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BoPoMoFo (With audio)

1.67MB. 36 audio & 0 images. Updated 2018-09-12.


BoPoMoFo (or Zhuyin) is commonly used in Taiwan. I have recorded the audio painstakingly from http://www.mdnkids.com/BoPoMo/ and placed it into the deck.

Sample (from 58 notes)

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Front ㄧㄝ
Back -ieye
Back -eng 
Back l-le/ler

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on 1612651247
Great deck with all needed for BoPoMoFo.
on 1593274159
Overall a good deck, and saves the effort of pulling the audio files yourself. Nevertheless, I have noticed at least one mistake, so you might need to fix these up after downloading. The mistake I have noticed is:

ㄓ uses the same audio as ㄗ in this deck; it should be using this one: https://www.mdnkids.com/BoPoMo/audio/15.mp3
ㄈ I think is fine, but it sounds different to me from the audio from the website which is: https://www.mdnkids.com/BoPoMo/audio/04.mp3, so I replaced it with this one just in case. Maybe the original site updated their audio.

With these corrections, I've found this to be a very useful deck!