 and using Cloze Overlapper on it. Nothing about that has changed. If you need to get access to the test release for 2.1, you can either build the add-on yourself (the source code is freely available: https://github.com/Glutanimate/cloze-overlapper), or pledge $5 on Patreon. Contrary to popular belief, developers do need a roof over their heads and food on their table. We're not robots. Anki itself is kept afloat by AnkiMobile, which is a paid-for app. I assume you also expect to be paid for your work, don't you? Then how do you rationalize a comment like this?

If you think that $5 is too much to ask for, given 60+ freely shared open-source add-ons, numerous contributions to Anki itself and its ecosystem, then I'm sorry, but I can't help you.

----- original reply -----

Hi there. A test version for Anki 2.1 is available on my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/glutanimate?filters[tag]=Cloze%20Overlapper

The page you left your rating on is not listed in the add-on list for Anki 2.1, and only accessible if you specifically google for it, so I'm having trouble understanding your rating. 2.1 support is not advertised anywhere on this page, it explicitly says "Only supports Anki 2.0.x" at the top. Add-on authors are under no obligation to provide you with a 2.1 version of their add-on. To go around downvoting old 2.0 pages just for the sake of it is super unkind and ungrateful towards all the work put into these projects that were freely shared with the community. Thank you.
on 1592596545
no update availaible for anki 2.1
Comment from author
A test release for Anki 2.1 is available on my Patreon page as part of patron early access: https://www.patreon.com/glutanimate?filters[tag]=Cloze%20Overlapper
on 1592001149
Not available in 2.1
Comment from author
A test release for Anki 2.1 is available on my Patreon page as part of patron early access: https://www.patreon.com/glutanimate?filters[tag]=Cloze%20Overlapper
on 1589494842
Really time-efficient and overall well organized!
on 1589235560
This is exactly how i learn!
on 1588820994
on 1588650494
I installed ubuntu 20.04 because it was a new and bad moment with windows on my computer, but this time may not allow me to install most things.
on 1588394386
awesome add-on, can't wait to see the full version release
on 1588250820
je veux ca
on 1588193906
This is one of my 2 main card types. Indispensable.
Now that 2.0 is no longer supported where can I buy the 2.1 beta version of this tool.
I couldn't figure out on Patreon what level was required to obtain the cloze overlapper.
I'd spend $10.00 happily. I would spend $20.00 unhappily, but I would still buy it today if it worked.
on 1587782971
Very versatile and useful add-on for lists!
on 1585822439
Killer addon. Thanks so much!
The only thing than took me a bit to figure out was how to display pasted images. In case somoeone else is wondering, you simply have to press ctrl+shift+x, copy the html of the image (something like '<img src="paste-9e1074e7089aba83897761f107583f13f0c25c4f.jpg">') and paste it as it is, in the list. Maybe it's trivial, but perhaps it can help someone.

Thank you!
on 1585583078
This is very good! I wonder if there is a way to update notes in bulk. If I edit lots of cards on AnkiDroid it is not always easy, nor handy, to find each note I edited and click on the "generate cards" button
on 1584927299
Awesome add-on. I'm surprised Anki's developers haven't made this a normal feature. Don't go crazy with the lists, guys!
on 1584749941
Thank very much for the work! I really appreciate it!
Do you have any perspective for launch the 2.1 version of this add-on?
on 1583256806
Never personally tried it, however, I'm still looking forward to it when it gets released to ANKI 2.1! Do you perhaps have an estimated date?
on 1580321275
it helps me a lot for vocabulary group
on 1579166152
will wait for 2.1
on 1578931949
on 1578613840
Obvious upvote because Glutanimate is a legend. This is one of the BEST addons available and I rely on it heavily for bar exam review. Can't use anki without it!

