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TTMIK's 100 Korean Daily Idiomatic Expressions by Pauliton

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Naver and TTMIK collaboration put into an anki deck good for intermediate learners Hi guys, I recently did a switch around, so to access the higher level decks and the beginner vocabulary deck, please follow the link. All the decks and explanations: https://retrolearnskorean.blogspot.com/2020/08/anki-decks-for-korean-learners.html I will leave some basic decks up so that people can find them on anki web. I highly recommend downloading the decks from the google drive folder as they will be the most up to date versions.

Sample (from 100 notes)

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Front 사랑이 식다가: 남자 친구가 요즘 연락이 뜸해요.나: 진짜요? 요즘 일이 바쁜 거 아닐까요?가: 아니에요. 사랑이 식은 것 같아요.가: 요즘 여자 친구랑 잘 지내?나: 그럼 아주 잘 지내지.가: 사귄지 얼마나 됐어?나: 세 달 정도.가: 이제 사랑이 식을 때가 됐어.
Back Literal translationLove becomes cold.Actual usageThe love for someone/something is fading.사랑이 식다 is used when the love for someone or something is fading, such as when you fall in love with someone, the love for that person at the beginning is very strong. As time passes by, however, you can change the view you have on that person and your love sometimes isn't the same anymore. It can also be used for an object that you cherish.Naver Dictionary
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Front 수박 겉핥기가: 아휴... 자격증 또 못 땄어.나: 항상 수박 겉핥기 하듯이 대충 공부하니까 그러지.가: 아니야. 이번엔 그래도 절반은 공부했어.가: 제가 쓴 시나리오 읽어 봤어요?나: 네. 괜찮은 거 같아요. 슬픈 사랑 이야기 좋아해요.가: 네? 수박 겉핥기 식으로 읽은 거 아니에요? 처음에는 슬픈 이야기지만 결론은 해피엔딩이라고요.
Back Literal translationTo lick the outside of a watermelon.Actual usageTo do something superficially."수박 겉핥기" is similar to the English expression "only scratching at the surface". By only licking the outside of a watermelon (the rind), you will never taste the juicy and delicious fruit of the watermelon. The same goes for reading a book: if you just look at the cover or skim the text, you won't ever "taste" what's inside. Using 수박 겉핥기 to describe someone's actions is the same as saying he/she is doing it halfheartedly. You will often see and hear this phrase used as "수박 겉핥기 식으로", meaning "(doing something) in a superficial way". However, you may also hear people omit the first word, 수박, and only say "겉핥기", which still carries the same meaning as the full expression.Naver Dictionary
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Front 가슴에 와 닿다가: 이 책 읽어 봤어요?나: 아니요. 아직이요. 어때요?가: 꼭 읽어 보세요. 가슴에 와 닿는 내용이 정말 많아요.가: 남자친구랑 화해했어요?나: 네. 화해했어요.가: 어떻게요? 이번에는 절대 용서 안 한다고 했잖아요.나: 편지를 받았는데 내용이 가슴에 와 닿았어요. 바로 화가 풀어졌어요.
Back Literal translationTo come along and touch the heart.Actual usageTo hit home; to touch one's heart.If you hear a song, read a story, or watch a movie that really “hits home” or touches your heart, you can use “가슴에 와 닿다” to express your feelings. The phrase itself literally means that “(something) comes and touches/reaches your heart,” but it is commonly used in colloquial Korean as an idiom.Naver Dictionary
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