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family medicine

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family medicine

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Text What should be suspected in a patient with pain on the radial head with ulnar deviation of hand?{{c1::de Quervains tenosynovitis}}
Extra Finkelstein's test has good sensitivity/specificity for diagnosing (active ulnar deviation). Rest and thumb spica wrist splint are indicated.
Text What should be obtained prior to initiating antihypertensive medications in all reproductive aged women?{{c1::Pregnancy test}}
Extra Thiazides, ACE-I, CCBs, and ARBs are contraindicated in pregnancy. Can use B-blockers and hydralazine.
Tags SUTM cardiovascular hypertension
Text In the workup of pleural effusion, what type of effusion is characterized by a pelural fluid protein to serum protein ratio of greater than 0.5?{{c1::Exudative}}
Extra Light's criteria. Protein ratio > 0.5, LDH ratio > 0.6, or pleural fluid LDH > 2/3 of upper limit of normal serum LDH.

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Clear explanations, thorough material
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Clear Qs and As.
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Appreciate the extended explanations
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This is a great deck! Covers all the guidelines and preventative medicine you need to know the FamilyMedicine Shelf exam!
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Good stuff
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Great deck for reviewing - thank you! I love the Online Med Ed and Sketchy references.