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NihongoShark.com Blank Vocabulary Deck

<10kB. 0 audio & 1 images. Updated 2015-03-01.
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This is the personal vocabulary deck created by NihongoShark.com. This is the kanji deck created by NihongoShark.com. I give detailed instructions on the recommended usage of this deck in the Hacking Japanese Supercourse, so extra cool kids might want to check that out. Conversely, you can get tons of free Japanese lessons, study hacks, and bad jokes at NihongoShark.com. Keep swimming, and good luck in your studies! Niko

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Target Japanese Word 怪しい
Target Word Reading あやしい
Target Word's English Equivalent suspicious; fishy; shady; questionable
Japanese Example Sentence 彼の証言には怪しいところがある.
English Translation of Japanese Sentence There's something fishy about his testimony.
First Encounter I don't remember.

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Very clear to have a proper high-grade self-study. The exact deck you need to put every single word you find around if you're someone like me that is reading and hearing Japanese all the time.
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Deck improvement

Furigana for the example sentences. Possibly fixed with the ad-on for furigana support.

— Anton