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Essential Idioms in English

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Source: Essential Idioms in English by Robert J. Dixson. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The book contains additional exercises with answers. MY ANKI DECKS MY GLOSSIKA ANKI DECKS MY OTHER ANKI DECKS A quick overview is available at imgur.com/a/Pb46M, imgur.com/a/snycYoD, imgur.com/a/ismBncl and imgur.com/a/5cxyoUb. If you're interested in the full version of some of these decks, consider supporting me on . It'd be very much appreciated. Thank you! Nickolay <kelciour@gmail.com>

Sample (from 468 notes)

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Id Idioms_369_Advanced_045
Expression to break loose
Meaning to become free or loose, to escape
Examples During the bad storm, the boat broke loose from the landing and drifted out to sea. One bicyclist broke loose from the pack of racers and pulled ahead towards the finish line.
Id Idioms_427_Advanced_103
Expression to line up
Meaning to form a line; to arrange to have, to manage to obtain (S)
Examples The moviegoers lined up in front of the theater showing the most popular film of the summer. Rob is going to schedule the famous author to speak at the convention if he can line her up in time.
Id Idioms_318_Intermediate_162
Expression to give off
Meaning to release, to produce
Examples When water boils, it gives off steam. The flowers in this garden give off a strange odor.

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Very good!
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i have a questions this phrases, idioms are british or american, i'd like to know because i will talke de b2 first cambridge exam because of that the exam is in british english .thanks for creating this deck
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It is a great help for other users. I really appreciate it.
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It is really useful fo me.
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It's simply amazing!

But is there any way to change that blue color of some words? It's hard to read while using night mode and I don't see CSS styling part of that specific color in the editor.
Comment from author
In this case, looking at the Styling section in the card template, it corresponds to .expression and can be styled the same way as https://docs.ankiweb.net/#/templates/styling?id=night-mode

.nightMode .expression {
color: yellow;

Another option is to use CSS variables - https://github.com/ankidroid/Anki-Android/wiki/Advanced-formatting#customize-night-mode-colors

For something similar, i.e. to quickly find any HTML element, AnkiWebView Inspector could be very helpful - https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/31746032
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I will study this deck during the next 3 months. I hope to sound more natural when it comes to speaking English.
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Jesus loves you
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Thank you
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excellent work
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It is wonderful
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Truly amazing deck
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very helpful
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Good explanations and voices are a big plus. Thanks.
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thanks a lot
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amazing deck
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helpful thanks
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I love full version decks
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arigato gozaimas
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nice deck
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needed indeed
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great work
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thank you
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Please stop spamming from multiple accounts and be more specific.
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full version please
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very good
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thanks !
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Could you make the card about Essential Grammar In Use, a lot of people want to study this book in Anki. We're willing to paid you money for this book's Anki card.
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Thank God. My Love
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It's great
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Time too fast I try to read and find the awserd but this program is to fast . how can put down the timer.
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Thank you
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Absolutely amazing..
This cool stuff merits a big round of applause.
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very good
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Muy interesante, útil y práctico! Muy buen trabajo!
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Wonderful work!

Look at my deck https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/284823080, it may be interesting for you;)
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Like you!! Thank you!!!!
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Great materiaaal, thanks.!!! .. Please one for passages with questions 😊
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Very good. Leaving a comment here to find him later
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Thank u so much, its very useful !
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Another good deck!
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Awesome deck, thanks a lot!
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You are awesome!!
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Excellent deck! I use it to improve my English.
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Great job! Thank you!
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Great decks
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I don't know what do you mean by that, but I didn't and couldn't say that. This is the "Essential Idioms in English" deck. The deck contains all the cards (468 notes) and there's no other deck.
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thanks for sharing ... you are a gem....
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Very good
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good idioms, good explanation, recorded sound
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Good collection!
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Really helpful, thanks a lot!
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Have great help for me, thanks very much.
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As this is the "Sample", so where is the "Full Content"?
Comment from author
If you mean another deck, please see "My Other Anki Decks" section on this page.
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Cool decks
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You can type your answers and check them.
It has got audios .
It has got examples .
Good job !
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Very good
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it can help me learn them exactly
thank you so much!
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Great job.. its also with sound..
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Very useful, thanks!
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You are the best.
on 1510790400
The desk contains phrasal verbs and they are quite good but they are not idioms indeed. :)
Comment from author
The name of the deck is the name of the book. It contains idioms, phrasal verbs, and collocations. From the author's note to the first edition: "Of course, the idioms chosen for study should be well within the student's grasp and of practical value. Such expressions as "to carry coals to Newcastle" or "to wash one's dirty linen in public," while very colorful, do not give the student immediate facility in his everyday use of the language. Thus, only those idioms have been included in this book that are more or less basic. ... For the purpose of this book I have simply assumed that an idiom is an expression which has a meaning different from that of the joined meanings of its component parts".
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great stuff

thank you so much, mate, hope you the best
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Excellent deck!

The deck is really good! Keep up with the good work.