However, it's not clear how to install this addon post 2.1 release. No code is present and the github 0.4.0-alpha release doesn't seem to work. Any advice?
on 1576958102
on 1575429637
very useful, thank you!
on 1575337503
Thank you very much for all your time and effort! Please ignore the ungrateful people!
on 1575251655
Seriously need 2.1 with 2.0 deprecated soon.
Comment from author
Working on it!
on 1574948533
Perfect for learning a lot of facts on a single topic (e.g. a certain Bacteria). Since support for Anki 2.0 will close soon, 2.1. compatibility would be highly appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work!
on 1574738434
Works perfectly on the old version, one of my favorite addons.
Keep working on it!
on 1574157747
Make it workable for 2.1, please
on 1572160784
Please do make it available for 2.1
on 1571792999
Thank you
on 1571443222
port this finally...
on 1569663375
Very useful for memorizing lists.
on 1568829795
this will make my time short.
on 1567947818
Thank you for this nice plugin.
I hope it gets into Anki version 2.1 one day...

Kind regards

on 1567296998
Love this add-on. Can't wait until it's available for 2.1. <3
on 1566918433
Your work is incredible! apreciate it man! keep up :).
on 1565277866
amazing and essential
on 1564118368
Hello, I am trying to install this add on but it is telling me it is not working. What should I do?
on 1563348569
Great help for med students, looking forward to 2.1 version
on 1562230152
gerade gemerkt du hast patreon - Konto erstellt und etwas (klein-auch student sorry) dagelassen
was ist mit direkt paypal ?
on 1560268389
Looking forward to 2.1 support!
on 1559991693
Waiting for the version for Anki 2.1!
on 1559302076
Waiting for 2.1 version :/
on 1557411733
Incredible plugin! It opened a new level of Anki for me. I'm glad to hear a 2.1.x version is in progress.
on 1555876466
that's very useful
on 1555854423
on 1555717870
Great work, thank you!
on 1554637672
This addon is an absolute cornerstone of my ability to learn lists, processes, lyrics and poetry. It handles connected sequences of information in a literally game-changing way. This should absolutely be a part of Anki's basic functionality. Truly essential.
on 1553388839
LOVE IT!!!! Make one for 2.1! please!!!!
on 1553275169
Too much context has been one of my biggest problems with the Anki cloze system. This however is excellent. Thank you very much.
on 1553122162
Love it! I won't update to 2.1 until this extension is updated, because it's so integral to my learning
on 1550004447
Really good. When will it be available for 2.1 version?
Comment from author
Thanks! Glad you like the add-on :). It might take a couple more months for the 2.1 version to hit AnkiWeb. But if you don't want to wait, I've just pushed out the first alpha build on my Patreon!: https://www.patreon.com/posts/cloze-overlapper-24279438
on 1547891348
Great addition for students!
on 1547630483
Please, it would be great if someone ported it to Anki 2.1 !
Comment from author
Sorry that it's taking so long, but I'm working on it!
on 1546181640
I miss having this add-on, would be great if someone ported it to Anki 2.1 !
on 1544204446
Looking forward to seeing this on 2.1
Makes me a little sad each time I check and it's not supported yet. I will wait still
on 1543272690
i have been using your various add-ons, love them. I have an idea for a new project, that may make anki even more powerful than before, I hope you can apply your skill to this task. can you create a bridge between the media import addon and image occlusion, here is why. I primariliy use image occulsion to study, but it can become time consuming because i use it for every slide on a given lecture, so having 3 lectures per day results in 80 slides per lecture, results in too much time making cards. media import is great because it allow you to import you lecture fast but it does not allow for the use of image occulsion , so frustrating, do you think you can take on this challenge? waiting for 2.1 overlapper, i am checking regularly
on 1542908257
Looking forward to 2.1
on 1542182233
Really good add-on but is severely outdated! We need the 2.1 update.
on 1540570231
When will it be available also for Anki 2.1?
on 1539855956
Brilliant, works well. Helpful youtube tutorial as well.
on 1539853738
Useful! Thanx!
on 1539253141
Essential Add-on for me.
on 1539251718
I did not think that Anki could be even more powerful than it is allready. This add-on proved me wrong. Also try the Image Oclusion Enhanced from the same developer. Highly recomended!
on 1538934371
Desperately need this for 2.1
on 1537632251
This is such a great addition to the normal Cloze functionality. As with others, just waiting for it to be available for 2.1!
on 1537556761
An essential addon for me. I am really looking forward to the 2.1 port! Please keep up the amazing work!
on 1536671689
on 1535403747
<3 <3<3
on 1535217583
Firstly have a meal on me.
Amazing job with all the Add-ons.

