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Ancient Greek Stems and Roots

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A List of Ancient Greek Stems and Roots. Compiled by S. M. Cerutti. Published in "Greek for Reading" by Gerda Seligson. While the number of words in the Greek dictionary is large, the number of frequently occurring stems is not. Familiarity with them is one of the best means to enlarge a beginner's vocabulary, especially when used together with a study of prefixes and suffixes. Stems and prefixes undergo, however, certain sound changes according to their environment. Such sound changed have been discussed in the [book's] Preview, which should be consulted. An * indicates a "weak vowel," that is one that changes or drops out altogether from word to word, such as the first alpha of 'thanatos' and its cognates. Alternate stem forms are given when necessary.

Sample (from 274 notes)

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Front δολ
Back treachery, stealth
Front ἡμαρ, ἡμερ
Back day, daily
Front κρατ
Back strength, force, might

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Very comprehensive