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Tae Kim Grammar

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number 440
expression まだいっぱいあるから、たくさん食べな。
reading まだいっぱいあるから、たくさんたべな。
translation There's still a lot, so eat a lot.
notes 291 Essential Grammar - Making requests - Using 「~なさい」 to make firm but polite requests
section Essential Grammar-291
Tags Tae Kim Essential Grammar
number 723
expression 企業内の顧客データを利用し、彼の行方を調べることが出来た。
reading きぎょうないのこきゃくデータをりようし、かのなめがたをしらべることができた。
translation Was able to investigate his whereabouts using the company's internal customer data.
notes 007 Advanced Topics - Formal Expressions - Sequential subordinate clauses in formal language
section Advanced Topics-7
Tags Tae Kim Advanced Topics
number 402
expression これは、先生がくれた。
reading これは、せんせいがくれた。
translation Teacher gave this to me.
notes 253 Essential Grammar - Giving and Receiving - When to use 「くれる」
section Essential Grammar-253
Tags Tae Kim Essential Grammar

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This is actually a pretty good desk I think is from the course of Nukmarine you saved me of having to upload one by one now I'm doing some customizations I think it's going to be done by the end of the year jaja
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Good thank you
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So I'm really happy with this deck it works for my needs really well and I'm really happy with it.