Please reconsider adding typing support for this Add-on. It would simply be awesome.

I have no idea if it would be possible but I know of one Add-on that allows more than one type field per card, called "Multiple type fields on card"
Comment from author
That was very generous of you, thank you! I really appreciate the continued support! :)

Typing is definitely something I'd like to look into again. That add-on is a good start, but the implementation is a bit too hacky and unstable for my taste (it overwrites quite a few private methods in Anki's code). Ideally I'd like to find something that works across all platforms. Perhaps this will be easier to implement on Anki 2.1. No guarantees, though!
on 1535191818
on 1534592842
I'd love this to be updated to work with Anki 2.1, because this is one of my "must have" add-ons!
Comment from author
Thanks for the rating! Glad you're enjoying the add-on. I'm working on the 2.1 port as we speak.
on 1534091641
Useful add on for the biosciences (pathways, post-receptor activation steps...)
on 1534011466
Nice ADD!
on 1533577988
Save a lot of my time. Thanks.
on 1532859646
It is well thought-out, well implemented, and phenomenally brilliant, really. It is utterly transforming my ability to work with lists of things I need to memorize, as well as writing (poems, songs, verses, etc.) I need to memorize. It's incredible.
on 1532824720
Thank you, awesome addon. I would like to use it more, unfortunately, for me, I can't use it togheter with Emacs package Anki-Editor. I would like to add cards that use: [[oc::text]], however, in Emac's Org-Mode the "[[ ]]" implements a hyperlink, so I can't export the notes correctly. Is there any way to change the syntax from [[oc::text]] to something like {{oc::text}}?
on 1531604705
Has been great for medical school. Study for step 1 right now and has been enormously helpful in learning lists.

One nit-picky thing is I wish the font size in the browser could be put back to the default/original size for this add-on. I index my cards and sort them by their index id, so when I'm scrolling through a deck in the browser looking for a specific topic to syudy, the fonts get big and small because this addon has a larger font. Makes it a little harder to quickly find a topic by eye. Currently looking for a way to change the font size in the browser so everything is the same size
Comment from author
Hi! Thanks for the feedback! Glad you've been enjoying the add-on.

For what it's worth, the add-on's card template actually uses the default font size for the browser appearance. You can check this by creating a new Anki profile and adding some basic cards and overlapping clozes, and then comparing how they appear in the browser.

If you are using a shared Step 1 deck like Zanki or Bros then they are more than likely equipped with custom card templates that render slightly differently in the browser. In order to apply the same font formatting to the Cloze Overlapper template you can do the following: Find a card with a smaller font size in the browser, click on "Cards" in the editor section, then click on "More" at the bottom of the card template editor. You should be able to select "Browser appearance" or something similar. Click on that and a dialog with a font selection menu should come up. Remember what font and font size is set there. Then repeat the previous steps for the Cloze Overlapper note type right up to the point where the dialog comes up. Set the font values you remember from the other note type, then confirm with OK to apply the changes.

N.B.: It might look like Cloze Overlapper and the other note types are using the same values (Arial 12), but that is actually not the case. By default, the font values of card templates in Anki are unset. I.e.: It might say Arial 12, but Anki actually uses the system-wide font settings to determine the card's appearance in the browser. It's only after clicking "OK" in the font settings dialog that the options shown there are actually applied. There is also no easy way to undo this change with Anki 2.0, so be careful with that. Once you set the font settings for one card template you will have to do it for every single one to reach the same level of consistency as before.
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super useful
on 1530808346
Funny, it never once occurred to me that this would not solve my problem of having to type in four answers for a 4-cloze note. If spelling is important (not doctor?), and we're just supposed to analog write on paper in front of the computer, we have to write the previous item prompt and the item we're remembering.
I spent the afternoon on the videos, installed, made some cards, and only then was directed to a thread where it's explained that only one "type"-field per card is allowed. We know that. That's what we wanted this for -- to split clozes into multiple cards to avoid that limitation.
If this is creating separate cards for each line of a list, why can there not be one "type"-field per card, so we can type in the answer?
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Sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the add-on. However, there's a reason why typing support is not advertised anywhere within the add-on description, numerous wiki entries, nor tutorial videos: Anki does not support multiple typing fields on the same card, thus Cloze Overlapper doesn't either (https://github.com/glutanimate/cloze-overlapper/issues/1). It begs the question then why you would rate the add-on for what it can't be, instead of rating it for what it is.
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The work you are doing to improve learning is great..Keep up the great work Glutanimate!!
on 1528675200
Thank you for developing this. It's excellent.
on 1527465600
This is amazing at what it does!
on 1526428800
Extremely Useful
on 1526342400
it really helped
on 1526083200
Zum Lernen langer Listen einfach klasse. Bspw. Arterien / Venen und Nerven oder Komplikationslisten und Differentialdiagnosen. Gute gemacht!
on 1525910400
Another plug-in from glutanimate that is totally awesome. Even though it's pretty straightforward, the variations are many. Perfect tool for creating pathways, like in neuroscience and biochemistry, and learning complex related topics.
on 1525046400
Thank you soo much for this addon. We need more people like you (programmers) that can help more people like me (non programmers). I've been looking for something like that for my learning Cantonese. You've made my day! ;)
on 1523664000
Works wonderfully!
on 1520985600
Cloze overlapper is the gold standard for what a plugin should be.
on 1519689600
Nice one!
on 1519603200
Great Stuff!
on 1519084800
I like it.
on 1515715200
amazing for my nursing care planning schedule.
on 1514505600
Works just have to play around with it. Any way to convert regular cloze cards to this?
on 1512864000
Anki essential
on 1512345600
Awesome missing feature added. Thanks!
on 1511913600
shut up and take my money!
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on 1507161600
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on 1506729600
on 1506470400
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on 1504483200
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Very Useful

Thank you very much. It is very useful to remember lists.
on 1500076800
on 1499126400

Just an awesome and very useful addon! Thanks for releasing it.
on 1499040000
on 1498694400
on 1497484800
on 1496793600
on 1495756800
sounds good

but if only it worked on anki mobile it would have been hilarious
on 1494288000
Some bugs

Hello there ! thanks for your awesome add... please if you can fix some bugs... whenever i add a list row that contain some colored words and then i add the overlapping [o]] and add the note to find that this sentence which contained the colored word has split into 2 sentences.. please fix it . thanks :)
on 1493510400
Just perfect

Such a useful addon to help users to memorize lists, paragraphs, poems and so on. Excellent job!
on 1493510400
Very useful addon

This addon is great for making cards for memorising lists. Would reccommend people to watch the authors videos on youtube to learn about all the features.
on 1493424000

One of the best addons.
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on 1491782400
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on 1489881600
Out of the 10+ add-ons I have, this is definitely in my top 3. I have struggled with putting metabolic pathways (Endocrinology class, yep), lists, sonnets onto Anki because of the lack of clues and connection-building -- but this is a godsend. Out of the myriad of add-ons I have, this is definitely in my top 3 most valuable for studying. Get it now!! Also, the "Remarks" field is great.
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on 1489190400
on 1489104000

Works as advertised.
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on 1488412800
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